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Grain of Truth

"mutterings amongst the grower community " is a bit of an understatement , Gregor.
The people who have run GC since it's inception always had this kind of thing in mind, why pay so much out in dividends if you had the future growth of the company at heart. Taylor is now talking about contracting their network , as if that hadn't already been happening and as if ADM weren't going to do exactly the same thing. the reason GC has competition up country is because they don't give a stuff about growers. Now they'll have to work a bit harder
04/12/13 07:56 AM
yeah , good one Gregor, thanks for enlightening us with your valuable insight.
It's a pity you couldn't see any of this stuff coming when others among us were shouting it from the steps of parliament house.
Why don't you take this enlightenment to WA and educate the know-alls over there
09/10/12 09:51 PM
who's "We", Gregor?
08/08/12 08:37 AM
I'd like to know how "hirsch" has increased soil carbon from .2% to .8% (effectively 400% increase) in "a few years".
There was some work going on at the Condobolin Research station over about 25 years comparing different farming systems side by side (growing Wheat) and as far as I'm aware one of the most obvious statistics was that there was no increase in soil carbon at all in all of the systems trials.
Most cropping soils in Oz have low soil carbon levels and the trade off may be lowered Ph levels, so it's going to be an expensive exercise.
09/11/11 05:21 AM
come off the grass Gregor, monsanto particularly, is ONLY interested in GM varieties so there is no comparison.
Everything is about marketing in the grains job, that is the point you and many others have continually missed. There is no such environment to give breeders the incentive you talk about that doesn't involve marketing to differentiate the products from the commodities.
The royalties issues and nonperforming privately bred varietial lines we're all complaining about are symptoms of deregulation and loss of grower control of the industry.
12/09/11 04:45 AM
just what sort of "attractive environment for overseas investors" do you have in mind Gregor?
The private sector was supposed to step in with investment in storage and handling post deregulation but I don't see a lot of activity there. In fact , Growers are the ones putting up the money to built coop style sites and on farm storage.
The corporate sector only invests when there is an opportunity for a monopoly or other similar advantage such as GM.
08/09/11 08:05 AM
Unbelievable isn't it, we had the perfect setup until the public listing of AWB and now we've lost the lot and even the prawns that did most of the destroying are admitting what we were trying to tell them all along.
25/11/10 11:39 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

ah yes BB , the deadening hand of regulation and control etc etc, does the parable , in your case , extend to the labour market ? I myself would like to run the deadening hand of deregulation through the union movement, particularly the PSA, MUA and all the other surviving backwaters of socialism that have far too much to say.
02/03/15 10:17 PM
must be the leftover product from the cars we're no longer building, Newbroom.......
23/12/14 12:18 AM
not only that GFA, also our bloated and unaffordable overall social welfare net will bring us to insolvency if we stay on our current path. BB, I have noticed that there is very little local manufacturing of Ag machinery left , even the stayers are getting most of the work done off shore and shipped back for assembly, go and ask a local steel fabricator about the quality and source of the steel they are using , the evidence is everywhere BB ,all you have to do is look . BB you can hurl all the vitriolic claptrap around you like, whatever floats your boat, just proves what a plonker you are.
23/12/14 12:14 AM
lower wage growth would be more of an indicator of the performance of the industries that provide the employment. If wages are not the most significant component of production costs why is all our manufacturing going offshore? I know this is a pointless argument but if you consider all the input costs for most farm production , there is a labour component built into every aspect . for example, fertiliser has a significant labour component at every stage from mining the rock , manufacture and processing to retail sales with freight involved at every all involves labour.
22/12/14 12:08 AM
Content?.... thats a good one BB. Hows about you explain to us your theory of "slave labour" while tapping on your keyboard that was probably made in Asia somewhere in a large factory where everyone is on 18 hour shifts. That's the trouble with your ilk, you are too busy ruminating in your own muddy thinking to see the obvious.
18/12/14 10:26 PM
careful you don't choke on your own bile, BB
17/12/14 10:51 PM
sorry to be a nuisance, but to your question Jason, no not ever, but I don't think that it should be counted against anyone for actively participating in the politics of their industry. I do think the NSWFarmers Assoc has lost its way through lack of process. I've just located a book I could recommend called "Australia and the Asia game" by Michael Byrnes published in 2006. It goes through a few of the ways we have sold ourselves short over the last few decades. enlightenment through knowledge...
17/12/14 01:08 AM
Jason, I don't know much about the coal industry or why the "Griner(Greiner,actually) govt "scraped"(?) it". I do remember that the coal industry got a hiding right through the 60's and the 70's from the Japanese who were the biggest customer for pacific rim nations at the time, they played all their suppliers off against each other. good luck to them. I do remember the NSW Grains board and its predecessor , yep , they made some mistakes , but don't kid yourself about how good the malt job is now, I'd love to know how much malt grade barley is going out of the country as "feed".
17/12/14 12:51 AM
you really are a hypocrite BB, if deregulation is goodnuff for those of us competing in export markets, why shouldn't the labour market face the same "efficiencies"?
17/12/14 12:37 AM
do whatever you like hydatid, still doesn't alter the problem we've got of intergenerational serfdom if we don't find a way of creating future wealth without transferring everything offshore, hope you get a good price, you'll need it.
10/12/14 10:26 PM

A matter of opinion

yes Gregor, regarding the SD….that is what we were trying to tell people. we have thrown not only the baby, but every thing else in the bathroom out with the bathwater. Just what we have gained is questionable at best, oh sorry thats right now we have "choice"
20/03/14 06:51 AM
very well put Andrew. In my view GNC has been already exerting pressure on growers by limiting up country storage access with cliff face pricing and classification and receival standards working against growers as well. The reaction by growers is on farm storage or delivery direct to port, all adding to our costs.
It seems to me that the only solution to this is vertical integration of the supply chain and for growers to own it.
11/11/13 10:39 PM

Burrs under my saddle

you do a fair amount of huffing and puffing on this forum yourself, newbroom. Why, all of a sudden , is questioning the process and content of Trade policy Xenophobic?
04/08/15 06:43 AM

Out of the shadow

It'll be interesting next autumn Joel, after all the environmentall flows have drained the dams and the looming El Niño puts everyone back onto severe water restrictions, to see how settled the MDB plan really is
19/10/15 01:58 AM
You also signed off on the wholesale transfer of the grains industry to foreign ownership. Tenants in our own country that's where we're headed under either of the two major parties . By the way Joel, I don't know anyone that thinks your so called reform of statutory authorities has helped improve anything. Why don't you just go away
24/08/15 11:41 AM
You know what they say about people in glass houses Joel. I think that industry representation is reflecting the problems we have with Government in this country these days....too many competing opinions and no commitment or vision regarding long term policy. How else could it be when the players at the top ie federal gov and opposition spend all their time throwing hand grenades at each other?
26/07/15 10:14 PM
Well middleman, the thing is that refusing to acknowledge past failures is generally a recipe for repeating them in the future. I don't have much time for the Liberal party, which is what Joyce is up against but I think anyone who thinks that the ALP has any comprehension of good Ag policy is living in an ideological fairy land
14/07/15 08:07 AM
I agree with you John Carpenter entirely and in my opinion all the previous government did with its approach to the GFC was to telegraph to the masses that spending can be infinite
13/07/15 08:14 AM
you're a fine one to talk about "collateral damage " Joel, what do you call what happened when your mob shut the live Cattle export industry down? Why should we have concerns for the effect on the cloistered cosy tenured existence of the employees of these organisations if they are moved into the areas where the activities that provide the reason for their employment take place?
31/05/15 10:49 PM
I think joel has inadvertently hit on the problem that Barnaby is trying to address with this kind of decentralisation, and that is that all these bureaucracies are in Canberra as are the politicians most of the time and the only people they converse with is each other. Why shouldn't APVMA be run from out where the impact of their decisions are in sight? I'm sure you can get a reasonable cup if chino in Armidale Joel
05/05/15 12:54 AM
as I was saying, it's the welfare dependent state that your lot and the Liberal party have created that's cheating us out of a future. I'm a farmer and I'm not going to hang around and cop your clean green ethical carbon friendly utopian fantasyland. If the Labour party gets back into power you can forget about profitability in agriculture.
24/02/15 07:56 AM
there is much in your diatribe Joel that I find annoying, if not offensive....are you suggesting agriculture is not clean green and ethical? Are you mad ? Do you not eat? If you want want you are asking for, are you prepared to pay for it? Will you make sure our competitors exporting food to our shores pass the same test? more importantly will your welfare dependent Labour heartland want to pay for it ? "given our pop'n and capacity for savings..." that really got me, it should've read "our capacity for Govt spending.." that's why we haven't got the capacity to invest, cont
24/02/15 07:51 AM
yep, you are dead right Joel, we're heading in the direction of an idiocracy with a bullet, the thing is that your Party is as much of the problem as the conservatives if not a whole lot more misguided. At least this mob have a parliamentary majority in the lower house, which is to say that more people voted for them than they did your lot.
28/07/14 08:53 AM


Well what else would you expect the good senator to say. Give it to 'em Bob!
16/06/16 08:23 AM
Say what you like about Joyce, he's got a lot of support because he hasn't forgotten his support base unlike Anderson who was one of our more forgettable deputy PMs. It's not Barnagy we've got to be careful of ,it's our latest labor PM,Turnbull.
08/01/16 06:07 AM
Well well, how times have changed. Not so long ago a previous CEO of this outfit told a friend of mine that the livestock and rural merchandise sector was the small end of the business and proceeded to sack most of the people who brought the business through the door. Like blowies heading for a recently deceased sheep....
22/12/15 07:17 AM
Yeah, mr Mei Xinyu, and the rest of the world should impose sanctions against China for dredging up the bottom of this South China Sea to create artificial military bases to police areas you have no claim to . I don't suppose there is any land or water for sale in China is there.
The blue sky water mob have got to be joking, of course the water stays here, it's just the profit that moves off shore
24/11/15 09:53 AM
There might be a shortage of capital facing Ag but there's certainly no shortage of "talkers" and McGauchie is up there with the best of them. Profitability could fix most of the problems he's talking about but the "competitive" market rules are taking care of that
15/11/15 08:17 PM
Where's all the rest of the rubbish about us being racist for questioning foreign investment thresholds Joel? "Labor would be doing nothing.......right" , that's what Fitzgibbons comment should've read
11/11/15 08:23 PM
This racism argument is getting very tiresome. Wong and co are clutching at straws with this stuff, anyone who has seen a bit of the world knows that we are not a racist country and most other nations look to their own interests first, those that don't are either rife with corruption or failed states or both. This is more about undermining the conservative vote by driving everyone out of regional areas. As for Sam Dastyari, he was part of a nsw government that was driven by race based nepotism and corruption, what a bloody hypocrite
09/11/15 02:13 AM
I think you are right on the money Angry. It's pretty typical of big business really, look at most of the international corporates operating here, they don't invest to create wealthy more so to grab it, offload liabilities and transfer the assets to their balance sheets. One of the problems the institutional shareholders caused for the corporatised AWB was the lack of understanding of weather impact etc, there is no long term vision really. To take a swipe af family farms and their size is a fairly cheap shot, most people take a long view and a realistic one
23/09/15 08:23 AM
Shares, shares, shares and bloody dividends. This mob still doesn't really understand, they sacked all their staff who built relationships with clients, how can you be successful in livestock and rural merchandising if you let the bean counters destroy the goodwill on the ground?
08/09/15 02:31 AM
He might well be a decent bloke Chick, however Jock is right on the money regarding Sterles behaviour through the wheat senate Inquiry, I was there and saw him in action. He didn't seem as concerned about the transfer of ownership of the nations grains industry as he is about the unions losing their power base on mining sites. Did all those cockies that apparently went FIFO during the last drought do so with the permission of the union movement ?
01/09/15 04:31 AM


I think you've missed the point Boris, the big advantages of the previous arrangements was the ability of the marketer to leverage handling costs, deliver tonnages effectively, keep control of the quality problems and keep the overall cost post farm, down. We may all have technology coming out our ears however the fundamentals of human nature have not changed. What ,by the way would you propose to free the market further? The same companies that controlled international grain trade in the thirties are still there now, the only change is that there are a lot less of us
15/09/16 07:25 AM
why would a bunch of traders want to open their books for public scrutiny? Pools cannot work successfully in a deregulated marketplace, no trader is going to take that kind of risk without protecting their own margin. This is all so predictable, we had workable open and transparent pooling arrangements under the previous arrangements .
The comments by Mr O'shannassy are priceless , what else would you expect the GTA spin doctor to say, code of practice... what a crock!
13/09/16 02:56 AM
Still around yourself D8, I see, and still with nothing constructive to say
08/09/16 06:19 AM
This rubbish never goes away does it. You've got research that proves the effectiveness of orderly marketing in controlling duplication of service that is obviously ignored by the productivity (?) commission in favour of their own dubious research comparing Australian exports to selected markets ,in particular the Californian job. If people want an example of the "productivity " gains in the offing in a totally deregulated marketplace , have a good look at the wheat job , the only ones to gain anything are the silo manufacturers and marketing firms flogging dodgy product. We never learn...
06/09/16 09:35 PM
Are you for real D8?......and you're calling us here in the east simpletons!!?! The fact that there is no domestic market in the west should make the concept of cooperative handling a no brainer. People over here are building farm storage because it's the only way to get around the cost of elevating grain in a timely manner, why would you duplicate the bloody storage and handling network if you didn't have to?? You need to stop peddling BS d8 , get on the Jetstar red eye and have a look around before making rash decisions about CBH
04/03/16 06:46 AM
This should be as plain as day for a logical thinker. West Aussies who thought the grower corporate AWB was ripping them off can hardly turn around now and suggest that a corporate CBH would not end up doing the same. The value of this cooperative is there only whilst it belongs to growers, those who want their "equity" turned into cash are obviously planning to spend it somehow and the only way to do that other than borrowing against it is to sell, if you all sell you won't own anything and GrainCorp etc will extract their margins because the shareholders come first
02/03/16 06:27 AM
I think cultivation is just another tool available in the ever more complicated race against chronic summer weed problems. If you've got fleabane issues especially then a strategic cultivation can reduce a problem that massive hits of glyphosate , 24D , and gramoxone can't. I know all about the erosion risks from cultivation but looking at the amount of damage that 24d usage is causing is a problem that will only go away when it's banned altogether,
08/02/16 08:26 PM
Good luck with no til without high inputs. All of the comments in this article have merit and most farming operations are well and truly aware of soil erosion, I wonder however if the delegates at the climate talks are as aware of the cost price squeeze that modern farming is under all the time, no mention of any of this at the climate talks I'm sure
08/12/15 02:32 AM
Is this an ad for Cargill/AWB?. Pooling in the "modern" environment is gifting these people your profit
14/01/16 01:34 AM
They probably are aware of the NVT program Geronimo but, like the rest of us , know that it's nothing but a clearing house for substandard varieties paid for by us and then sold back to us with a bloody royalty tacked on top
04/11/15 06:28 AM


Hugh , if the public wants to claim a legitimate interest in the handling of animals on farms, they should probably stick their hands a bit further down into their pockets, because the way I see it the " public" is getting exactly what it is prepared to pay for.
04/08/16 08:44 AM
One of the effects of the modern consumer driven lifestyle the western world enjoys is the complete separation from the chain of production of the consumer and the consumed. If the average basket of groceries was a little harder to obtain than it is presently methinks the social licence construct would be a slightly different equation....and I don't like animal abuse either....and I farm
14/07/16 03:29 AM
Just another question for Jo, if we are a civilised nation (I know you think we probably aren't), are you suggesting that other nations that have differing attitudes to animal welfare are not civilised? I believe that is what is known as racism in the modern vernacular
28/06/16 12:54 AM
Look Jo, I respect anyone's right to oppose live exports, my problem with Ms Rhiannon is the typicalGreen hypocrisy and half baked theory behind the policy. This trade would not be viable if we were to add on the costs of on shore processing, the average Indonesian customer probably doesn't have a fridge either which lets us off the hook for pushing up their carbon emissions I suppose. Indonesia needs a budget rate source of protein, hence the live export trade. Basically the Green argument is to end all such trade as well as private ownership of anything...communism. Prove me wrong
27/06/16 08:00 AM
You can smile all you like Lee, once a communist....always a communist
09/06/16 02:58 AM
Well I don't know about anyone else but the recent performance by the Liberal big brothers of the conservative coalition gives me no confidence that such merger would be an improvement. Good luck for the future Bill and thanks for your contribution to the devolution of the wheat industry
04/07/16 08:31 AM
Finn, even a small amount of research would allow you to discover that the end of animal production is exactly the goal of AJP
01/07/16 02:35 AM
I wonder if the AJP could extrapolate on the concept of a tax on livestock production to inform the uninformed how far reaching and costly this idea would be for the consuming public and given a large proportion of our livestock production is based in geographical and climatic zones suited mostly to the aforementioned, what plant based food production have they got in mind? This group is really hanging onto the fringes of reality
28/06/16 12:50 AM
What a load of bollocks
06/06/16 08:07 AM
Burkes "simple" views on beef and wheat and the export process involved make little believable sense from a bloke who seems to have such a strong Union heritage. What's the bloody difference if you've got an organised workforce using its muscle to extract concessions from the boss and an organised grains industry maximising returns to growers with orderly marketing and minimisation of duplication and cost in storage and handling. This bloke is a hypocrite and I sincerely hope all these people are bought to account for their roles in damaging the beef industry. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour
06/06/16 08:06 AM


Oh how the mighty have fallen, from wrecking AWB to flogging bacteria...... Is that a sea change?
29/02/16 07:08 AM
The NFF??? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha etc etc
Does anyone know what/who the NFF represents?
05/09/14 11:22 PM
I don't think having the best and strictest biosecurity restrictions on imported food products ,plants and animals possible is protectionist. If you take that argument to its extreme then we should be importing cows from Botswana and anywhere else that Foot and mouth is endemic and why not a ship load of carnal bunt infected grain from the US. We're an Island nation surrounded by a natural barrier that gives us unique advantages for bio-security, why would you want to throw that advantage away???, and that natural advantage is why we have so much access in many foreign markets.
14/09/12 11:15 AM


Couldn't agree more Peter, I watched a documentary on this person some years ago, she is clearly a fruit loop. She is trying to line herself up as a friend of farmers through the anti coal groups but have a look at her attitude to modern conservation farming techniques or even firearms legislation
28/10/15 08:18 PM
Admirable stuff....and optimistic. I always thought biosecurity was a primary role for the old PP boards/ LHPAs. I'm not sure how individuals can achieve what these organisations have given up on. I'm not sure I want my levies used on project attempting to reinvent the wheel. Doesn't LLS have a role here? must serve some purpose, reports I'm getting suggest it's a mess with some people sitting around being paid and not knowing what their role is.
16/02/15 04:38 AM
Cam, i think it's the first intelligent post BB has ever written. BB and the libbers share a similar trait....lack of logic
20/11/14 08:57 AM
I think you make a fair point Whistleblower. It's interesting that the supermarket majors are using animal welfare issues now to point score and attract more "compassionate"consumers, when at the same time continually trimming margins and pressuring producers, hence "factory farming".
Also, this is a democracy based on the rule of law and on the basis of private property rights, these people have trespassed and invaded someone else's privacy, they are the criminals.
04/06/13 07:43 AM


I just spent most of the morning on a quad and didn't kill myself once!
26/09/15 03:59 AM
well done guy's ,love to see it in action. Should keep the bin drivers and truckies hopping, not to mention the plonkers at RMS trying to think up reasons why you shouldn't be able to move something like that up and down the highways
24/07/13 11:04 PM
The "Double Knock" treatment doesn't come cheap either.
12/05/13 11:06 PM
My experience of ABS is that it's more trouble than its worth. We are training people to stop thinking when they are driving, I went to a MVA 2 days ago where the driver went to sleep with the cruise control on and planted his car halfway up a box tree, don't think ABS would have saved him.
ABS and stability control are a bloody nuisance when you're driving a ute across a rough paddock at speed or driving along heavily corrugated roads. Ask a truck driver how easy it is to get stuck off road with a loaded truck that has ABS or stability control.
02/05/13 10:50 PM
again , I ask the question, where is the evidence of this supposed inequity.
$40/60 per tonne? The Wheat export Commission(the prototype of WEA) analysed The last five pools run by AWB, published extensive findings, none of which mentioned any of this stuff. You have to conclude that the people peddling this sort of crap are in fantasy land
07/10/12 11:00 PM
Well said PAYG
19/07/12 02:46 AM
Quadwatch? Is that anything like Frogwatch?
Geez you're a boofhead Jock!
18/07/12 01:09 PM
there's a certain amount of predictability about your input on this forum BB.
I'm off to play with my big row of quite inexpensive ATMs , just me and the weevils!
30/06/12 12:12 AM
If India puts a ban on rice exports when their production system fails (drought?), surely they have the right to look to their own interests first to prevent food riots in a very shaky democracy, the same probably goes for the Russians. Are they "Misbehaving" or just averting domestic chaos?
This bloke is out of touch.
15/02/12 06:38 AM


Uh-oh, the secret is out now!
06/10/15 01:39 AM
Should guarantee the family a captive market for all the processed chookmeat they're churning out through the Riverina and elsewhere.....nuggets anyone?
11/08/15 10:26 PM
I wonder if you are elligible for European Farm subsidy programs for offshore production?
14/06/11 06:45 AM

Rural Lifestyle

is fire not a naturally occurring thing? I always enjoy watching the raptors feasting on locusts as such when we burn off on this property. you'd also have to wait bloody long time for the fungi to decompose fuel in the scrub around here
05/05/15 01:08 AM


light grey arrow
NO ships with live animals should be leaving Australia. This industry is animal abuse and animal
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we are happy to have Aldi in katanning doing business with WAMCO we also wanted and in great
light grey arrow
This is a disgrace but what can you expect from a Liberal Government that insists on making
FUTURE marketing of Australian produce will be defined by two separate economies, emerging and advanced, according to Rabobank agricultural analyst Wes Lefroy.18 Oct 18 FUTURE marketing of Australian produce will be defined by two separate economies, emerging and advanced, according...
JUST what appetite exists for significant change in agricultural research and development is the question being bandied around in the wake of Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud’s move to pull together a “shared strategic vision”.27 Sep 18 JUST what appetite exists for significant change in agricultural research and development is the question being...