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04/10/15 08:40 AM

Out of the shadow

Fitzgibbon's central argument is that people living in regional cities are too stupid and our communities too ordinary for anyone from Canberra with a uni degree to want to move to. What a pathetic nonsensical argument and what's more appalling is the support this bloke is getting from so called 'farm leaders' who refuse to back their own communities. The fact that GRDC just signed a 10 year lease for $1.28 million pa in a depressed Canberra office market should have these so called farm leaders asking who the smart ones are. One doesn't need a Phd to work out the answer to that question!
31/05/15 11:15 PM


So the ACF talk about 'industrial agriculture'. What is that. An insult? The same thing could be said about mobs like the ACF who turn over millions of dollars a year and are nothing more than a 'big' 'soulless' 'corporate' lobby outfit with no skin in the game
23/10/15 06:16 AM
@maria really! your comment that "the environmental water belongs to the environment people" makes no sense? It actually belongs to the Australian people who paid for it - the burden of the basin plan should not fall unfairly on the communities in the Basin
23/09/15 02:32 AM
Glen Sterle has no credibility on this issue. The opposition to CHFTA being talked up by the ALP and the Greens is a protection racket being run by these mobs to divert attention from the stench seeping out the Royal Commission. The CFMEU has not covered itself in glory at the Royal Commission which has already seen charges laid against its operatives. As for Chinese labor, it won't be the first time it's been used to build great industries in this country - following on from the Gold rushes cheap Chinese labour built western NSW either by putting in watering points and clearing country.
30/08/15 11:20 PM
Dear Barnaby, I hear you have a problem with staff wanting more money than you've got. Here's a solution to your problems. Declare the public service to be in an Exceptional Circumstances drought. They then get to pay the government for the privilege of using key inputs like computers and phones (Full cost recovery just like water that's never delivered but has to be paid for). The Government can then come in & be a hero in the media & be all like sharing and caring & give them the dole, a health card, emotional support & a few 'mateship' bbqs to keep morale high through this difficult time
23/03/15 11:02 PM


Regional towns need long term well paying jobs which will 'drought proof' their economies and bring skilled people into the community. Yet when we have that opportunity to do just that we have the moron fringe screaming blue murder ... Barnaby bugger em if they don't want to help themselves or their communities then put the joint in India it'll be cheaper and the quality of research probably won't suffer that much ... seriously disgusted with so-called regional Members of Parliament and lobby groups who are opposed to decentralisation. What a mob of clowns.
01/05/15 12:53 AM
People will always agree or disagree with the 'science'. For example the Greens and their green NGOs supporters are adamant that anyone who disagrees with climate change theories is a heathen, yet some Greens and NGO's like Greenpeace advocate destroying GMO research trials such as the ones carried out by CSIRO in Canberra. The rank hypocrisy surrounding what constitutes science which is 'settled' and that which isn't makes it confusing for mere mortals like me!
26/03/15 10:46 PM


Seriously Joel is upset because there isn't much of Labor Food Plan in the White paper - Labor's food plan was a joke - the most innovative thing it could come up with was funding for farmers markets in key seats on the NSW North Coast and it took five years to come up with. The failure by the Labor Party to implement any of the Beale Review recommendations beyond the full cost recovery from industry of quarantine roles previously funded 60/40 was a disgrace.
Given Joel still has the hots for plans he should be able to write his Ag Policy over xmas and release it on New Years Eve.
20/12/15 11:30 PM
It's time farmers took drones & cameras to where Mr Pearson and his cronies live and work & started filming everything they do and a webpage should be dedicated to showing the footage. If perchance the farmers feel that something that they don't agree with is happening surely the same lame laws should apply to them & they should be allowed to 'trespass' around his home, backyard & place of work. Everyone who comes & goes from his home & offices should be named & shamed because they may be planning illegal actions. Using Mr Pearson's logic the farmers would be applauded by the community
06/05/15 02:16 AM
Mr Downie floods, fires and droughts are going to occur anyway - to pretend that they are going to go away and or not happen is pointless. The question that needs to be answered is how we can implement pollution reduction measures without bankrupting the country
10/12/15 01:47 AM
This decision by the NFF not to back their communities is a sad reflection of just how low this once proud country centric organisation has sunk. The NFF are now so captured by the Canberra bureaucracy they are actively pushing the benefits of living and working in Canberra above there own. One hopes they don't think they can treat their communities with such contempt & be so arrogant as to expect their support next time they need it. Barnaby, please do what every government has done since the 80's & ignore the NFF & decentralise these jobs to the regional communities where they are wanted.
19/06/15 04:25 AM
There is still over $5.5 billion in the federal Budget allocated to removing water entitlements out of the MDB. This includes $1.77 billion for an addition 450,000 megs over and above the 2,750,000 megs being removed under the basin plan. The $1.77 billion should be immediately reallocated to town and country water and sewerage schemes to secure town water supplies across MDB. Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide spent billion of $$$ on desal plants but for towns like Nyngan, Cobar, Bourke, Broken Hill, Wilcannia are still waiting for Govts to deliver a secure local water supply.
14/05/15 12:26 AM
The real story here is abject failure of State and Federal Governments to secure towns water supplies. As soon as the last drought broke water town water security was put on the back burner and governments wasted billions of $ removing water from productive use and spent nothing on securing communities water supplies for the next drought. So all those towns reliant on Darling which historically stops flowing on a regular basis are still without secure supplies. Instead of whining about QLD Mr Baird should open the states wallet and fix once and for all town water supplies in western NSW. 1/2
14/05/15 12:20 AM


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