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The inane idea that a 6mm net is a better restraint than a sheep-shanked half inch rope just demonstrates the ineptness of the desk bound rule designers who apparently can't tie a knot, or are incapable of being taught. After 48 years of holding a truck licence and securing loads with ropes, pardon me if take offence at some twerp telling me I don't know what I'm doing. There is a relatively simple formula for working out the safe working load of a rope, which every rigger and crane driver must be able to apply, apparently unheard of by the intellectuals in the law drafting business.
14/06/15 09:35 PM
At first glance it seems like a good idea, but then, of course, it dawns on the dull mind that Resource Companies would be the major beneficiaries. Their activities on the land, and treatment of the actual owners of the land has, to date, left much to be desired. Coupled with the recent legislation pushed through Qld parliament at 2 minutes to midnight, designed to lessen the rights of the landowner regarding access and impost, this could well prove to be just another boon for the legal profession, and leave those concerned for the survival of their rural business' water supply wanting.
14/10/14 08:24 PM


Let them "withdraw". They are unelected, unrepresentative and have no more standing than any other club or group. They might as well be the CWA or Scouts or the local Cricket Team for all the influence they should be allowed to exert. They are less useful than the aforementioned groups which seek to build, not destroy ; to contribute , not to take; to produce, not to restrict. All funding from the public purse should be withdrawn from these activists and they need to get a job..... ringbarking perhaps?
19/02/16 09:22 PM
The problem is ......LAWYERS...over 60% of our Parliamentarians are one!!!! Of course we are over regulated when you keep electing a class of self serving , avaricious, stuck up , self aggrandising, pseudo intellectuals to govern us.. and that's the good ones.
28/01/16 08:57 PM
Are you serious? Thousands "happy with" the uninvited imposition on THEIR land in THEIR place of business, effectively rendered impotent in the face of threats from high paid industry lawyers and the horror of being legislated into criminal status by the LNP if they should have any qualms, or the temerity to oppose.
Sorry Steve , you are so far off the mark that you are a danger to any one else on the firing range.
27/02/15 02:14 AM
Only those who have no understanding of stock or native and feral wildlife raised objections to the tough stance Barnaby adopted .He was right then, and it is to be hoped that a substantial fine is issued to the miscreants who chose to defy quarantine requirements.
18/12/15 09:26 AM
Tim obviously doesn't depend on ground water for his daily survival and personal hygiene.... hardly a "nonsensical and absurd" issue..... but he is right in respect of laws concerning property rights. I wonder how many city based business/property owners would be excited by the prospect of another business moving on to their premises and taking over a portion of the floor space to set up and run its own profitable enterprise, with minimal , if any, compensation. And any agreement reached is subject to "confidentiality" clauses so as pressure can be exerted on the next to suffer the same fate.
24/07/15 10:27 PM


All the crap the experts ply us with and one old cow beats the odds.. ain't nature wonderfully unpredictable ?
30/07/15 07:53 AM


More bureaucratic interference . Or is it just a case of justifying the funding ? There's an awful lot of quads in service in Australia, and a very high proportion of those in daily use. How the hell can any supposed intellectual make a statement like “In the majority of cases quad bikes are not fit for purpose for the tasks required by farmers.".. Do you really suppose that the farmers are so bloody stupid that they are going to spend upward of 15 grand on a machine that is not suited ? Really?
22/09/15 03:05 AM


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