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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

this guy is part of the problem and none of the solution and prattles on about all and sundry. Get out of the way and let governments govern and get the economic settings right. Whining on about levies achieves nothing.

Out of the shadow

There is absolutely no need to tinker with the agreement and hold it up. Ratify it and pull your head in Labor.


I find it appalling that the headline gives any credit whatsoever to Labor. They rolled over in the end and most of their objections were as transparent as Bill Shorten's antics at the AWU.
suck it up wtf and stop peddling lies. It is being legislated now so take a hike.
A continued river of drivel in the comment pages in regard to the landmark China Free Trade Agreement. Continuing to hide behind a corrupt disinformation campaign peddled by a proven group of liars in certain unions and their captive Labor cronies is as hollow as a Labor promise. Xenophobic rants and nonsense by sidelined non productive dinosaurs will only land Australia in the disaster bucket with Greece and fellow travellers and we will lose our AAA credit rating
Labor idiocy writ large for all to see. Economic vandals with a hopelessly distracted media letting their policy free zone and economic wrecking ball have a free ride.
Ignorance writ large by Jock Munro and his ilk. Complete lies, fabrication and misinformation all peddled with abandon and these clowns should not be given any more oxygen.
More lies peddled by CFMEU and their accolites like Victor. This rubbish and distortion has been thoroughly debunked and it is annoying to seeing it aired once again.
The Land - keep up the good and positive stories. I now ignore the negativism tagging below articles except to request more positive comments for the sake of our young farmers.
Good govt policy but I cannot see the mass of ignorance and negativity being reduced any time soon. Fear mongering it seems is a perfect calling for some and the media laps it up.


Thanks to sensible contributors. They know who they are. Far too many people reach for the outrage button at the slightest provocation and for very silly reasons. Calm rational consideration of arguments preferable.


media tart of one with big hat and nothing under it and just using whining do nothings to foster yet another useless waste of space in parliament.
Great story and I hope young people get on as we need them in farming, agriculture and business. I was happy to see a group of fresh faced young lot feeders visiting an industry organisation last week. Great stuff. People should try to be a little less negative in postings.
usual ignorant twits having their nothing's worth. the standard of comment and ignorance and contrarian view of sensible development and economics giving way to the rabble and mob. If they get their way, Australia will go down the drain faster than the speed of their swill.
looking under beds for red herrings and ranting at every shadow about trade agreements is a sign of a desperate and disconnected populace with no clue of the openness of the current world order. They want to wind back the clocks to a mythical period that did not exist. Have they ever studied old newspapers, read biographies or sought to advance in the modern world? Think not. They will die out soon and be forgotten and leave our young generation with a confused debt riddled situation. Shut up and get out of the way if you cannot participate positively and support game changing agreements.
John Anderson is 100% correct. Far too many negative nutters crawling every news feed as they have no productive contribution to make. Fear mongering, conspiracy theorists, tin foil hat wearers and sundry ill informed nitwits. There opinion and rants are worthless and I will be spending less time at this end of pages and will never get the 5 minutes or so of my life back spent reading them.
Common sense must prevail and there are too many unproductive people and interest groups with nothing to contribute, so block anything they are ignorant about and then spread misleading information and lies. Unless we get our act together unemployment will be 10% plus and the welfare and social security we are paying will be un affordable and the IMF will be calling the shots.


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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#blueysmegacarshowandcruise2019 10 years on Daniels Ute will be apart of another massive cause.
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
AFGRI Equipment has a limited number of new John Deere S700 Series combine harvesters available for this harvest.16 Sep 18 AFGRI Equipment has a limited number of new John Deere S700 Series combine harvesters available for this harvest.
28 Aug 18 PARENTS campaigning to save Moora Residential College (MRC) have cautiously welcomed WA Liberals’ announcement it will keep the facility open if it wins the next State election.