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Well said Maria.
23/09/15 04:26 AM
As an irrigation consultant? From what I've seen in my time, that would tell me you probably don't, at least what is required for the ecological health of the lower parts of the basin anyway.
My 40 years of living and working on the lower Murray as well as presently on a MDB icon site says I do.
03/02/14 01:29 AM
Pretty obvious you don't know how it works OIE.
29/01/14 04:53 AM
Most of the old school sprayers I have known have died of cancer.
Why are we always a decade behind when it comes to banning dangerous chemicals?
23/07/13 01:50 AM
I love seeing flat earthers getting schooled. Makes my day.
04/01/13 11:56 PM
Safe bet that it would be somewhere in Queensland.
12/11/12 01:38 AM
10 year drought?? It was a lot longer than that down here Mott. Direct result of over extraction.
09/11/12 02:59 AM
There's 600km of river between the SA border and the Coorong to take into consideration you clown.
02/11/12 03:31 AM
No need to call me a clown just because you are unable to answer my questions.
16/10/12 05:11 AM
Jeez, I must be losing the plot then. The things I see everyday aren't actually real according to a bloke sitting behind a keyboard a couple of thousand K's away.
Tell me how you would
1. fund the pumping and associated earth works associated with environmental watering hundreds of wetlands year after year and
2. then deal with the resulting high salinity and low dissolved oxygen levels from that water re entering the system, considering the cumulative effects on downstream users when e-watering on such a broad scale?
11/10/12 08:27 PM


There is undeniably a connection, old crow.
03/02/15 01:59 AM
And what would they know anyway, they are only scientists.
27/11/14 03:16 AM
Yes Superbarry, a state system that is over allocated.
31/01/11 12:35 PM


Not big on science Rob?
21/05/15 02:59 AM
Well said.
13/05/15 03:40 AM
How's it feel Mick, to know little children have got more idea about what's going on with our climate than you!
27/01/15 11:34 PM
Yeah lets just scrap the ABC.
If 95% of the population are being entertained nightly watching the likes of Big Brother, Beauty and the Geek etc, why not just dumb us down some more.
A nation of uneducated, brain dead morons.
01/12/14 04:12 AM
Baits being left out and going sub lethal is a massive problem IMO.
Once a dog gets crook from a sub lethal 1080 bait, it will never touch one again.
25/09/14 03:10 AM
True to form you sign off with an insult.
I've read nothing but insults and rudeness from you for months FB, but zero actual evidence to support your claims.
Here's a tip. Hows about using the overwhelming scientific opinion to decide if your on the right side of the argument, not how rude or insulting a particular person may be!
07/08/14 02:24 AM
Your flogging a dead horse Nico.You cant teach a God fearing, back country hick new tricks.
05/08/14 02:01 AM
Albert Einstein for a screen name!! Love the irony.
24/06/14 02:41 AM
Well, who do you believe?
The overwhelming scientific majority?
Leaders in UK, US and China?
Or a few god fearing, back country hicks?
17/06/14 11:21 PM
The idiots are taking over.
02/06/14 03:24 AM


Well said Dunzo and co.
I agree.
05/09/12 12:07 AM


BB, by building that monstrocity in the first place shows we are plenty dumb enough.
05/09/12 12:17 AM
The South Australian and Federal governments should buy it and return the water to the system. Another 200 million has just been promised to revive the lower Murray which will be more money down the drain unless there is some water clawed back from the water hoarders to allow high flow events to reach the bottom of the catchement every five years or so. Without these flows, the bottom third of the system and the livelihoods of those that rely on it are screwed.
04/06/10 09:03 AM
Great news indeed! Let's hope this is just the start and we can begin to rectify some of the damage done to our river system by flood harvesting.
11/09/08 12:32 AM


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