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The good thing about the deregulation of the market is that you now have choice.
If you want to use a pool you can, if you don't you have other options.
24/01/16 07:48 AM
The CBH co-operative will last for another ten years then the equity will be released to farmers at half what could be available today.
13/02/15 08:37 AM
Can any of the single desk dreamers provide me with any link to groups actively campaigning for the return of the single desk.
I can't find any farm lobby groups, real political parties or even a single social media group campaigning for the return of this single desk which you often claim the majority of farmers support.
Jock - show me the evidence of this support.
13/01/15 09:07 AM
Rather than preaching your minority viewpoint on here, why do you not go onto twitter where you can see if people actually support the single desk.
13/01/15 07:15 AM
Jock, it's always easy to blame others for your own marketing mistakes.
13/01/15 12:23 AM
Jock, it's absolute nonsense that quality is in decline in Australia. The buyers of wheat get the specs which they pay for. If they did not get the specs on their contracts then they would reject the cargo. How many cargoes have been rejected?
13/01/15 12:22 AM
I think it is quite obvious that Jock Munro will never accept anything other than the return of the single desk.
Jock and the minority of growers who want a return to the single desk need to move on and accept the change. Its been seven years.
There is no way of returning to the single desk days. Life is short, enjoy it rather than being a sole activist for a long gone system.
12/01/15 10:19 AM


The problem is that everyone knows that the CBH controls AEGIC.
14/02/16 11:21 AM


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