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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

So, David's opinion is that levy payers are required to fund a system and yet have little or no say in who controls the expenditure of the funds beyond that payment? I do wonder if he sees any irony in his comments, given he's a Senator for NSW representing the Liberal Democrat Party. Anyone here vote for them?
27/10/15 03:17 AM


And in other news, despite all this talk of investment in agriculture, total appropriations to DAFWA will decrease over the out years of the budget, from an actual investment of $156M in 2014/15, to a planned allocation of $108M in 2019/20.
13/05/16 01:03 AM
Wow, so in the Premier's words Nalder has a 'commercial knowledge about the sector'. Can anyone explain what that actually means and how useful it will be to him actually delivering some benefit for the State's farmers? Anyone?
30/03/16 12:44 AM
John you bring a rare degree of understanding to this discussion. It;'s interesting that the 'anti F I' voices don't seem to be able to match their words with the sufficient levels of cash to provide an alternate owner.
20/11/15 03:03 AM
That Dean Nalder is an asset isn't he? He's managed to singularly has draw together opposition from the Nats (their partners in government), WA Labor plus the farm lobby groups. Hopefully with the Nats and Labor opposing, this Bill will undergo significant (and reasonable) change before it progresses. Not to mention his support for the road that doesn't quite get to the Freo port.
18/11/15 04:11 AM
At the 2013 election, 75% of first preference votes went collectively to the Nationals and Liberals. A new party is not the answer but rather, in 2017, these voters need to support whoever is committed to keeping these lines open. Not sure any of the existing parties have a strong track record on that.
01/10/15 03:44 AM
Bob - citrus growers across Australia reject your lemon reference. Also the irony of your comment to this article should not be lost, perhaps you're one of the people Mr Arnot is referring to?
22/09/15 06:03 AM


You missed the point Farmer - its pretty obvious he's on the well worn PGA/Liberal Party pathway. I wasn't supporting his candidacy, just pointing out that the timing of this announcement makes way for another one around the State election. See if i'm wrong.
26/10/15 06:47 AM
What are the chances that Snooke will run in the State Elections in 2017? Central Wheatbelt?
23/10/15 05:33 AM


Whilst in the mean time, as Cash is imposing this cost, Chris Back gets bumped down the ballot.
04/05/16 12:23 PM
Attributing "devastating health impacts" to wind farms, and likening their impacts to that of asbestos is just ridiculous. What'll it be next, the impacts of daylight savings?
06/08/15 04:59 AM
"There are 3000 jobs going in agriculture at the moment and only 600 agribusiness graduates Australia-wide to fill them."
Creative writing at its very best!
19/04/16 12:34 AM
So if the new State Development unit is being established "to help expand WA agribusiness and better position producers to meet growing interest from overseas", what is DAFWA's role into the future?
02/03/16 04:47 AM


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