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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

jock will come up with some scenario which blames Mr Lindbergs actions on SAFF grains comittee.
07/06/12 10:55 PM


or a regulated market contest jock
12/10/15 11:31 AM
Im not sure you realize what you've just written jock,youve just undone your good work over the last 1000 posts, guess you may have a retraction soon, I will forgive you mate
26/06/15 09:59 AM
I thought under there "single desk" and worlds best co-op model they would be immune from low prices
05/01/15 12:28 PM
"state owned enterprises from communist countries" sounds a bit like the single desk thank goodness nsw farmers had gumption along with rest of Australian farmers to remove it, im with Andrew Robb as well.
31/10/14 02:09 AM
James your correct, jock is a honourable man but just doesn't understand marketing and preffered the easy way out single desk and pooling. Simple as that he makes no effort to learn but that his prerogative.
You also forgot currency, james, and basis.
21/02/14 08:25 PM
Inverell, i'm one of the "dumb" farmers don't miss the single desk and pooling never used neither did my father or grandfather. But WA and SA is the pulse of deregulation and those who use to ones advantage rather than bemoaning the loss of some stone age marketing system which had questionable benefits and to those that don't know it NOT coming back.
Move on get over it
27/12/13 08:42 AM
the number of single desk supporters, well you could fit them around a single desk
23/11/13 07:09 AM
jock to the rescue
23/11/13 01:07 AM
yes jock unfortunately correct.
was adamantly againt privatisation of ausbulk here in SA with all the rhetoric but once growers took the money and run they lost all control and say which was in truth minimal anyway.
30/10/13 10:03 PM
and this will shock you as well jock, re single desk one the premiums were never really there but biggest killer for single desk was the cost per tonne if those to issues could have been addressed we may have some sort of single desk in place but die hards were never open to any change hence they lost it
18/08/13 02:25 AM


hmmmm back from se asia tour. Went out of my way to go to a flour mill.
Australian wheat is to expensive since awb has gone we get cheaper wheat elsewere. Read into that what you want but it was with almost the ceo of one such operation.
changing times
23/01/16 06:08 AM
cash prices high futures low positive basis sell cash.
Cash low futures high negative basis sell futures.
All farmers under 35 know this.
26/10/15 10:18 AM
bit of a typho the jock it should read "manageable marketing risk at a time where he is most vulnerable." Guess you will correct when you see this comment. Its 2015 famers have to learn basis its part of the farmers modern skills
24/10/15 09:16 PM
The high futures prices earlier in the season were taken advantage of by growers who locked in $300 to $312 and these prices were offered by the merchants you despise jock. I, too, grainman wonder if jock is still farming but last time I spoke to him he was. Gone to great lengths to explain deregulation to jock always ends in blazing argument. But surprisingly were still mates.
10/09/15 04:12 AM
never have I once disagreed with deregulate until now.
no brainer to me black sea is begging for investment be it multi national traders or tiny companies like cbh.
money for jam
06/08/15 07:59 AM
Jock the single desk is GONE, you haven't got head around basis, or forward selling, strong basis sell cash, strong futures short the market or sell swaps called risk management im awaiting your call.
Did you sell a small parcel this week jock?
03/07/15 08:22 AM
jock check out the tenders and you will understand the myth of the premium and you have my number ring to discuss
01/07/15 09:41 AM
A recently retired well known trader mentioned he misses the single desk, end of cheap wheat out of Australia.
If you look in the public forum you can find tenders from years gone by and why Australia actually got the sales. Jock is well aware of who I mean they locked horns many a times. Was always a entertaining stoush.
30/06/15 12:08 PM
Carnamah couldn't agree more.
A poll do you agree or disagree with removal of single desk think probably would be 55/45 do you want it reinstated would be a resounding no possibly 10 for 90% against.
Free speech jock can say what he wants but like you never a solution offered.
25/06/15 04:47 AM
barley acres are way down but would be silly of me to think exports would also be down because of smaller crops
04/11/15 11:15 AM


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