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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Eat "organic food" it is what our grand parents called food. I don't think this article will make any dent in the massive growth in demand for organics. Check it out yourself it is the fastest growing sector in agriculture. Everything starts as a niche but this is here to stay, get use to it, it is how nature intended it, and not what science intended.
08/07/12 11:57 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Well said Pete, free trade agreements really should be called restrictive trade agreements. They are things we are willing to give up in order to get something we want.
01/09/15 09:29 AM


We have come to a point that the system has been pushed so far with fertilisers and chemicals, that the wheels are starting to fall off. Some of the commenters obviously have had their head in the sand too long, and don't see the plight of so many farmers in agriculture. Production focus has been the cause and many have lost failed to focus on profit. In my experience, if agricultural production is in tune with the environment, then production and profit will follow. Dinosaurs will go the way of dinosaurs, it is only a matter of time till they become extinct.
12/08/15 09:38 PM
So what going to happen when the US, China and our major trading partners have an carbon price, which will happen in a few years? Oh yeh they will quite ok we don't have one, rats, we will be force to have one because we are a net exporter. Some of you will be squirming then I bet. Abbott has appeased the big energy companies so we keep using an expensive energy source when there is free energy a coming from the sun. Hope your telling your kids and grand kids where you stand now.
21/07/14 12:45 PM
The methodologies will need to be measured, so what's the big deal, if the skeptic are right in a few years there will be no change in carbon and no benefit.
All of those that think soil carbon increases are a load of rot, need to get out of the road of farmers that are doing it.
20/03/14 11:52 PM
daw you are doing well to have tested humus % considering there is no such test as yet. If there is please let other soil scientist and myself the contact details to the lab.
And what makes you think your soil carbon is at it peak level? Have you done tests lately, you are talking of tests 24 years ago. Are the carbon levels the same now?
Do a test on remnant areas or the grassed area on the outside of your farming paddocks and compare them to farmed country.
20/03/14 11:46 PM
Comments by NFF shows me how out of touch they are in the area of Cabon Farming. How about they send a few people to investigate these claims, you know go onto some carbon farming farms and get some mud on their boots.
I did soil test many years ago on 6 soil test sites over 2500 ha of cell grazed country and results were a 2% increase in soil carbon in a 2 year period.
Now there is a soil carbon methodology coming out that incorporates measurement, sit back and watch this space, if you are a sceptic, because you will be in for a surprise. Why would anyone who farms, knock soil carbon?
20/03/14 10:55 PM
Droughts are normal in Australia, that is a fact. It is our management that determines what happens to the landscape and the animals. Most farmer don't have strategies in place other than feed livestock when their pastures are depleted. The last decade have proven one point, it is not economical to feed your way through a drought. It is basically gambling at the worse, because no one knows when it will finish, I have see operations feed out in costs, many times the livestock's original value. How is this a good business strategy? Not to mention the stress to people and land.
19/02/14 12:16 AM
We often hear droughts being referred to as disasters as if they are like an earthquake happening. Droughts have been happening from the day our forefathers started to farm in Australia. Truth is they are normal occurrences and our management strategies need to take account of this.
People are doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result but the result is alway the same, land degradation, reduced equity, a reduction in net worth and a huge amount of stress on farmers and their family. There would be farmers in every area that have implemented sound strategies. Follow them.
04/02/14 11:10 AM
Stop having lunches with the big agri companies and start engaging with grass roots farmer. High input agriculture is great for production but has little correlation to profitability.
22/11/13 01:49 AM
Hope LNP can explain, why a few months ago we had a budget crisis and now Hockey wants to increase our debt ceiling to $500 billion.
12/11/13 12:03 AM
Bushfire Blonde if you study what a plant needs, one animal can overgraze a paddock, ice cream plant at a time. Low stocking levels still cause loss of species. Carrying capacities have declined world wide at a dramatic rate over the last century, basically since we invented barb wire to contain livestock.
27/09/13 03:30 AM


Sheer stupidity, using fossil fuel to grow a crop, then turning that into fuel to grow another crop!!!!! In the US a huge portion of its corn is going into fuel production.
How can there be such a food shortage when massive areas in the world grow cotton and biofuels, both items we can't eat, but I am sure there is a scientist already thinking about that one.
09/09/13 03:36 AM
“Fifty years of extensive, population-based research continues to amplify the message that switching from saturated fats to unsaturated fats is the right thing to do for heart health.”
Since 1900 the consumption of saturated fat has declined 83% and vegetable oil consumption has increased over 500%. At the same time heart disease incidences has sky rocketed. There is your evidence.
Go into a supermarket and look for saturated fat, you will find very little, look for vegetable oil and the place is full of it, and our heart disease problems are at epidemic levels.
22/07/13 10:54 PM
“The fact is that bodies such as the Australian Heart Foundation and the CSIRO recognise the health benefits of seed-based plant oils.”
To me is a real concern, will these organisation be liable in the future, for recommending and supporting the consumption of these oils, as evidence starts to emerge all over the globe.
It has been a political decision and not a health decision. Youtube- The Men Who Made Us Fat
22/07/13 10:33 PM
Yes boris why is that so??? Years of premium for non-GM then all of a sudden a change. Some one needs farmers on board, and it sounds like your taking the bait.
19/07/13 02:21 PM
Why would any farmer start using a technology that will and is being rejected by consumers world wide? Only reason it has grown so big in the US is that they don't have labelling laws to inform consumers, but there is a big backlash happening there now.
Dickytiger non-GMO food wasn't produced in a test tube. Eating GMO is basically an experiment and when you look at health problems that are now showing up in the US, it makes you wonder.
19/07/13 03:28 AM
100% Vegan you need to research eating soy a bit closer. Up until a 100 years ago all soy consumed was fermented. It will also become harder and harder to find soy not contaminated with GM.
Large scale mono cropping is probably the greatest cause of soil degradation. What we need to do reduce our demand of grain products. Most people are eating a feedlot diet, which is grain based. No surprise why as a population we are becoming so obese.
21/06/13 12:17 PM
"the science is now in on"
Who's science I say, all the science so far has been conducted by the corporations and biased research. Most trails aren't open and transparent. Even whistler blowers from DPI (now not working for DPI) say there is no economic benefit to growing GM.
I would like to know why WA’s Pastoralists and Graziers Association (PGA) is so pro GM and have they really researched the possible consequences of growing this product and inevitable consumer resistance. There is no turning back from GM, once adopted.
Don't kid yourself, no consumer is crying out give me GM food!!
20/06/13 02:47 AM
Who is FSANZ really working for - the people or corporations and food manufacturers? When they say they have reviewed the scientific research, who paid for and conducted the research?
17/06/13 06:44 AM
I remember when they started to trial GM canola in Australia and they wanted to put trials in 50 odd council areas, across the state of NSW. Why?
Wake up farming community these companies are not doing this because they want you to make money.
06/06/13 10:12 PM
  Monsanto win 13 Comments 13
stillinthedark, do you remember a few years ago we had Canadian GM canola growers in Australia tell us we should grow GM canola. They are our competeitors on the world market! Didn't you smell a rat then.
Best thing would be to feed it to polar bears when the consumer realise this stuff is not food, it's a synthetic as you said.
Big deal about a high bid, what has the price been like for the past few years?
31/05/13 06:05 AM


Dinosaurs, what absolute hypocrites. We have subsidised coal mining for decades. Young National must be cringing. Wind not the only renewable, what about solar, thermal, wave. Another example why the National are becoming irrelevant and out of touch.
And what rubbish that farmers don't get subsidies, what are Drought subsidies. Nationals are showing their true colour and why many ex ministers get jobs on mining companies after leaving office.
Hope it doesn't take too long for the old dinosaurs to move on and the next generation of Nationals to head us into a sustainable future.
17/09/15 10:20 AM
Frank if you didn't understand the question, I will repeat it.... Where or who do you take your information on climate from? Fairly straight forward I would have thought.
06/03/14 08:13 PM
FB plants also need water to grow better. What many people may have noticed that this last summer had prolonged heat periods which also translate into higher evaporation levels as well. Lefty alarmists, so who do you listen to if you don't listen to the BOM and CSIRO? Please don't quote anyone that can be Googled to have links back to energy companies.
05/03/14 08:51 AM
Problem is most people have no clue about what is healthy to eat, they buy most of their food from the aisle of supermarkets and as you pointed out, they should be sticking to the out sides of supermarkets where whole foods are like fruit, veggies and meat (mostly grain fed at present but demand is changing that)
28/02/14 01:31 AM
Shameful. Chief of Staff heavily connected to the junk food industry, making political decisions that would be of great benefit to that industry and totally ignore the growing epidemic of illnesses in children caused by a poor diet.
17/02/14 11:17 AM
Do you think we mere mortals can get away with type of stuff with some like the ATO?
Never thought of make a wedding a deduction, obviously where more than one pollie attends a private function they can turn it into a work related expense????
30/09/13 05:16 AM
argis but your wrong I'm getting fibre to my house, thats locked in. I think that there will be many that wish they also did down the track, instead of decades old copper technology to deliver things that haven't even been thought of now.
25/09/13 11:14 AM
Whats the bet LNP doesn't change the rollout, and realise the benefits to Australia in having such a great piece of infrastructure for our future.
24/09/13 11:35 PM
Dusty but not slim, can you tell me why ex Nationals have been on boards of mining companies. Whose best interest?
24/09/13 05:28 AM
Past drought policies didn't generate change in management. Business as usual and if it didn't rain, then you put your hand out. There are hundreds of farmer that have change their management and have strategies to put in place if the is a reduction in rainfall. In the grazing industry, if your carrying capacity is reduced by lack of rain, then the appropriate response is to reduce the number of animals to match that carrying capacity.
To maintain full carrying capacity and feed, is not much different than going to a casino and gamble everything you own, hoping it will rain. Blunt but true.
05/02/14 11:36 AM


"the “GM bogey man” has seemingly not raised his head when it comes to bananas"
Basically because consumers have not been told this. How about putting out a press release in the major newspapaer and see if the "bogey man" raises it head.
I certainly will look closer at where my bananas come from in the future. This product should be labeled at point of sale. I don't want to be part of an experiment.
30/01/12 01:59 AM


What we are seeing is a transition problem. 5 or 6 years ago 5% of eggs in the supermarkets were free range (1500 hens/ha)now it is 40% and growing. That means there are high percentage of caged egg grower moving into "free range" but not at the original definition of free range (1500 hens/ha on pasture, it is 10,000+ hens/ha and mostly in sheds with little holes in the side for access to outdoors which soon become just dirt paddocks. This transition model that the Egg Board has come up with is the problem, not proper free range on pasture, under the best steriliser we have the sun.
01/11/13 08:38 PM


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