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David running around at night , covert like, with the SWAt or Mission Impossible themes in their heads is so much more HARD-CORE.It might be just too pedestrian for the zealots to be invited through the front door.And who could stand the sermonizing ? Govegan as the average working person needs sleep & the unemployable don't not surprised they got away on foot.Have they got a good supply of getaway cars? Is it all farmers doing wrong because your some sort of voodoo nutter who can look into the hearts men & see what darkness dwells there?
11/11/13 04:49 AM
Wow Jacinta you must of been full of draught when you punched out that one.
21/05/13 02:20 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Challenge them & their bullshit at every step . Don't bother doing it in a dusty law court that takes years . They need instantaneous smack downs like what happened on The Project . Play the media game , embarrass the personalties used by Peta like what happened with Pink .The personalities won't stand up to scrutiny in the reason & facts game .
23/04/15 05:26 AM
Bill, most industries at their core are inherently the same as a 100 years ago. Banking is still about making money through the lending of capital. Politicians still lie, teachers still convey learning. Coppers still lock up the bad dudes. Soldiers still have to take the high ground & the same rifles are still in use around the world.
Doctors still heal the sick. farmers feed the hungry, but if you think the huge articulated computer operating machines of today are the same as a horse team in 1914 you need to go back under your bridge.
18/12/14 12:48 PM
Yes, David you can't eat wool but you certainly can eat what it grows on, sheep are dual purpose. The new owners making a better fist of it is no sure thing. Often those properties tend to be rolling ones, once in motion those blocks just keep falling over. Be it tree farms or MIS schemes, deer farms, jojoba. As for the single crop option, changing horses mid stride can leave you belly up. If you keep chasing markets you often never catch them.
16/10/14 04:42 AM
Bill how rational is his gun love ?
07/08/14 11:59 PM
So in the dark the greenies want me to tell them apart from some one poaching my marron & helping themselves to my fuel from some on a covert mission & stealing fuel because iam a long way from town.Can't tell your intentions in the dark, have to assume all are nefarious .Try knocking on a door or phoning & be polite & check your your attitude at the gate or you can flock off .
24/06/14 12:58 AM
@Holy moley a lot of Poles died from eating organic sprouts & you can get crook from eating old spuds regardless of their origin .What is anti -capitalistic is when your neighbour dictates what crops you may grow & the method of harvest you may use .
02/06/14 09:17 AM
Can i get a Chinese shearing team working for their money ?So if O.S protection is a subsidy to us who is our protective wage structure subsidizing ? It will be 18 years before that unfair trade deal is helping the beef sector .While most of these deals are better then nothing or the status quo don't piss on me & tell me it's raining .Q lander , form a focus group & apply for funding before jumping from roof .Imported workers could no doubt do it cheaper .
16/04/14 07:21 AM
Just how big doe's one need to get ? W.A 's 2nd largest wheat grower went belly up & now its China town. Our largest dropped all his leases & sold a couple of farms & lots of gear .Any more amalgamation & rationalisation & they won't have work forces or communities in the W.A wheat belt .He wants 3 quarters gone , that would mean whole shires devoid of people .You tend to need people to actually be productive .
03/01/14 01:50 PM
Dicky, propping up failing business is standard fare in the world of capitalism. Shooting failures or driving tanks over them is the world of the socialist.
31/12/13 09:50 AM
How large should we all get Dave ? The 2nd largest wheat grower in W.A went belly up & now the Chinese own his place .The largest Big John dropped all his leases, sold some land & a whole heap of machinery. Linkletters place at Esperance covered with unsellable bluegums , 60 000 ha. The insurance company farms got out when wool crashed .You need a new routine David, everybody has done this one. Try how much of agriculture is viable at lower exchange rates.
31/12/13 12:19 AM

Get Muddy

AA is full of the meat is murder brigade .Zealots with megaphones , spare us please . It's worse then the god botherers .
30/12/13 11:41 PM

A matter of opinion

You are all children of summer, and winter is coming!
10/11/13 08:40 AM

Burrs under my saddle

I am from the W.A but i see the same things .Around Bunbury old paperbark wetlands are filled in for housing & the light industrial lands, wetlands drained .Complete removal of all plant life .If a farmer even by accident removes a christmas tree there is a $20 000 fine.Calm & now DEC are sueing people who have not done any thing (Manjimup case ) , just on suspicion .They are now more about lawyers then the great outdoors .
12/08/14 12:06 AM

Out of the shadow

To gain traction in rural areas you will need to lose some in metro areas with the capo set & chattering classes .You will need to keep well away from the green ratbaggery .As long as you have back bencher's who have more in-common with animal rights activists then the average joe , you got no show .
20/10/14 02:47 AM


At a $114 per tonne i feel like we have been bent over & abused .They went out of their way to encourage oats . Disappointing really dosnt quite embrace the rage , anger or disbelief .
01/03/17 06:54 AM
Another PM told us we had never had it so good , things went arse up for him .To quote former US President Eisenhower " farming is very easy from a thousand miles away " .
14/12/15 04:41 AM
Reading the title i was ready to join Rooster with the reins in the teeth twirling the Winchester 96 & to open up a can of woop-ass .But i actually agree with much of what he says , simplistic broad sweeping though it is .
15/11/15 10:28 PM
The hippies & enviro hipsters have more then enough bong water & colonic irrigation flows. Let the people who do, do. We can't all live on the north shore & quaff Evian.
15/09/15 11:41 PM
There are limits to productivity .Hard to be productive in a drought .You can't beat the fact that be it plant or animal we are dealing with the limits of biology.
30/08/15 10:38 PM
James these days "normal hours don't exist .Young person could find themselves stocking shelves at 2am or checkout chicking at 2.30 am .If they can handle cranky old women during the day & hungry crackheads at night go for it .Once again check out the un-employed numbers , can turning up your nose at start at full time work compete with the chest swelling , pride inducing , lines at the dole office ?
20/08/15 03:58 AM
How many un-employed are , plenty .How many un-employable or too posh to push cattle ?Better to be un-employed Michael ? Plenty of farmers doing it for a lot less then $25 .
19/08/15 10:56 AM
Maybe we can all hold hands as well but do it sustainably & move forward in a forward direction in a non violent, non carbon, non judgmental way. What a load of shite. These people should be made to listen to themselves on a endless loop. Its first world white elitist crap. The 2nd & 3rd world dont care unless its cheap, available, safe. The majority of the world market out there are not bambi landers.
12/08/15 02:49 AM
Rise & rise again till lambs become lions .
16/07/15 12:12 AM
Your in trouble if your seeing lights at the end of tunnels eg Wiley Coyote & any movie about the next life .
09/07/15 04:12 AM


How many times do they need to lose before they learn?
07/10/15 05:15 AM
The prof of plant & food science WTF .How about your good self ?
26/03/15 11:13 PM
The earth is not flat hippies .All that gm canola gets used .P.G.a picked the side of common sense not the side of irrational hissy fit .
18/08/14 11:55 PM
Where is it all going LTF, some one is using it , some one is using most of Canadas as well .They may not be shouting it from the roof tops or flailing us with moral superiority like the organic cultists , all getting used , no stockpiles in warehouses"s .
08/07/14 12:29 AM
Herbicide resistance was around before any GM turned up. go ask a Geraldton wheat grower. Nature fights back, doesn't stand still, most of the chemicals used on flystrike are no longer effective at original rates. Bob, how about a levy on those hippies for all the diseases & pests that migrate from their farms? The organic community is way too precious. Eight plants you could hand pick.
07/07/14 12:25 AM
He used what technology was available at the time .
02/04/14 11:41 PM
The Dining boom only exists in the world of the tv chef .Down -down prices don't lead to increased returns for growers.
06/12/13 12:10 AM
Bob, fat Australians eating less and wasting less won't feed the third world. Economics tell us producing food for people who can't buy it is not sustainable. The 3rd world must largely feed itself. When food is more important than guns or lines on maps or the religion or politics of who is trying to kill whom, then agriculture can flourish. While I dislike the notion of companies owning & licensing the technologies of GM, there is nothing stopping govts getting involved for common good. India could feed itself if the rats didn't eat nearly a third of the harvest.
04/07/12 12:04 PM
That storm went through most of the grain growing areas .You would battle to find a grower south Moora who won't have damaged grain.2010 the disaster ,there was no grain to buy back & swap .Just not that easy Boris .
21/10/14 11:28 PM
So $130 back to $65 is a good job zero tool .With record numbers of W.A farms up for sale its just not possible to sell because the Chinese are the only ones with the ready .No cotton here and if Big John can't make it no one can .
28/01/13 01:10 PM


Social licence & political support virtually the same thing .Can not have one without the other .The whole anti Vietnam war , case in point .
07/06/16 12:11 AM
That whole self sufficiency is about domestic politics . Their idea is to buy NT cattle stations , thats a claytons version of self sufficiency .As for those loans they went to growers mostly with less then 6 cows , like thats going to feed the country .Lee is just embarrassing herself .
07/06/16 12:05 AM
I support the war on terriers .
19/04/16 03:35 PM
When they start taking small children maybe these enviro idealist will be put back in their box .For cruelty free risk adverse Europe , how are they going to spin feeding 10 000 sheep alive to wolves .
17/03/16 11:20 PM
While the Hipsters love a good story the tracky dac wearers not so much .
02/02/16 11:45 PM
I am outraged that the ratbaggery is outraged. If my keyboard could give the middle finger they would get it.
13/01/16 03:37 AM
She took a month to answer & the crowd had left & she was swinging at clear air .We love bacon .
04/11/15 11:52 AM
Should be given a bloody medal for all those foxes & dogs. Luci-jet rocks.
25/08/15 02:35 AM
Iam a gun owner & user & enjoy my shooting , but the Americans are nutters .They all think they are John Wayne - Dirty Harry or gangsta .
13/07/15 01:18 AM
This is what happens when you kill cattle quicker then what the replacement rate is .The shortage will get worse if the east has a wet year .& a word to Glenn that meat if it came back (if the quarantine allowed )it would be cheaper not 3x expensive .Just like processing Tasmanian shellfish in Vietnam ,
23/02/16 11:43 AM


Farming is sexy? I must be doing it wrong .Currently back-lining covered in dust & diazanon ,not feeling the sexy. Maybe i need a $3000 SUIT & pointy toed brothel creepers .
07/11/15 11:51 PM
So they are aiming at bogans . Must be who ever thought of using crap has never spent any time with a thesaurus .
16/07/12 05:27 AM


Ian my neighbours who live on a large fenced creek & are ex city green types gave them a go & while they confused some younger foxes the older ones largely ignored them.Baiting & shooting much more effective .The foxes dined by torch light .
13/07/15 01:06 AM
How white & elitist of you Ruth, telling the third world what's good for them.
04/02/15 06:39 AM
The pasture always grows real good under any predator i shoot .
15/12/14 10:24 AM
Ive seen comment of activist wanting to blow up live export ships .Ive seen comment of a desire for activist to "pound the living s**t " out of people .That very large feedlot on the U.S west coast had 12 trucks fire bombed , truckies often sleep in cabs , that could of gone really sour .It only ever takes one to get silly with their new religion & their are already plenty silly with it .
12/07/14 12:14 AM
Why not ask for a tour instead of turning up in the night like crims. The hoodlums got off lightly if all they got was flat tyres. You greenies, do you understand the concept of private property, farms are not public open space. Amy, you are not right in the head girl. Okay for the hippies to break the law but not for land owners to protect their properties is it?
04/06/13 11:14 AM


How many people just died on our roads this holiday season? Some of them were children & old ladies .Maybe we should ban cars or roads or re-introduce that dude with the red flag .The nannies are rather myopic in their choice of where to kiddie proof the world , some one else is always to blame not the rider evidently .
04/01/13 07:08 AM
Unless your strapped to the bike by a seatbelt or harness like in a side by side atv, rollbars are pointless and potentially deadly.
Helmets while a great idea for the weekend hoon, are pointless riding drag behind sheep on dead flat ground at less then 5kph.
19/01/12 12:29 AM


With real estate people it all ways the best time to buy even when its not .Its certainly not a great time to stock a station & El droughts can go on for years .What then ?
31/05/15 11:41 PM
Pete it may be good news the the buyer of a bargain , but the whole state has just been devalued 50% .That makes arguments about equity redundant when most of it's removed .This could pressure a whole lot of people .
19/10/14 11:49 PM
Prices are whatever some one is prepared to pay no need for justification .The Chinese & Saudis are more then happy with what they perceive as value, otherwise their money would go elsewhere. Educated workforce, no sovereign risk, modern high capacity transport of goods & services and the least pollution of any agri economy. Bill's hatred of all things rural just overwhelm his ability for coherent economic thinking .
15/01/13 02:12 AM
Did you hear that at the club Bill , zero facts and just more abuse .
09/01/12 01:42 AM

Rural Lifestyle

Just a bunch of people having some good clean family & community fun & fellowship in a sport based on work skills. City people call getting drunk in the sun & abusing poms a sport. Not sure what that is based on.
02/01/14 12:13 PM
Going to need elephant juice, some peptides, & stimulants according to the Bombers.
03/11/13 10:04 PM


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NO ships with live animals should be leaving Australia. This industry is animal abuse and animal
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we are happy to have Aldi in katanning doing business with WAMCO we also wanted and in great
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This is a disgrace but what can you expect from a Liberal Government that insists on making
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