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Lily T I'm glad you say animal rights cause they don't do any animal welfare. So what is their justification for having any credibility as they have no accountability? Australia has gone into countries ¬ only offered to help & been excepted,they have put $ into AW programs 4those that are proud 2b involved in LE OS.It's called compassion including AW,positive trade relations with neighbours because of animal welfare done and improved.So no excuses,Aus putting $ where mouth is, something animal rights have never done.
09/07/14 06:42 AM
Pretty sure Dan Tyson you are burying your head in sand.Effect left by ban still being felt today,animals/humans effected terribly.Those that scream cruelty and don't put one ounce accountability into AW of LE are those you are praising.Industry have credibility cause they actively, continuously put $,accountability,infrastructure into improving LE. RSPCA know this first hand, their words of wanting to be at the table to work with industry seem very hallow after that reply. Standing beside AA seems to be so much more important to them.
09/07/14 03:57 AM
Silver Cloud, not taking away anything from cruelty in footage from Gaza, but can you name exactly how many in total bulls were tortured by looking at that footage put up by Ban Live Export aka AA?
20/12/13 03:12 AM
Those commenting that AA do #AW I would suggest you take note of this blog http://cattleproducer.wordpress.c om/2013/12/19/animals-australia-f unding/ Why don't Animals Australia put their multi millions $ behind tougher laws in Australia against animal cruelty. RSPCA have had 175yrs to make Australians cruelty free but as their data shows have failed terribly. There is even a TV show about it. How hypocritical, Australia not animal cruelty free but some feel superior preaching to other countries.Industry want to provide:education in #AW,food,jobs which in turn brings neighbour & bio security
20/12/13 12:09 AM


When there is proof of what the Greens purpose can actually physically happen....until then the above is just words and has nothing to do with animal welfare but using buzz words for those far removed from reality of live export to hopefully grab "feel good" votes.
06/01/16 12:03 AM
"live export will always be unethical" in saying that RSPCA has just condemned an Industry that supports a huge percentage of in land and rural Australia, which also supports communities across a vast area of Australia. The whole top end of Australia, WA and down to Victoria/Tasmania.
That is a huge statement by RSPCA & shows their exact lack of knowledge to Australia's live stock industry.
21/04/15 04:00 AM
RSPCA non for profit?
They sell pet insurance & their paw print accredited food products in supermarkets fetches RSPCA 4% from sales.
So would you call that a conflict of interest when they are pushing for cage free eggs?
Would it also be a reason for them not defining clearly, cruelty free?
So all those telling farmers we are only worried about the money we make from animals please ask RSPCA why is there a need for them to make $ from their paw print products being a non for profit, "wholeheartedly" animal welfare organisation?
05/09/14 06:16 AM
"Ms Neil said the RSPCA was “wholeheartedly” an animal welfare organisation."
RSPCA are joined with Animals Australia so how can Ms Neil words be true?
RSPCA have been trying since the 1800's for the general public to be cruelty free to pets.
But they feel they can put their very "loose" worded regulations on farming.
So they can be seen to be doing the right thing among those that are very ill informed/little knowledge on farming animal welfare practices, cause they can't stop huge numbers of accounts of cruelty to pets?
05/09/14 12:29 AM
As for Dave having his opinion he has done so.
Paul Cox has had his opinion too.
Paul Cox stood up for what he believed in.
"Wanting animal cruelty hidden away" where was this written in this article?
Where did industry threaten Dave H?
Where are the veil threats?
Where does industry advocate animal cruelty, can you please post links/show where this is stated?
Could those that have stated this in comments previous please explain yourselves & your statements. If you are going to have an opinion please be prepared to have some integrity & back what you state.
17/06/14 07:35 AM
Dave H has supported a group that does no animal welfare.
Who is responsible and accountable for animal welfare of live export?
Who has physically and monetarily supported the live export industry?
Those that are responsible and accountable have paid for being so.
Live Export is going forward thanks to those being responsible and accountable. Animals Australia name is not amongst those being responsible,accountable for animal welfare.
Dave H supported nothing but a heap of noise that has no responsibility or accountability for animal welfare of any animal farming.
17/06/14 07:16 AM
It's this simple, if animal farmers don't look after their animals they wouldn't,shouldn't,couldn't have a business. That is what it is a business. There are rules in place for animal farmers,if broken there are consequences. I would suggest instead of judging and criticising animal farmers ask some questions and learn from people who know their industries not from those that want to destroy animal farming. You may just be surprise to hear the other side of the activists emotional propaganda self appointed information, with no factual backup from independent sources. I'm a proud beef producer.
07/12/13 03:59 AM


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