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QLD's Barb Dixon has been looking for cattle agistment for 12 mths
''It's just unbelievable.Our neighbours had cattle on agistment and it ran out, so they have bought their cattle back home.They are in the same situation. They have got no feed, hardly any water.''
BLE attacks our TE cattle that are sent by boat not truck for processing to the same standard as down south.
If BLE sees animals=humans why hasnt it commented on the plight of millions of kids in Syria,or the horrible death of a student there recently, she had 70pc bomb burns?
is there a bankable alternative to LE in our TE?
BLE wants a vegan world.
Australia is leading the world in improving processing standards not only in the growing LE herd but in LE country domestic herds.
Any mention of the genocide that will hit our TE herd if BLE gets its way is met with a butter wouldnt melt in its mouth level of indifference.
BLE isnt about improving human rights in foreign countries so animal welfare standards can follow, BLE is about big noting the '' Perpendicular Pro Noun '' as Sir Humphrey would say.
Would this milk coming into WA be at least a day and a half older, and how old would it be coming from the East Coast?
What happens when a processor is only making 3pc return on investment?
With some retailers saying they won't play the CT game and with farmers paying freight both ways on their inputs and produce when will we see the list of who can and can't pass on the $7.5B tax thats $23/tn Aus and $4/tn EU?
Does everyone in the supply chain have to safeguard fresh milk's good reputation?
Lion WA
''we're unable to say precisely the volumes that we're bringing in, because that's commercial in confidence to our business.'
WA's Phil Depiazzi
''I dont think WA customers would be really excited about the fact that they're having to drink milk bought in from SA or the East coast.
Our $4B Dairy sector employs 50,000 people and creates lots of jobs in other service Industries, in 2011-12 the VIC Dairy exports to the ME and N Africa earnt Aus $285m, how does this compare with failed MIS that some were paid kickbacks to promote?
Dairy Farmers have been through tough times before but now with comments like ''In most cases the impacts of the Carbon Tax were miniscule and could be passed on to consumers.''
Try telling that to people with a $100,000+ power bill.
What happens next year when concerned freight companies who work on slim margins are hit with a CT?

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Vegan interests and UK AR group are helping fund a new AR comic book from the US and sold next to Batman&Spiderman. The comic shows a hooded male figure with scarf masked face holding bolt cutters standing next to a masked female figure holding a fire axe in 1 hand and hammer in the other. Comic editor ''This comic is a book for everybody,about real world everyday people with regular problems and personalities who happen to have a burning drive to help animals,even taking matters outside the law at times'' 1 cover shows the hooded male standing in front of a burning building holding a fuel can
Alice Springs SM.Certain eggs are not available 'Due to unexpected events within the industry' this could last 5-6mths, this was after BF in FR hens killed 450K hens in NSW should Aus import eggs? The UK imports 60pc of its pork and gets eggs from Ukraine,French farmers smashed 100K ethical eggs over low prices. In 1998 the EU which UK joined in 1973,with a 50pc subsidy dumped pork in Poland Hungary Czech Republic,P H&CR had their exports to Russia hit by the Ruble crisis after $5B in loans were stolen CR protested and EU dumped it in Russia as 'Aid' Is UK the same as Alice Springs on eggs?
Peter Singer
''-on shaky ground if we were to demand equally for blacks, women and other groups of oppressed humans while denying equal consideration to nonhumans.
A person's sex is no guide to his or her abilities, and this is why it is unjustifiable to disciminate on the basis of sex.''
Alexandra Chen
''-before your eyes is horrifying and destroys one's sense of safety. One boy would walk out of his family's tent every morning at 3 am, and go to our child-friendly space in Zaatari camp and just hide in the corner. His family had no idea. It was just because the stress he was experiencing was so overwhelming that he had to be in a place where he felt safe and just to be by himself.''
'Animal Liberation'
Peter Singer
''If we examine more deeply the basis on which our opposition to discrimination on grounds of race or sex ultimately rests we will see that we would be-
2.1M Syrians have fled their homeland and that could grow to 3.5M by the end of the year, the worst exodus since the Rawandan Genocide, 7M people still in Syria need help. in Jordan 1 in 12 people are Syrian refugees thats like Aus taking 2M refugees.
Alexandra Chen from Mercy Corps that has established child protection committees in Jordan to protect Syrian kids against violence, rape and child labour.
'' Some have seen their parents or their brothers and sisters killed, tortured or raped in front of them. To witness your figures of protection and honor physically and emotionally violated-
Please see Professor Tim Lang, from the centre for Food Policy at City Uni in London commenting on the latest horse meat scam.
''The issue that really is raised is a failure of governance, and that matters to Australia.
Australia has a highly concentrated food system, two retailers dominate it. It has a ruthless and powerfull food industry.
Be very wary about crowing that this is the mad Brits again. Don't do that because you might find that you're doing it too.''

Get Muddy

Why cant Aus have a national AG week to celebrate the enduring relationships between our farmers, the hard working people in the Ag service sector and the end consumers both local and export? People like Brett Watson could show case his easy to read buy Aus label to help busy shoppers deal with the level of contamination risk in foods they feed their kids. Aus meat, fruit&veg and seafood are very low risk by world standards and should be celebrated every day. Aus has the talent to make a Ag week work with a little help from their friends, from little things big things grow.
PETAs Super Bowl Ad ' Veggie Love' didnt mention sending cattle stunning boxes to poor 3rd world villages A 30 sec SB Ad costs $3.5M or 170 stunning boxes.The vegan cause hands out vegan recipies at schools aimed at Christians, by 'Honoring God's creation' dont eat meat and chase graphic abattoir film because with the media 'If it bleeds it leads' but no metion of a S Dakota 1.5m snow blizzard that killed over 20,000 cattle,horses sheep and goats.$3m has been donated worldwide to help rebuild the $1B damage by people who care. Is vegan's latest recruiting attempt by bullies a sign of the times?
PETA's 'Drink beer not milk' was aimed at US college kids and the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers who had lost loved ones were outraged, DD kill over 10,000 and injure 350,000 pa but PETA got its name in the paper.PETA's pizza campaign said 'Meat can cause impotence'. Super Bowl Sunday is the 2nd biggest food day after Thanksgiving and rates 47 on TV, some Churches host SBS parties and have services at 1/2 time. The 3-11year old kids favorite food is pizza and favorite topping is pepperoni the US eats about 4B pizzas pa thats over 112,000tn of pepperoni. the US eats 1.23B ckicken wings on SBS.
Why was Catherine Marriott stopped from debating the legality of running cattle in our TE? BLE has no alternative, what about the resulting genocide of 100,000s of cattle every year, that's women and children [Cows+Calves]?
Why wasnt BLE swept to power on Sept 7 on a wave of majority support ?
Did our TE cattle industry shut down abattoirs to earn only 10c/kg more from LE?
Has NZ banned live export?
Those happy to see our customers starve, note hungry people can be angry people just look at the 2008 world food riots.
The lies continue, or have some stopped counting?
A farmer who retired comfortably after farming a semi desert through droughts, mice plauges, high interest rates and wheat quotas when asked what his secret was just said that in the good times he would sow 4000acs of wheat and hope to reap 4000tns but he knew that he might only reap 200tns. He would always reap his 100 bales of wool and in the bad droughts when sheep prices where less than the freight to a far away abattoir instead of shooting them he would let them loose into the scrub and muster them when the drought broke.
He was the boss on his farm in partnership with mother nature.
A successfull farmer in reliable east Aus country wouldnt buy a farm without checking its 100yr rainfall records first.
Look how far WA AG has come in the last 100yrs with its pioneers in the 50s showing the world what could be done with 6000ac of light country and super and lupins. Their descendants now are earning export income to help pay for Aus high standard of living yet WA's reward has been to be told their milk is only worth $1/lt holding back more exports and forcing WA heifers onto LE.
Thanks to processors like Thomas Foods International Aus now has a healthy export carcass market.

A matter of opinion

In the past limited seal cull permits were issued for bad net damage, 100K fur seals can eat over 3000tn of fish a week.The local Pro fishing donate $249K of labour to community activities pa and pay fishing licence fees to run the fishery that tourist fishing doesnt. Local Major 'The Meningie scenario, particularly with the fisherman, the stress level on their families is appaling' A Traditional Owner who has culled seals savaging 1 of his totems the pelican 'Just by the jetty there you will find 4 or 5 dead pelicans just sitting there, down along the Coorong there's dead pelicans everywhere'
In a W QLD town starving roos knocked down an elderly woman. With a shortage of pro roo shooters where are those apposed to humane roo culling? The Canadian Inuit people have culled seals for about 4000yrs and were damaged by the AR seal ban criticized by Jacques Cousteau. There are now 7.4M harp seals in the Atlantic over 3x the seals of the 1970s. Their grey seals eat over 1M tn of fish pa and threaten cod stocks, in 2015 Canada will cull over 460K seals the AR lobby want culling banned. In the Murray's lower lakes and Coorong fishery fur seals are damaging nets leaving half eaten fish.

Bush Matters

Then suddenly fresh milk from foreign processors was on the nose and banished into the contract wilderness for 10yrs after faithfully honoring the agreement to supply the cheapest milk in Aus,but where no other milk was avaliable, if you closed your eyes and thought of the mother country it was drinkable.Then 'Fresh Opportunities' report that keenly wanted to double WA Dairy for export to Asia got the sack. In under a month Hong Kong Customs caught 879 baby formula smugglers BF $41500/tn. EU drinks 70pc UHT regularly, France, Spain Portugal and Belgium 95pc, just think of the mother country.
1 school of thought was that QLD&NSW had too many dairy farmers so $1/lt milk and 12c/lt T2 milk fixed that.3rd Gen QLD dairy farmer Ray Gresham ''We had been losing money and the price just dropped further. I'm just so glad we got out you cant hand down something that's losing money'' The Gov wants to know why Aus milk supply has stagnated while our international competitors are aggressively expanding,has the missing 100 QLD dairy farmers got anything to do with it? The debunk the myth $1/lt milk said processors can be squeezed but stop when $1B in equity has been lost.

Out of the shadow

The damage caused by the 2011 LE ban could cost Aus taxpayers $1B it devastated peoples' lives in our TE. Down south it was referred to the 'pause' is that being insesitive, if our TE could choose would it be life in 2012 or 2015? When BLE stopped LE in the 70s from SA, a state Labor minister proposed the bans be lifted if LE agreed to a 2 locally processed to 1 sent LE ratio farmers said no. While in WA, LE was sent legally under a Lib Gov. Now QLD beef farmers generously give over 95pc of their cattle to processing should they be concerned about their rights if LE reaches 1 LE to 2 processed?
If $1/lt milk can sell at a loss but survive could it show Joe Hockey and our farmers how to balance their budgets? SM are pushing down prices to get a bigger piece of the pie and subsidise shareholders and customers,why not bake a bigger pie creating more jobs? In dairy you reap what you sowed 3yrs ago,while Aus was sowing seeds of dispair NZ sowed seeds of hope and is reaping a bumper harvest even with the highest domestic milk price in the world. Team NZ also has a 10yr plan that's not to sell milk at a lose but to fence 22,000km of waterways off to double NZ dairy to benifit all NZ.


By Aus day 2016 the loss leader $1/lt milk war wil have bled about $3.5B from Aus dairy, why no mention of the same milk selling in China for $8/lt? Coles said $1/lt would stay for the forseeable future. What about the $800+M of seafood treasure around island TAS and the recalled imported fish by a SM there? 25yr aquaculture
veteran and a biosecurity Fmr of yr Frances Bender '' I'm horrified but not surprised by this discovery. It's not legal to sell this product in TAS'' When does self interest overide the national interest? In ' Treasure Island ' do the pirates pocket the treasure?
Biosecurity TAS '' -this doing damage to the aquaculture industry ''
ABC Rural's Tony Briscoe '' It wasn't Scotish, but it was fresh [skin on] and came from Norway. 2 small portions of trout packaged neatly under the Coles brand with the words '' Farmed rainbow trout from Norway '' on the package. I added the package to my shopping basket and went through the checkout with no problem paying for the offending item'' Biosecurity TAS '' We're working with Coles to investigate what's happened and our understanding is this has been a little breakdown in their processes in the supply chain. Our assessment is that we are not prepared to take the risk of products like-
The Tassie seafood industry is worth over $800M pa, over $500M pa is from its biggest PI salmon farming, with the down turn in forestry it employs 1600 directly and 3800 indirectly. Aus eats 90pc of the salmon. Trout fishing tourism earnsTassie about $50M pa. Infectious salmon anemia virus can be carried by brown and rainbow trout, it has hit salmon farms in Canada Norway Scotland Chile. ABC Rural's Tony Briscoe'By late yesterday [in Oct 2015] I got to the local Coles store as quickly as I could after receiving a tip-off the supermarket giant was offering a product they should not offer in TAS
If $1/lt milk sold at a loss is the benchmark why have farmers had to pay increases in Gov charges? Where will QLD dairy be when the 10yr contract ends,will $1/lt milk Woolies said is unsustainable employ jobs lost in QLD dairy while running at a loss? What if Aus beef mince was a 4yr loss leader while US&Brazil cut Aus beef's lunch on export markets? Quality Welsh lamb this month will use mobile cooks in UK SM car parks to cook samples.UK label ' Produced in UK' fine print ' from NZ or Aus Lamb' Welsh farmer John Davis 'that's not really playing the game is it' #Farm24 had 17K tweets to 10M
NZ has a good AW record sending LE by sea, in 2013 NZ sent 13,000 cattle to China where will these cattle be slaughtered? The suffering of our stranded TE cattle caused by the LE ban seems to have been forgotten down south, do we take the PETA approach and prosecute 'Ranchers' caught by the LE ban and drought, not living up to PETA's expectations? Our TE still hasnt seen a bankable alternative to LE especially in the Kimberley from BLE, why is that?
Christine Tacon will present her 2nd annual suppliers survey on 22/6/15 '' I meet many suppliers and other face to face during the year but the survey can not be beaten for giving me a panoramic view of the relationship between retailers and their suppliers. I am particularly looking for evidence of how retailer practice have changed over the past 12 months.Work is underway on the Tesco investigation. If you have information about the areas I am investigating- delays in payments, and payments for better positioning of goods unless in relation to promotions, please send your information to me'
UK SM Adjudicator Christine Tacon's question to Lidl Rep' If you could change one thing about the groceries market, what would it be' Lidl Rep 'The development of the hard discount formula into one-stop-shop experience highlights that the groceries market is constantly evolving and adapting to consumer needs and expectations. With continued total market growth, I could imagine that soon the group of designated retailers covered by the Code will be expanded' CT deals with the top10 SMs Aldi 6 'We will not let them compete on price' Lidl 8, they have less than 10pc of the lines the majors stock.
Since the 2011 LE ban that could cost Aus taxpayers $1B, on the rare occassions BLE has flown to our TE for a FIFO photo shoot from down south, BLE hasnt built 1 TE abattoir or shown our TE cattle farmers how to finish feeder steers for processing in enviromentally challenging places like the Kimberley. Are these the farmers whose welfare BLE is so concerned about? BLE still doesnt have a bankable alternative to LE in our TE. If the 2011 LE ban wasnt broken in 2011 how many 100,000s of our TE cows & calves could have died horrible deaths by now, we are talking about AW arent we ?
UK's SM Adjudicator Christine Tacon '' -on suppliers and improve the availiability of products in store. The GCA is encouraged that with its support and encouragement some retailers have not only found the information useful but are already actively engaging with suppliers to find solutions ''


In June 2013 did Labor think that $66B Glencore-Extrata controlling 95pc of SA's grain handling and storage and all SA's export ports was in Australia's national interest?


Could people in the world who are heavily reliant on other countries for their food security have trouble trusting BLE after seeing its behaviour in the 2011 LE ban that devastated our TE cattle, BLE with its alternative scheme from, the Land that never was? Should BLE try trading places with these vulnerable people and walk a mile in their shoes how many in BLE went to bed hungry last night?
NZ that BLE applauds on its AW processes about 2M bobby calves pa and exports veal and live dairy cattle. Farmers Dairy NZ vets processors and carriers with the public have an AW code that changed time off feed to processing from 30-24hrs for calves at least 4 days old.Calves fed colostrum for immunity twice daily, 30pc of calves left on cows wont get enough coloctrum. No blunt force trauma for putting down sick calves except in an emergency. If in an AR world with animals running wild and no one accountable about 70pc of calves would die thats over 3M in NZ, then theres the cows suffering.
Why was senior minister Ludwig stonewalled on AW concerns on 6&12th April, is that highly irregular? AA 'Additional investigations would likely deal with live export and with other farmed issues. Because Animals Australia is the only major national group doing these investigations in Australia, oversatuation is less of a concern for them than it would be in the US market; other groups there are not able to consistently get significant media coverage for investigations but AA has success in this area' Did AA get a Voiceless grant for its anti duck farming Ads? Will BLE help fund stunning boxes?
BLE told supporters how expensive LE was under ESCAS $50 to $100/hd some hoped even a cow's tail would be to expensive to eat in the 3rd world. Surely Aus can help Indonesia to 100pc stunning the Ad budget of just 1 AR group could fund 100 boxes, when do we start if AW is what its about? greens policy ''The office[OAW]that the Greens are proposing will be guided by the advice of an animal welfare advisory committee including experts in animal welfare, consumer groups, scientists and ethicists' If AW cant be run from Canberra why from a greens OAW in Sydney or is it just a quest for power?
BLE Inc cheered the 2011 LE ban but didnt know what to do with the stranded cattle it still doesnt. Why was minister Ludwig's requests on 6th &12th April to see the BB footage refused, isnt RSPCA policy that cruelty be reported immediately? greens policy' The Government's ESCAS model has failed and unworkable system as the humane slaughter of Australian animals cannot be controled from Canberra' A greens senator tabled a Voiceless petition demanding Aus dairy LE cattle be subject to ESCAS, why if its a failure and is AL's ditch dairy vegan cookbook realistic given the majority like icecream?
Well Done!
There's always room for another Encyclopaedia covering the truth to keep the B s honest , to critics just tell them they're dreaming.
Don't forget to take time to smell the roses.
Cheers CA
Cambodia has seen its worst drought in 70yrs, Water On Wheels helps deliver water and rice to affected villages. Aus is helping build houses for the poor in Cambodia that has just taken its first Aus LE cattle [2766] for its new ESCAS abattoir $22M. Cambodia has taken Aus frozen beef. Im Vannarith ' Now, people in Cambodia will be able to taste fresh Australian beef that is 20-30pc cheaper than the current imported beef ' Under ESCAS 5757 people in Asia have been trained in AW cost $13.6M stunning rates in Indonesia are now 93pc.Who is willing to help improve AW in the challenging times ahead?
AR activism targets. Live export, intensively farmed animals, culling pest animals AR argues roos that are twice the number of humans in Aus are endangered see the Californian roo import ban. Greyhound racing, horse racing, olympic horse show jumping, rodeos, gymkhanas the heart of the bush, circuses, zoos, animals in tourism like romantic horse carriage rides, domestic pets. Its attacks on the growing world LE trade while unsuccessful gets precious media attention for other attacks, it wants expanded Ad budgets billboards $1450 prime time radio Ads $450 all that and dreaming of a vegan world.
$1/lt milk's arrival came with a plan to deal with protesting farmers the customer comes 1st always, since weve lost 170 dairies just in QLD. About $3.7B has been bled from Aus dairy while NZers paid sustainable milk prices helping NZ through the tough times, should Aus taxpayers subsidise $1/lt milk selling at a loss? Is $1/lt milk that has taken more market share under both Labor & Lib Govs a virus with no cure? With the election spotlight on rural Aus again like a weary station hand having a quiet pub drink when asked if he was a Rural Worker, said Arrr looks like its tourist season again.
Edwina Beveridge needed a 2yr AVO to do business, Harden has a local petition supporting her legal pig farm plan. could those against EB's piggery plan meet in Harden, and the next week do the same for those in favor of EB's piggery plan? Who wants to live where your livelihood and democratic rights could be clicked away by those half a world away, or is it a bunch of bullies picking on Edwina? AR activism is funded by wealthy backers and 20 donors/$50 each gets an AR opinnion poster on a bus driving around Sydney for 4wks. Did Aussie Pigs get a Voiceless grant for its movie?


Both Australia and New Zealand are low cost sustainable food producers who will need to maintain their levels of production, and then some. To feed a rapidly increasing world population.
The WTO's number one core theme, is food security; where they have major concerns about food price volitility affecting poor countries and their people.
Their number 2, is the effect of international trade on the sustainability of natural resouces.
Sales at commercial nurseries of new apple trees has dropped by 50%
Apple and Pear Australia president, John Lawrenson: "Australia already might have imported Fire Blight but we wont know for months''.
In the first shipments of 30,000 NZ apples each, into Australia only 600 apples per shipment where inspected. Later shipments could be up to 140,000 apples.
This compares with the EU Fire Blight free protected zones with 50km buffer zones. Where "all" host plant material must have a plant passport. To strategicly protect these productive regions, remember "cutting production increases inflation".
In 1995, $33.5 million was spent eradicating papaya fruit fly that devastated crops around Carins.
Fire Blight affects fruit production worldwide, and would impact very highly if it attacks Australia, that is Fire Blight, foot and mouth, and rabies free.
The most effective method of F/B control is an expensive antibiotic, Streptomycin Sulphate whish isnt registered here for plant use because we havent needed it.
90pc of our pears are grown in the one valley.
Apple leaf curling midge is present in NZ it attacks the apple tree leaves and looks like aphid damage.
Larva are 3mm long and white to orange in colour, adults are dark brown mosquito like flies with a redish abdomen, and lay their eggs in the ground.
Chemical control, is by Cypermethrin and deltamethrin sprays, but these are harmfull to benifical insects and mites.
After a 90-year ban, those who let Fire Blight and Co into Australia on their watch will certainly be remembered.
EU Fire Blight buffer zones must cover an area of at least 50kms with a boundary of at least 1km away from the nursery.
The whole area of the buffer zone is subject to official inspection. There is also regulation of movement of beehives to and within protected zones.
This option could serverly affect our unsubsidised horticultural industries with red tape.
European Canker; is also present in NZ it produces sores that can be mistaken for Fire Blight, but they dont ooze, E/C is servere in coastal orchards.
Our Pink Lady apples has 9% of the UK and 25% of the Australian markets
If Fire Blight attacks some of our apple and pear growing regions, but not others; we would have a contentious issue of how to treat these 2 separate regions.
It would affect our apple exports to Asia.
Fire Blight free regions in the EU have been given protection zone status. Host plants, like apples pears and roses, moved into these areas must be accompanied by a plant passport, and must be produced in registered premises for which a buffer zone has been established and which have met various official inspection or testing conditions.
Australia's climate is ideal for growing the premium Pink Lady apple; that needs a longer growing season of 200 days and hot weather.
In the earlier stages of the development of the Pink Lady; John was asked why he was wasting his time on this project ?
The peak industry body for Australian apple and pear growers, Apple and Pear Australia Ltd, owns and manages globally the intellectual property in the trade mark Pink Lady which is registered in more than 70 counties on 4 continents
With chemical control of Fire Blight, copper products are the only materials available to home owners, they often don't provide adequate control even with multiple applications. Copper products also might cause scarring of the fruit surface.
Fire Blight in the UK has spread along hawthorn hedges planted along railways, motorways and main roads.
Most pear varieties including Asian pears (with the exception of shinko) and red pear varieties are very susceptible to Fire Blight.
Because of their late flowering, cider apples are highly susceptable.
Those infected following injury by hail or insect often develop red brown or black lesions. Infected fruits may also excude ooze that appears clear or milky turning red to brown with time, and shiny and glassy when dry.
Open flowers are the most common infection sites and remain susceptible until petal fall, in years when weather conditions are very conducive to Fire Blight, it can be difficult if not impossible to control


''-sheep had a 10% to 12% weight gain on the 15 day voyage '' In 2017 NZ LE by sea [cattle] had a mortality rate of 0.07% and in 2016 0.06%, in a Jan 2015 shipment mortalities were 1.81% this was mainly caused by acidosis a result of over feeding the cattle concentrates. NZ can LE camelids cats cattle deer dogs ferrets goats guinea pigs hamsters hares hedgehogs horses pigs possums rabbits ratites rodents sheep wallabies without a AWEC if the trip is under 6hrs. NZ has sent 4.7M chickens pa LE .
An Orange Cow volunteer in Vietnam whose mother died after giving birth to him in the bomb tunnels of 1952 and who has since lost all his family to conflicts.''My history is connected to war, killing, hatred and love. I want to commit myself to helping. I do volunteer work with victims of Agent Orange, the poorer families'' AA's website '' Support the work of our undercover investigators. Be part of Australia's biggest boldest public awareness campain [BLE billboards] on behalf of LE victims. Lobby your MP'' Why no call for stunning box donations to Vietnam a poor country with Foot and Mouth ?
With Aus LE improving AW in Indonesia with ESCAS, will AA on its website call for donations to help fund more stunning boxes in Vietnam, that the west gave Agent Orange and where Aus now gets its cheap seafood from? The Orange Cows Project supplies cows to AO affected villagers, with the 2nd calf going to another village AO victim and family. Material cost for a cow shelter about $125. What is AA's position on Aus killing its cane toads by hammer blow to the head, ethics regulations recommend the general public use this method?
NZ's Nathan Guy signed a LE protocol wlth Saudi Arabia in March 2014 that delt with the issue of rejection of LE shipments by sea. NZ has a good AW record in LE by sea, its total 2013 exports to Gulf Coop Council were $1.42B and imports $3.39B. NG in Riyadh Saudi Arabia ''Dairy cows [NZ] are mainly sea freighted to China where just over 35,000 were exported in 2013'' Improving AW in world LE will be easier with Aus & NZ involved. In Aus its nearly 4 years since the music stopped, our TE cattle farmers still havent seen a bankable alternative to LE.
Last year RSPCA had 420 cruelty reports in just 2 Brisbane suburbs, it suspected a female German Shepherd found dead tied to a tree was intentional. If an anti pet group had found it should it wait to see if it was the work of a serial killer? How many RSPCA pet cruelty cases that it wants reported 'Immediately' are delt with by education? Why has the vegan lobby stayed silent on the tresspass and stuffing of 44 hens into a cage the farmer stocked at just over 20hens and PETA's fake lamb attacking Aus wool after withholding evidence for 9mths, or is this criticism like water off a duck's back?
Aus is helping improve AW for cattle in Indonesia and Vietnam through LE, does Catherine, Caren, Joanne, Julie, Jill, Olga, Lyn, Lynne, Liz ,Lauren, Sally, Sonia, have a bankable alternative to LE, without 1 we face the biggest AW disaster in our history.The debate is about what's best for our cattle isnt it? If integrity is important will BLE protest at the US Embassy in Canberra? BLE ''The only existing party with a policy to end the trade [LE] is the Aus greens, and their representation level is small. Politically, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place''
RSPCA wants cruelty reported ASAP but a calf could be conceived and born while PETA sat on shearer cruelty footage. The powerful vegan lobby wants animal racing banned, what about the race that stops a nation and if bets on races are bad where's the anti pokies campaign? How do you stop brumbies racing each other in the wild or do the slowest win nature's race? Good pet greyhound owners have been shunned in public where before their pets got a pat from strangers, what have they done wrong? Should the Alaskan dog race honouring the past be banned or kept as a reminder not to attack the vulnerable.
In the UK during the great depression AR activism delayed the use of diptheria vaccine and from1925-40 it killed 53,558 people there. In Jan 1925 when diptheria a horrible death was killing 12-13K pa in US an epidemic hit Nome Alaska and a relay of 150 sled dogs did a mercy vaccine dash in temps of -50 from the south with some dogs giving their lives.They have an annual sled race from Anchourage to Nome to honnor this bravery. In 1918-19 Spainish flu killed about 50pc of Nome's native people. AR activism continues to hinder welfare progress are the blatant misquotes final acts of desperation?
With the 2013 AR attacks on Edwina Beveridge's piggery,how many non farm businesses need a court AVO to run? In 2014 the violent vandalism around the Canberra roo cull and arson-sabotage attacks on WA, LE feedlots. AL in 2005 on AR Direct Action attacks that included attacks on RSPCA. AL''It is made up of lots of individual cells who operate independently so it is difficult to trace them back to one particular organisation'' AA in 2005 ''I think there is a frustration that there is not sufficent surveillance of animals in commercial settings'' DA also uses AR activists posing as farm workers.
RSPCA NSW founded in 1873 investigates over 12,000 AW complaints pa RSPCA 'When making a cruelty report, you will be asked for your name and contact details.These are kept confidential and are never passed on to the offenders.They are needed so an inspector can contact you for further information or to take a witness statement. You must have seen the animal and its condition for an inspector to have grounds to enter a person's property. A cruelty investigation takes time and taking a matter to court can be a lengthy procedure'. If a group of workers have one cruel worker, should all lose their jobs?


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NO ships with live animals should be leaving Australia. This industry is animal abuse and animal
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we are happy to have Aldi in katanning doing business with WAMCO we also wanted and in great
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This is a disgrace but what can you expect from a Liberal Government that insists on making
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