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Good these guys will be able to help the farmers they are treating like second class peasants. This is wrong poor farmers would feel great reading this. The profit was made from their blood.
25/08/16 02:11 PM
What a load of rubbish we need Australian investment not overseas our polices want to sell us out. Keep Aussies on farms.
25/08/16 02:08 PM
Lots of young primary producers here.
01/10/15 12:02 PM
Elders was run by incompetent idiots not to mention Eliot and all the mongrels who milked it. Stick to merchandise and livestock which has been the backbone of this great company..I would now consider investing in elders as it is in recovery long as it doesn't recruit reckless management.
08/09/15 12:22 PM
Farm productivity flat I wonder why would 1$ a litre milk price ruthless supermarkets behaviour towards producers acc investigations found this out and poor returns for a long time cause this and the fact that the average age of the producer would be nudging 60.In The beef game abatoirs have been ruthless towards producers.we also aren't subsidised and in the last ten yrs our govt has been focused on minning instead of primary production. They have just worked out that Australia doesn't ride on a haulpac and we are not just a quarry however if the a$ heads towards parity ag dreams will fade.
30/08/15 09:44 AM
Why are we letting this happen what about our unions or the bodies representing producers how come they aren't fighting this another kick in the guts for producers
06/07/15 11:27 AM
MIS didn't mean managed investment scheme it meant mugs investing stupidly why would you invest in an agricultural crop on someone else's land. thats like buying the neighbour's house a new roof for the house they rent out and then wanting a return on your money when the rent isn't paid.
17/05/15 12:44 AM
Can't hear greenies winging at the moment Duno why
19/03/15 02:17 PM
If gina can see the industry potential and so can the Chinese why can't our govt. our govt is more interested in mining and not interested in our long term prosperity
31/12/14 02:18 AM
Good on you guys manjimup pemberton northcliffe were once big dairy producing areas we had our own milk processing creameries and produced powdered milk then all the farmers slowly got screwed then all the processing disappeared. briliant to see it making a come back. what a pity we didn't still have our processing infrastructure now we have to rely on a billionaire to get it going again.
31/12/14 02:12 AM


Farms should be family operations not corporations next thing our govt will introduce MIS schemes for ag I bet some bright spark in the next ten years will try to introduce it.
15/01/16 12:20 AM
Global boring.
02/02/15 02:11 PM
So marsh ends up with a crippling debt baxter gets a quid but went through hell couldn't this have been settled over a couple of beers.If marsh had kept his trap shut it would have been a storm in a tea cup.A wasted couple of years for two families how sad.
19/09/14 02:30 PM


In wa we had a regulated industry where each producer new what price they received were able to budget the industry supported many family operations.we then went to an approach of get big or get out. Now those who are big are broke and getting out. We now have Coles who broke the farmers legs with a sledge hammer wanting to take them to hospital an care for them.I'm not Einstein but what went wrong. Now our polices tell us we need overseas investment and we must get economies of scale.
07/09/16 12:14 AM
Do we want Gina Reinhart investing in ag or mr Wong from some province in china/ Asia .
16/11/15 11:41 PM
No Australia needs to make sure it's farmers are profitable and australian buisness needs to be investing in agriculture especially processing.please stop treating producers like peasants.
16/11/15 11:38 PM
What a load of bull pay farmers more and stop treating them like peasants. and they would become more productive
13/01/14 01:54 AM
Letting farmers have interest only loans is dangerous it means you aren't paying back the principal if you can't afford to pay back the principal you shouldn't borrow when budgeting for a loan you must factor in 3 yrs drought crop faliure if your budget doesn't pass the stress test and if you turn a blind eye to this then you are only kidding the person you look at in the mirror.
14/04/15 01:04 AM
As a Farmer I know it's a fickle buisness margins are low and I have always looked at wheat belt farmers and asked myself,why keep getting bigger aren't you just chasing a carrot on a string. farmers are accountable for the money they borrow and unfortunately producers don't crunch numbers on worst case scenarios.Farm advisors also need a good kick for advising farmers to take the path they do.If you overcaptilize on farms you are asking for trouble.
14/04/15 12:58 AM
These guys have the rose coloured glasses on
11/09/14 11:27 PM
What a joke farmers are treated like peasants.
08/08/14 01:17 PM
Producers have had this shoved down there throat for years especially guys in horticultural sector. why are we becoming larger importers of fruit and veg and why are market gardeners struggling and aus veg are telling us in the farm weekly that there producers incomes are the lowest they have ever been. Some one is making all the money and it's not producers
10/07/14 01:13 AM
Global boring, what was a hot dry spell called 20 yrs ago and why did the Bunbury harbour master tell me the other day that the ocean level has risen only .60 of 1 mm and these guys measure the tides it's there business.
28/01/15 03:15 PM


What a joke, pity on family operations who grow potatoes better start looking for another income source.
21/04/15 11:27 AM
Only a couple of years ago on landline guys in the eastern states were bulldozing citrus because it was no longer profitable and now it's wanted
02/07/14 10:46 AM
Accc look at supermarkets with rose coloured glasses how rude that woollies would do such a thing
08/06/14 01:04 AM
Could these guys kill the goose that lays the golden egg
07/01/14 12:27 PM


When times are tough these guys fleece us and tell us to become more efficient.
21/08/14 12:49 PM
There is a pattern appearing here the average beef producer has been treated like peasants and have propped up inefficient processors for a long time how old is the average age of the producer it's around 60.
21/08/14 12:47 PM
No more KFC chicken treat meat lovers pizzas can't have a steak and chips at the pub watching the footy no more surf and turf no more roast lamb maybe we will have to have roast cabbage and broccoli with gold fish aren't safe either when all ag industries are shut down guys guess what they will turn on kids with pets. have these guys ever thought how bob the broccoli feels when he is enjoying nice SUNY weather then he gets his throat cut by some farmer with a knife you know that broccoli feel one considers vegetables feelings it makes me sad.we are all going to starve.
12/07/14 02:20 PM


The scary bit is what it costs per hectare to use this machine.nearly the price of the farm.
09/08/15 11:37 PM
Maybe farmers know best
08/09/14 11:24 PM
Yes in 10 years you will send your robot to the cattle sale to buy your robotic cattle can't wait.Poor old farmer just needs to be paid a decent dollar and he wouldn't have to do this.
13/01/14 01:48 AM


I watched my neighbours with the get big or get out attitude bigger farms bigger machinery and so on.Now all they have is a big debt work blody hard and have a big headaches.they always get invited to the bank booze up at the end of the year and they get oven bank hats and stickers to put on there financed utes
16/07/14 01:50 AM
Banks are there to lend money they are buisness like a farm if you can't pay them you loose your property it's simple.ifyou were a money lender and someone didn't pay you would want to be able to recoup your carefull when given a shovel because you have the capability of digging a hole you can't. Get out of
14/07/14 02:24 AM
MIS mugs investing stupidly.Please leave farming for family operations not corporations.There is to many clowns in the industry.
10/02/14 01:22 PM


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