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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

GM is currently demonstrating that it can't feed the world because it is failing to deliver WORTHWHILE YIELD BENEFITS and because PEOPLE DO NOT WANT IT.
Move on to new breeds of plants by conventional methods and adapting to the changing climate because we won't be changing it.
04/02/15 12:41 AM
Well, as I see it there is a large part of the population who want to pass all their responsibility on to "The Govt" so that they may whinge or receive a hand out from time to time.
We should be responsible for our own actions and learn by our mistakes. Sometimes at awful cost.
12/01/15 01:55 AM
Public opinion of a perceived " snout in the trough" mentality is a problem.
Farmers definitely do not fit that category. Many others around us do.
Time is the problem. Just as a farmer is recovering from the last drought he is hit with falling prices,flood, or more drought etc.
Of course farmers want to drought proof themselves-----but they have to go on making an income in the meantime.
Giving up and selling to the neighbour is not the answer.
There are too many blanket regulations on development which are fair enough in some places but not others. Bureaucracy at its best.
25/11/14 10:07 PM
This is a bloke who tells it like it is.
14/10/14 09:49 PM
Levies are an essential part of a civilised development, breeding, marketing organisation.
Why can't it be open and accountable for all to see and judge results?
Some people claim that we live in a democracy----is it too much to ask ?
Conversely , is big brother hiding something ?
02/10/14 04:56 AM
This bloke is right. Transparency is what is needed. Common sense says we need levies for the right reason, but accountability is needed----like we are all accountable for our actions.
02/10/14 04:14 AM
What concerns me is the recipients of some levies. The ivory tower air con. comfort as these people dream up new ways to keep their jobs and the money flowing for no useful purpose.
02/09/14 10:34 PM
Well I agree completely with Senator Leyonhjelm on this.
We should have been growing this stuff for the last 60 years or more.
If you Google the history you will learn a lot.
It does not require much chemical / fertilizer. Not much of an opportunity for " Big Brother " either.
22/07/14 10:55 PM
David you are like a bull in a china shop. Surely you are not defending the mess that is power generation/ supply/ retail that is Vic / SA ? I can't speak for other States.
08/06/14 10:35 PM
Yes it most certainly is time to tell the truth about organics. Forget the " feel good " natural feeling. Do yourself a favor and investigate the nutritional value of fast grown high input food.
Apart from overeating junk food, low nutrition fast grown food is largely responsible for poor health.
01/06/14 11:06 PM

Get Muddy

  High time for hemp 10 Comments 10
Keep plugging on folks.
This is the crop of the future.
The multi nationals stopped it's production after WW2.
Seek out the history.
10/09/13 02:47 AM

A matter of opinion

Re GM component of the article.
Everyone would do well to study the FACTS.
GM is but one small tool that unfortunately skews the performance of normal crops.
The next GM variety will contain a different gene the side effects of which will need exhaustive testing------more delay / cost.
Straight plant breeders are doing very well and producing varieties for an eager market. Minister Bignel is right---for now.
27/09/15 11:40 PM


Don't shoot from the hip Joel.
Everyone needs to cool off ,STOP playing politics and concentrate on the serious problem we are facing. DEBT.
16/09/15 11:01 PM
Well Eddie,Bushie,Raymond, Some say that sarcasm is the wit of a fool.
Time to slow down and let it happen with no malice.
But you must admit this is a great first step.
15/09/15 09:47 PM
Don't write the Nats off yet my friends.
Watch this space.
The problem with Australians is that they want a " popular" Govt.
Sometimes harsh decisions must be made to head off a looming disaster.
We Aussies seem more interested in gay marriage and warm and cosy---or head in the sand.
15/09/15 12:58 AM
Jock is bound to fail.
Why ?
Because he delivers a common sense message in this stupid world we live in.
Common sense and logic was discarded long ago in the rush for " What's in it for me ?"
24/08/15 10:52 PM
As others have written.
Level playing field ? What a joke.
Put in the most simplistic terms how can a farmer pay the regulation wage and compete with o'seas subsidised production that enjoys lower standards ?
It is a no brainer.
Also young folk up to 20 years of age need to be able to work for ANY wage just to gain experience. Thousands have in the past. I did.
And yes, too many executives with their snout in the trough.
19/08/15 11:55 PM
Has anyone considered making our food exports GM free ?
What I mean is offering the buyer something that has no cloud over it or multi national control.
14/08/15 02:58 AM
Jock Munro hits the nail square on the head.
21/07/15 12:37 AM
Well blind Freddy knew it was not going to work.
The list goes right back to Chicago ?
No point in recriminations .
It will take time to fix the ill feelings.
A good leader will draw ALL the growers together and direct their efforts to a more equitable system.
The smart Alex grain buyers need to be kept well out of the way with their false promises.
14/07/15 11:34 PM
Hey Kid ! It depends what it costs. We were heading down a one way road. At least it is now a measured approach. Don't panic. We are in safe hands.
10/05/15 11:09 PM
This will lead to their demise as it has so often to others in the past.
21/04/15 10:39 PM


What a pity this was politicised.
Big bully boy brother is having his way.
My same old question--"what about the escapes"?
18/11/15 09:30 PM
If a plant could be produced that was frost tolerant as we were promised by the GM brigade it" would be one giant step for mankind".
However it would need to be for the masses and not controlled by big business but funded by Govt.-we the people. That would be a tax that I would be happy to pay ! Come on CSIRO !
09/11/15 11:23 PM
Those who do not know the history would do well to learn what Monsanto did to this industry just as WW2 was ending.
It makes for interesting reading and certainly not to help farmers.
23/10/15 09:26 AM
Ho hum. Why am I not surprised?
This is not news. This sort of thing is happening every day. People will go to any lengths to push their cause. Most of it is legal so they get away with it. The bottom line is that it does not change the facts.
13/10/15 10:04 PM
Boris let me explain.
With the current situation you are able to let escaping pollen from your crop fertilise my crop and thus spoil my sale. Not only that, but you can also sue me because my crop now contains genes owned by you.
It is quite ridiculous.
Currently if by my careless action my poorly bred rams impregnate your stud ewes you can sue me.---and rightly so.
Now do you understand ?
On another level I am not prepared to capitulate to big brother telling me what I can do-----AND pay him for the privilege.
All the above has nothing to do with health. Separate issue.
07/10/15 09:43 PM
What a mess trying to sort out a situation that should not have happened in the first place.
If some industry leaders / politicians had got together early on this would have been resolved at low cost. Now there are no winners-----except to the legal profession.
06/10/15 10:31 PM
GRDC produces lots of shiny expensive paper with often questionable information like pointing out that if you leave shorter stubble behind the header it is necessary to travel slower-----REALLY !
30/09/15 10:30 PM
You are bound to fail Jock.
Why ?
You talk common sense.
Something sadly lacking in todays divisive climate.
The wimps haven't got the intestinal fortitude to follow your lead.
17/11/15 11:09 PM
In the days of the single desk the grain was pooled. No forced sales. A fair go for all.
Especially for those starting out. I was one of them and could not even think of starting with todays system.
23/10/15 09:32 AM
What a pity that the GM brigade didn't come up with frost tolerant crops.
I've been told they put a salmon gene in tomatoes to combat cold.
Perhaps it's too expensive.
Or perhaps no one will buy it.
Germany seems to have changed direction on GM.
04/10/15 10:22 PM


Please keep talking Mr Shorten, because for as long as you do we are more likely to have some semblance of govt. and not the chaos we had with your lot.
27/09/15 11:12 PM
Who gives a stuff ?What has it cost us in $'s ? NOTHING !
Move on to REAL problems besetting the nation.
30/01/15 05:48 AM
Well I'm no statesman and it's easy to be wise with 20/ 20 rear vision but it seems to me that the previous lot threw money at the wrong target.
If we had invested in-updated infrastructure and better roads / ports we would have a much better situation. Yes, it's easy to lay blame but you can't do much while servicing a huge debt.
26/10/14 11:37 PM
We are all controlled by rules / regulations to protect our neighbours So why shouldn't I be forced to keep my products within my boundaries ? [read the fences act ] It gets worse. These rednecks want me charged if I market their escapes that appear on my side of the fence. Sounds like anarchy to me.
If GM was aimed industrially to lubricating oil we just MAY make some progress. PROVIDING IT WAS IN THE HANDS OF SOMEONE WE COULD TRUST !
17/03/14 10:00 PM
Wow! They build them tough in the Australian bush !
Let's hope / pray it turns out OK !
03/10/13 11:58 PM
We are still being controlled by the " faceless back room club "
Just a different monkey up front.
26/06/13 11:53 PM


Hi Lulu. Love the name-very fitting.
Why would a farmer want unhappy birds / animals ?
You need to realize that only happy well fed stock produce economically .Otherwise everything starves---you included. .
04/07/13 02:06 AM


The last thing I want is to put these blokes down as they are
" having a go ". Yes ,it is ancient technology and if maintained properly and consistent fuel type is used it works fine.
HOWEVER this is the tip of the iceberg. Try generating more power say 100 / 200 Kw for sale and see the results.
The bureaucracy will stop you in your tracks. It is a minefield to negotiate. I have been told that black coal power sells for as low as 3 to 4 cents/Kwh. The "extra" charges all being manipulated to cover " private enterprise " resale / distribution / maintenance enterprises.
28/10/13 11:24 PM
why isn't the roll bar mandatory?
30/05/13 11:09 PM
Great result but be careful.
This is where the revolution started all those years ago----------soil structure.
All things in moderation-----and I mean ALL!
06/05/13 11:10 PM


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