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Mr Clauson what are the ASX listed companies you served on? I'm sure if they were successful you would have no trouble in telling us their names!
28/01/16 04:42 AM
What about the 100's of co-op carcasses that scatter the rural landscape Mr Badger? What killed them?
12/01/16 09:45 PM
Where's Jock's comments?
07/01/16 06:05 AM
And saddle growers/members with higher fixed costs Jock? Isn't that against everything you advocate?
05/01/16 05:35 AM
So Jock how to think Namoi should raise the capital required to achieve its strategic plans?
01/01/16 02:30 AM
No accountability NSW Farmer so they don't have to execute strategy, just come up with a half baked idea and tell members they are creating value and returning it to us. Swallowed hook line and sinker by WA growers.
06/11/15 04:41 AM
Beacon Boy we need to be told what has happened in the Pacific Northwest where we opened that office to great fanfare! Portland where??
Where is the board in holding management accountable for these continued poor investments.
Wonder how our eastern states oat and CBH fertiliser are going to be reported to us?
31/10/15 02:18 AM
Can't you read Jock- he said "raised the price of WA wheat!"
14/10/15 03:46 AM
Are you calling for militant action or riots similar to the French AC?
07/10/15 04:43 AM


Paul the difference in the AGC proposal is that it is structured for WA growers to remain the majority shareholder, not a wholesale sell off of a monopoly that creates another monopoly. Price gouging will see competition come quickly as WA is a big exporter, like SA is seeing competition now.
Remember this a restructure that you will have ownership in if your a WA grower.
16/08/16 05:30 AM
Interested Party I think we have the foundations of a world class business here but there is real lack of commercial intelligence in that board room that is needed in the new grain export landscape. Competition will see over-capacity with all seeking returns and the east coast happens all over again. At least in WA we have a very different market that will continually see grain on boats but the present situation drives growers like myself to competition.
23/11/15 01:18 AM
If you use those figures of 15% it would then take the rail access fee to $8.05 for 60% of the grain that is on rail. On a 15m crop that equates to another $9m in fees. On the equivalent crop CBH increased fobbing costs of $4.90 have added $73.5m to export costs. That is over 8X the Brookfield charges. 3% increase in receival fees this yr, increase in freight for some- cost containment should have started long before this. Who is asleep at the wheel?
21/11/15 10:01 PM
Interested Party the Brookfield Access fee from 2013 to 2015 remained the same but CBH fobbing costs rose $4.90/t. That cost is passed directly back onto the grower.
I'm not a fan of Brookfield but the costs need to be understood and it has to be realised that CBH has failed to search within its own business for efficiency and savings.
I'm lucky enough to be close to competition so that options are available, but do however feel sorry for growers that rely totally on CBH.
20/11/15 01:58 AM
Jock did you not read the story on the 29th of October about CBH job cuts where CEO Andy Crane said " freight costs were a concern for CBH as growers paid more than Eastern State and international counterparts."
There you go: CBH has admitted to being more expensive than your "gouging" players in the east.
Can you believe that?
19/11/15 09:17 PM
Did you sell your shares Jock, could have been a natural hedge mate.
19/11/15 04:49 AM
Unfortunately the cooperative business model is not all its cracked up to be. Co-ops have a much shorter life cycle then commercial business because of the politics that infects it, and that is unfortunately rife over here at the moment to the detriment of the business.
18/11/15 07:02 AM
Interested Party that market is so different east compared to west thats its like comparing apples with pears, both fruits. Exception is you had a value attached to your shareholding.
18/11/15 03:52 AM
So what are you saying Jock? Do you have to be old to be smart?
29/10/15 10:08 PM


Pools are for swimming in!
15/11/15 09:31 PM


What a sad state our political system is in if this guy gets a start
03/08/16 09:07 AM


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