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A matter of opinion

Because Australia needs another pile of grain or fibre that no one wants. Get real with a trend that does not involve keeping up with the lastest tech-knowledge know it all.
Lainey, Who's if any vote are the National's chasing by giving back TAXPAYERS funded water allications to licence holders/stakeholders for free including foreign investors, HOW does this help farmers and why should people waste energy or be supportive of farmers digging their own grave.

Out of the shadow

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Really you two. Are you having a lend? First go to the senate inquiry on the Murray Darling Basin. Tell me what a bunch of farmers are doing wanting to give water to foreign investors by way of themselfs. Way to much straw for these people. Give me a cheque book and I recon I could be as handy as the Nationals, with my business. You are all on something funny.


Senator, pick up a hand shovel and lead off with that. Fact dairy farm stocking numbers per acre and water use is the only manageable solution to this issue. Giving water away to foriegn investors is the National party drum this will not help local farmers, this may be the crisis scream for help. While you have good intentions all this talk is rubbing the stuff that comes out the back side in the growers faces, as it is only talk, not a plan in action.
The problem remains the same, get a solution that does not involve giving water to foreign investors. What will help local farmers? Be productive and useful in the long term rather than the total liablity they are now? Debt ridden farmers have been relieved with water buy backs. What now?
When the National party gives away the water reguargless what will it do for farmers? Buying the water helped bank over load concerning debt. A better answer than giving foriegn investors a leg up with free or extra water in the market is expected. Get real.
Mary hopefully they wont give to much water away to the foreign investors, which I'm fairly certain is not any innovation or foresight.
So many self confesed, proclaimed,ministers, farmers and company experts on MDB water ways ditches channels and flows. Is that a smerk secretary.
What a surprising turn of events from regional senate voters. These vague water directions, for this development, only confirm the political main stream grab for cash assoicated it.
The vast amount of vines left unattended to grow bio problems with cotton taking over the food bowl tight knit comunities ravaged by ice. IS this the right INQUIRY on the right subjects?
Hopefully the senate will find a way to outlaw the NFF's social unrest policy makers and their members.
If its politics in the basin, any sentate submission would need to go back to before, lobbying by those for permeant planting licences changes, from low to high security water holdings for a full picture of towns in the Murray Darling Basin, as these influences are well documented.
Senator I dont think this inquiry could handle the complex net work (farm groups) lobbying over the years and previous senate inquiries, never mind the veiws published by this group and others for those concerned. No friends in politics.


Give away all the assets to foriegn investors in exchange for jobs, sounds like a plan. What is the alternative plan? Labor? Shufflers of the remaining deck after the cards are dealt.
Such respect between party constituents.
The farmer with the pitch fork in the lobby?
The gloves are off, the bell has rung, the flood gate have opened, Turn bull is in and the punters argue the fight.
"Hopefully we can take a look at the issues and get good outcomes"
No one likes change.
Now that MDBA has the ablity to lift the water table and salt on authority, what this should be is the refinement of the Murray Darling Basin development. Is that not the point of it from the start? Rivers damed channels contructed weirs over flows trees moved wood up rooted permeant planting and finaly leveling for cost saving in may areas. The development needs to move forward to avoid being hypocritical to the people whom participate. Get over the dog understands maybe the master should to.
And how long can the use of parliment fool the public on the practises of over grazed sprayed and ploughed to extinction paddocks. What do they call that?
Its not force selling of water rights.
Over grazed and over stocked, the great pastures of the past plough and sprayed to extinction.
Passing bills on to the next ACT in the pipe line, whos the winner?


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