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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Good thing about "ethics" is they can be ignored.. We do not see the urban people too concerned about the anti-suicide nets put in place in those chinese manufacturing meccas that create the mobile phones and tablets and such... The nets being designed to catch the suicidal employees.. Or there was no outcry when thousands in Bangladesh died when that building collapsed that housed a textile manufacturing facility that produced cheap clothing for the western world.. No pressure on the government to ban imports from said countries.. Says something about the ethics of people..
12/11/14 03:53 AM
I wonder if he believes the science into man made global warming... I guess if he disbelieves the science into GMO's then by extension he must also disbelieves the science into AGW.
08/04/14 12:48 AM
Australia's problem is simply we are on easy street and it is so easy to divide and conquer...
The old saying "first they came for xxx, but I was not xxx so i did not speak up" rings true...
21/10/13 06:36 AM
I guess Coles $1 a litre milk decision made all dairy cows Australia wide rejoice.
I can just see someone on a podium stating "No Australian dairy cow was harmed by our $1 a litre milk drive"
And who owns Coles, and what does wesfarmers stand for?
10/06/13 01:29 AM

Get Muddy

Jacky has it right, it is all about perception.
Coles markets beef as HGP free, even though there is no evidence HGP beef is unhealthy.
McDonald's markets an angus burger, even though there is no evidence Angus beef is tastier then say Brahman beef..
Competitors to Queensland beef would happily use BJD disease as an edge to sell their beef.. It makes no difference to the truth, the truth always plays second fiddle to perception...
10/02/15 04:55 AM

A matter of opinion

I fail to see what the big deal is...
We happily and gleefully exploit people in other countries to make us our trinkets we rely on to keep us all happy and entertained. I have not heard anyone demanding those making iphones get every benefit an Australian worker gets and a minimum of $17 an hour..
All we are doing is showing how hypocritical we are as a nation. OK for us to exploit people in other countries. Not ok to exploit people here.
31/05/15 06:11 AM
The National Vendor Decleration LPA system is also totally voluntary...
Now can someone point out to me a meatworks or saleyards that will accept cattle that do not come with a NVD..
All it would take if for
08/05/14 12:02 AM
Isn't LPA also voluntary?
Now point out to me any saleyards or meatworks that will accept cattle that do not come with a LPA... Meat-safety-and-traceability/Live stock-Production-Assurance/On-far m-practices
"LPA is a voluntary industry program"
Yes it is voluntary, but mandatory at the same time..
10/04/14 04:13 AM

Bush Matters

People went overboard buying land and struck hard times...
Bad luck for them... Sell them off so younger people can have a go... i have little sympathy for those that spent up big on land and have gone broke.. It opens up more opportunities for others...
22/08/14 04:17 AM


I am always amused by the "if you have nothing to hide you should allow it"
I could use the same argument to put cameras in every person's house... To make saving a person's internet travels mandatory and viewable by anyone..
I mean you all have nothing to hide right? Surely making sure no child sexual abuse is going on is important... Not that I think anyone is doing that, but we need to make sure you are doing the right thing.. Nothing to hide remember..
What is that you all say? It is different... Of course it is when it involves you..
31/12/14 08:28 AM
Calling the diesel fuel rebate a subsidy is like calling the no GST on fresh food a subsidy as well...
There is no fuel tax on diesel fuel not used on public roads, as the fuel tax is for road maintenance, not general revenue..
Raise income taxes and lower welfare if the government wants to make more money..
30/04/14 05:30 AM
I cannot see anything wrong with.. There are endless stories of beef properties in Qld running with no staff whereas previously staff were employed as no one can afford staff any longer with the prices paid for cattle.
Australians are too expensive to employ... Remove the protectionism of labour and perhaps that will promote competition in the labor marketplace... The same competition everyone cheers on, when it reduces the prices of consumer goods.
15/04/14 05:33 PM
How many graziers exacerbate their "drought" problem by spending up big for land, then overstocking to try to meet the repayments... Then when an inevitable dry period comes, cry to the government for a free handout.
Then the government comes running with free money, keeping the unsustainable land prices up there and starting the cycle again...
24/02/14 03:40 AM
If the age of entitlement is over, does that mean the age of protectionism is over as well...
So I can bring in cheap overseas labour so I can compete with third world countries? After all something stopping me from doing so is protectionism...
Or if I wanted to say offer financial advice to someone... Nope cannot do that, that industry is protected... Same with the law industry, protected again.. Electrician industry again protected...
So much hidden protectionism in Australia, that increases costs and reduces the ability to be competitive on the world stage...
04/02/14 03:58 AM
Indonesia buying land does not increase food security, it will still be bound by all Australian laws... Any exports to indonesia will still require export permits that the government can revoke at any time...
25/09/13 12:42 AM
I am more disturbed by katter supporting rudd.
Katter supporting the party that has decimated his electorate..
27/06/13 05:13 AM
If more farmers went broke, then it would lead to greater opportunities for other farmers to buy them out..
How many young people today can buy a farm and make a go of it compared to yesteryear? No they cannot because they cannot afford to even buy the land in the first place..
Let the ones that paid stupid prices for land go broke I say.
Makes greater opportunities for other farmers...
30/04/13 10:29 PM
Perhaps the government should look at the third class solution it is giving rural areas...Giving those premises in rural towns that today have ADSL2+ under the NBN go backwards by getting satellite, with the unmitigatable high latency that makes so many thinks hard and many times impossible to do.
The NBN is really only for the urban areas..
04/12/12 03:38 AM
Rural Australia is getting satellite under the NBN...
The most third rate connection you can get..
Towns with ADSL2+ are getting satellite as well, a fair step backwards...
All this is because satellites suffer from a thing called latency... And while a round trip of 1/2 a second might not sound much in the world of computers it is a huge amount and simply a lot of things do not work well with such a large latency...
The government or NBN never mention latency, they only ever mention speed, but speed is but one bit player on connection quality...
29/10/12 12:05 AM


I doubt many farmers would be in favour of less coal if they knew all the ramifications it brings. I like my electricity and in no way want to go back to the 1970's with a piddly small power supply that was flat out to run an iron for ironing clothes.. That is what most people in favour of solar power fail to understand... How much electricity the modern lifestyle actually uses, not just the house but the shopping centers they shop at and the hospitals they use.. A hospital on renewable electricity would be scary to go to, the sun goes behind a cloud just as they are operating on a patient..
20/07/15 05:42 AM
Always surprised me they do not build wind farms in cities... They could put them on top of buildings... I guess they would be an eyesore and some would say they create problems..
19/06/15 09:43 PM
Federal government will not fund any more 3G or soon to be 4G upgrades because it will compete against their beloved satellite NBN.
10/07/13 09:59 PM
Of course we no one is actually going to abide by any stupid laws. it is not like they can actually enforce them... Oh wait that is what those animal lib drones are for...
I wonder what excessive use of dogs will be.... More then one bite per minute maybe? What about wild dogs, I guess they will have to abide by these rules as well..
03/04/13 04:59 AM
Will, the government could always pay the landholder to protect the environment the way society wants it protected.
Why should societies expectations be paid for by the landholder alone? Is that not just a bit unfair?
05/03/15 01:06 AM
Years ago to make a widget it might have taken four people...
These days to make the same widget it takes one person, then another three people to make sure that one person making the widget is going it safely, it not stressed, that the act of making the widget does not harm the endangered pink spotted whale etc etc etc..
I doubt overall we are really that more productive then we used to be.. We have a lot more hanger on's then we used to have..
01/12/14 02:44 AM
Well, we could always vote Kate Jones and labor back in and get some new extremely strict vegetation laws and some new very restrictive farming laws for any agricultural property located in any catchment area that flows into the Great Barrier Reef..
Your choice... Sometimes some have to take a hit for the benefit of the majority.. We have to deal with mining companies for decades, you never had many rights over what a mining company can do on your property..
You do not actually own your land, you never have Dunno why people think they do...
03/10/14 01:52 AM


Farming animals by it's very nature is unsettling to those unaccustomed to the realities of life due to their unnatural urban lifestyle.
Does bad stuff happen.. Of course it does, how does this "bad stuff" compare to what happens in nature? Usually it is pretty insignificant. Those against animal farming, should have a think about how many animals die horrible deaths to bring us our grains and vegetables. Feral pigs shot and poisoned and stabbed for example.
I guess we do not talk about that.
11/09/14 05:18 AM
Quite true Jen, It is the same reason why we manufacture nothing here.. And beef processing is just another manufacturing process that due to our high costs is a dinosaur industry ready to move off shore.
Also notice wilkie only goes after soft targets, he does not for example say we should not import goods made by people that are treated like slaves in countries like China or Bangladesh. Where people are killed and maimed on a daily basis due to unsafe work practices that would be illegal in Australia. Imagine the outrage if we banned imports from China for humanitarian reasons..
03/09/14 11:01 PM
Do we demand and put inspectors into piggeries in other countries that we import pork products from?
If not, why not?
24/08/14 10:28 PM
So what defines "animal cruelty".
Of course "society" defines cruelty, and I imagine every animal grower in Australia would be guilty of some modern version of what is defined as "animal cruelty"
It is a bit like workplace OHS, society wanted it tightened, industry obliged by moving production off shore to circumvent such laws.... People still bought the same products but now made by workers working in conditions that would be illegal here..
There is no way any animal grower in Australia could comply every second of every day with modern society's expectations of animal welfare laws.
29/07/14 04:55 AM
For those defending the actions and saying if you have nothing to hide, then allows cameras in.. Can we put cameras in your house to make sure no sexual abuse of children is occurring on your premises.... Not accusing anyone of doing anything, but we know some do illegal acts, so to catch them we must monitor everyone. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. If you object maybe you do have something to hide... What other explanation can there be?
Oh it is a bit different when it involves you isn't it?
12/06/13 11:42 PM


It is not like these proposed "laws' are actually going to be followed on farm.. Who here can see the police rushing onto a rural property and booking a person for not wearing a helmet.. This is a typical response from an urban centric country.
21/09/15 11:41 PM
If this about genuine concern for safety or is it about protecting markup's?
In any case if you employ no one none of your equipment has to comply with any OHS rules and I am sure customs re not going to be concerned about things like roll bars as they can be fitted at a later stage...
Sounds like the safety issue is a red herring...
10/08/12 09:47 PM


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