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Split CBH up and watch the big boys in the international grain trade move in and the growers who now think they are so much better than CBH will be torn to pieces when they find out how insignificant and small they are in the big scheme of things.
11/02/16 07:13 PM
Absolutely correct GFA. Rather than Law, the Food for Oil rules were merely a recommended code of conduct which the "bullying countries" with a vested interest in the Oil from Iraq, were trying to impose on various countries engaged in trade with Iraq. When one or more of those country's traders got out negotiated, they then tried to use these code of conduct suggestions as a means of getting the advantage over their competing commercial organisations.
When is Australia going to grow up and stop being sucked in by such trickery.
28/10/15 12:53 AM


For its very few faults, CBH still has the support of about 90%+ shareholders/growers.
The rest are selfish farmer/traders who have no idea how tiny they really are in the international scene and how the big boys would just love CBH to be wound up so they could eat you alive.
09/02/16 10:38 PM
I think you are right Prime Hard. I cannot see the best coop ever coming back with Single Desk either. But that does not mean it shouldn't. It simply means our nation has gone mad.
Actions to support CBH and to try and bring back co-ops to do what the AWB Single Desk did better than any other grain marketing and handling system in the world, prove that point.
01/02/16 08:47 PM
So what goes up also comes down in a deregulated market.
Hopefully growers have all done as the deregulators said and got themselves fully forward sold and hedged. However, had they forward hedged currency they would now be very out of pocket on that score compared with todays forex. So its a loss all round.
06/12/15 08:38 PM
Having a bit of trouble reading are we deregular? Have a look at paragraphs 5 and 7 and see how barley exports to (our once best two markets particularly for malting) barley China and Japan, went down substantially. We trust this newspaper long before your trader propaganda.
01/11/15 05:58 AM
As Indonesia is so close it has a natural freight advantage from Australia and Indonesia's population is fast outgrowing its arable area.. So no surprises there. It is interesting to note that barley exports are down on the past since deregulation of barley exporting!
28/10/15 10:53 PM
While you are wasting time looking for your concrete evidence Team Canada. The Aussie and Canadian foolish deregulators have now clearly lost market share and what difference does it make which pellet gets the duck when you are putting less pellets in the air and missing more ducks but your competitors' extra pellets are bringing down more ducks?
24/11/15 03:56 AM


Democracy is the only acceptable form of government. However that does not mean it is right on everything. It is up to our leaders to stand for morality and pay the consequences of their leadership mistakes. Will someone please tell us what homosexual marriage will do for the benefit of society. Remember, there is currently no legal discrimination against homosexuals in Australia and Australians are most accepting of them. No acceptance is entertained in Islamic countries.
01/02/16 10:12 PM
Jock, don't get me wrong. I am not promoting people to vote independent. I am just saying that The Nats need to take more of a tough line with the Libs and threaten to cross the floor more often. I am sure they are far more effective than the Independents but they are also far less effective than they could be, in my view and I am speaking as a supporter and insider. Have a look at what impact the WA Nats had on their State Libs when they laid it on the line to get huge allocations of funding for regional parts of that State. We have let the Libs get too comfy.
07/10/15 09:18 PM
I agree that the Nats in eastern Australia have become far too subservient to the Liberal Party. It is about time they split at least during times they are In Opposition. They need to hold up against the Libs more often on more issues like the Independents do in order to get more for their supporters. All they really need to guarantee the Libs is that they would always support Supply Bills.
As far as Bill Shorten and the ALP are concerned, that mob are the greatest natural enemies of the rural sector and small business behind their partners, The Greens.
07/10/15 09:24 AM


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