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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

David Alphabet again writes with 'authority' about issues he does not understand. "Farmers receive special treatment" - since when?
The advice from DPI is not valued? This bloke is a joke. I suppose health care in public hospitals is also not valuable since it is 'free'?
25/12/12 06:56 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Not sure the idea of decentralization should be dismissed as dumb. How about we move these jobs to the regions where the primary reason for their existence is created? Find a cheaper way to do it.
22/05/15 10:39 PM
Interesting thoughts. Most mainstream Australians will not give survival of farming businesses much thought so long as cheap food is plentiful. Corporations running agriculture as outlined are not the answer. The workers in these corporations will not do the hours or make the extra commitment that is required. Only family farms can do this, but often lack the capital to invest. When trading conditions get too tough, corporations look for a way out because the operation exists as purely numbers on a balance sheet.
05/09/14 11:49 PM


People like Mr McLeod were the reason I stopped shopping at Coles - was he not one of the architects of the $1/L milk? What a way to value clean food.
23/01/15 10:26 AM
The fact is that some machinery has simply become too expensive to buy new. Specifically, grain harvesters. What is a new header going to cost in another 10 years?
02/01/15 11:02 PM
still waiting for your suggestion "Bushie Bill" on who would be better than Barnaby to take on the ministers job...silence is deafening
17/09/13 03:09 AM
Glad to see Barnaby elevated to this role. I think he will be a strong advocate for agriculture. To those who disagree, I would like to know what their alternatives would be.
16/09/13 08:55 AM
Good riddance Joe. Bring on the election please.
26/06/13 12:08 PM


H45 was never a hybrid. It is open pollinated.
10/08/15 04:09 AM
I thought we mostly produced hard white wheat here in Australia (ie AH, AUH, APH in eastern states)?
05/03/15 02:54 AM
So what would the trade offer in return for higher standards? How about we have shorter payment terms on standard GTA contracts such as 14 days nett? No, I thought not. The GTA body is all about take from the grower, with nothing in return. Higher standards are fine, as long as we the growers are able to meet them. Dry years sometimes mean we struggle with test weights. What then Mr Nalder?
09/12/12 09:59 PM


If my experience interacting with federal ag staff is any indication, getting them out of Canberra can only be positive. Get the offices set up in towns where the policy is affecting producers - for example Griffith, Parkes, Narrabri. I am told that housing costs are ridiculous in Canberra - another reason to base policy staff in more regional locations. If they won't leave Canberra, then that is their decision.
21/05/15 08:42 AM


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
AFGRI Equipment has a limited number of new John Deere S700 Series combine harvesters available for this harvest.16 Sep 18 AFGRI Equipment has a limited number of new John Deere S700 Series combine harvesters available for this harvest.
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