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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

So tell me where this free market exists DL ??? Not USA, Not EU , Not Japan Not China and not my regulated costs here in Australia.
Perhaps it only in the minds of fools.
30/07/14 11:25 AM
What a load of BS, If this fool thinks that you can compare Australia with NZ or even more laughable Singapore and HK, then i guess he really does belong in Canberra with the rest of the free trade fools.
For free trade to work you better tell the rest of us when labour will be deregulated so we pay the global wage rate and the only currency is the gold standard, so no one can manipulate thier currency for thier own benefit
13/11/13 12:41 PM

A matter of opinion

How about investigating those who have stolen the profits from farming.
15/08/14 09:42 AM

Burrs under my saddle

When i look at the high wages and conditions of employees and tradies, I cant help but think of what a good job unions and the labour party have done for them. Then I look at the Greens and the Environmental agendas that have now become legislation and impact and raise the costs to my farm from native veg to increased electricity. Then I look at at my farms returns and level of increasing debt, I look at the cheap imported fruit and veges that come in without needing to meet the same regulations and costs are Im forced to endure, and wonder what have the Nationals and Ag bodies done for me
13/09/15 09:40 PM
Farmers will benefit from free trade, However it doesnt now, nor will it ever exist, These so called "Free trade agreements" are just trade agreements, picking winners, and history tells us Australia and farmers have never been winners.
The trade union movement has delivered workers some of the highest wages and conditions in the world, What has the NFF has delivered farmers into the hands of Free trade zealots, debt and falling terms of trade.
Farmers would be much better off being members of a farmers union and having unions protect our interests.
02/09/15 10:03 PM
Spot on, You have described the hole rural people have dug themselves in by having seats that are too safe.
10/01/15 11:42 PM


" realistic about facing cost efficient competition from overseas" Australians and especially Tim Burrow needs to be realistic that Australian producers have regulated higher costs and standards and this includes wages, Expecting food producers to pay Australian wages should also come with the expectation that Australians that enjoy and benefit from regulated Australian wages should support those products that support their life style. This is only needed because our government discriminates against local producers by not applying the same rules on imports that it applies to domestic products
28/06/16 09:45 PM
So explain why there hasnt been an increase profits and reduction of farm debt since signing these free trade agreements or aligned with the so called surge in ag exports to china.
13/09/15 09:43 PM
Sounds like the EU and the Common Agricultural Policy is the example we should follow to ensure farmers are paid for regulated social and environmental standards that benefit society.
25/08/15 09:20 AM
So where are all the fools that used NZ free trade agreement and milk boom as an example for Australia to follow??? Another short lived boom like mining that has left the country with debt from infrastructure expenditure to increase production and when that extra production comes on line the prices tumble and smart countries like China now have years of oversupply to buy up cheap food.
24/07/15 11:59 PM
The NZ so called milk boom was thrown up as a great success, Telling all that it was proof of why we needed free trade deals like NZ did with China...... Well now what?? Another short lived so called boom that has left the NZ farmer in more average debt then an Australian farmer.
05/07/15 10:26 PM
If the local darts club committee refused to let the members know what happens in meeting because its a secret , they would be kicked out immediately, Why are we letting our's or any Government get away with it.
10/06/15 01:54 PM
Its amazing what a sector can do when its government can recognise stupidity of other countries not investing (subsidising) in their own countries industry or making sure they are able to compete equally in the market, Like all investments this creates a return on investment and creates wealth. " Dutch farmers get €1299 per hectare" (2008)
16/03/15 09:38 PM
So Mr Abbott, If you think there is going to be a cost to have better labelling, Do you also now recognise that having weak labelling has come at a cost also.
21/02/15 07:52 AM
So will the high cost labour and environmental standards in Australia be reduced to the same as China as well to compete in a free trade market?? Any mention when the minimum wage will be reduced to the same as china's?? How free movement of labour as well??
13/01/15 10:43 AM
Wow a story about how much money farmers might make out of Asia in the "future" with all these extra mouths to feed.
Like we havent heard this same BS over and over while debt keeps rising.
04/01/15 08:19 PM


While farm debt climbs to over 70 billion something isnt adding up. Maybe its parking of the money from selling to foreign companies.
01/08/15 11:26 PM
What you say is true Peter, The Labor party have done a good job for the unions and workers they represent giving workers a min wage and safe working conditions leading the world. The greens have done an excellent job representing their city centric voters with environmental legislation and even shutting live cattle trade with a handful of parliamentarians, Then there is the Nationals who claim to represent rural voters or at least hold rural seats who have managed to give us the least amount of protection in the market place, seen half of us leave farming and escalating debt,
11/07/15 03:19 AM
Looks like the leader of the Nationals who seems so happy to have farmers facing unfair competition doesn't like to have a little competition himself.
04/01/15 08:12 PM
Why not spend some time ensuring the current owners of the land have money to invest rather than just sell out
02/06/14 01:25 PM
If Nats are to represent farmers then better start by dumping Truss and Cobb and the other free trade fools
10/09/13 10:54 AM
times up for farmers to keep voting Libs/Nats, free trade farce has already cost farmers too much. it is now clear the libs will destroy agriculture and truss will help them do it. Truss is nothing but a patsy and a fool
23/08/13 01:21 PM
Well done Mark, Its about time time that people start telling the truth, rather than polishing what agriculture has become to farmers after successive Failures of Gov't policy. All the productivity and efficiency gains modern larger farms have made over time has been eaten away by lower returns and rising costs, leaving nothing but debt for the farmers. Yes on the outside many who have no real understanding see large well run ag business's , but it is all funded with debt which is continually eroding the the farmers equity, this for many was built up over generations.
15/08/14 09:40 AM
This issue will highlight the Nationals ability to represent rural Australia or will show that they are a spent force pandering to the Liberals and big business
11/09/13 02:09 PM
Fiona covers many issues which farmers need addressed to survive and seems to have a good understanding of what needs to be done, she just needs to convince her own party, its leaders and the coalition of these points to get anywhere. I bet people like Fiona and Barnaby won't be let anywhere near the Ag portfolio if they make Government because it goes against their free trade farce that they continue to push.
20/08/13 09:54 PM


the greens have a AG policy that is much better then the national party,Given the Nats have SFA to actually help AG. The Nats record for actually supporting AG cant be any worse than the greens. The Nats have less influence with Libs then Greens had with Labour.
I fear Tony Abotts libs are going to hang farmers out to dry with a uncontrolled free trade farce. Not saying Greens are best for AG, but anyone that makes rural seats swinging seats will be better than being taken for granted by National party.
26/08/13 01:04 PM


Best description for AG is the Alcoholics dilemma
"Until you accept there is a problem, then you will never fix the problem"
The banks may have taken advantage of the situation, the farmers, like many others, may have listened to Gov't and advisers with the "get bigger or get out".
However that doesn't change the problem of falling terms of trade and the resultant farm debt issue. Increased productivity has been bailing the leaky boat of agriculture but the low hanging fruit of productivity has been picked and the debt curve shows this.
17/07/14 10:29 PM


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