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Grain of Truth

Joe' CBH Grain do not have access to CBH Ops grain stock info - ACCC provision.
Suggest all read Peter Readings report re stock info- On farm stock info discussed.
01/04/13 01:40 PM
Stock info re unsold grower grain is the growers province.Fertiliser, chemical and Toyota etc do not provide stock info to potential grower purchasers, why should farmers provide?.How would you acquire stock info on on farm stored grain . get real!,
29/03/13 04:22 AM

Canberra Comment

Slipper-what about Thompson Juliar would have credibility if she showed true leadership
31/01/13 02:41 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

I am a CBH shareholder. I am not obliged to sell through CBH , however they have the lowest logistic and frt costs ( in Australia- like for like) and offer an exceptional segregated efficient recieval process that I utilise it for about 90% of my grain production.
Under the constitution there is provision for change , ie to a listed entity- this has not occurred because the majority of Growers are happy with the status quo. . It is a demorcrstic organisation.
Whilst I could take my equity share and run, given that the majority of our states grain is exported my calculations say stay CO-OP
16/09/14 10:47 PM
We have CO2 Aust carbon sequestration plantations in our community and the impacts of out of control feral/native animal impacts and deficient fire management practices are impacting on adjoining neighbours.
This model for CO2 resolution is absolutely deficient..
23/09/13 09:29 PM
Why is it that every time the cycle of the investment "Fad" in corporate Ag occurs that the spruikers claim that they will excel over traditional farming entities?
Basically it comes down to management. When you own the asset you sink or swim. As an employed manager, your asset is not on the line and most corporate entities have too many management layers and lack flexibility
01/08/13 03:44 AM
David, by a majority ( a democratic vote ) WA growers voted two years ago to retain a CooP, yes some WA growers are struggling but the net negative impact in relation to increased charges and service rationalisation following a CBH Public listing would be far more detramental on WA growers as a whole.
If listed ,shares given to growers in trouble would go to the bank , it would not solve a fundamental terms of trade issue
30/04/13 06:28 AM


Whilst the majority view re structure has to be respectectd it is time for changes to the Board in relation to tenure( max. 3 terms), Zone / grower representation , Board members reviews should be available to Co-oP members etc.
16/12/16 01:57 PM
Mr Grey and Seabrook, it is patently obvious that we do not have enough primary producers in WA to sustain two representative groups. I would suggest that it is a no brainer that the evolution of a sinlgle entity is well overdue, let's face it there is basically NO fundamental policy / philosophical differences between PGA and WAFF. I would challenge the next generation to initiate change.
30/10/16 09:15 AM
Whilst I concur with Tony that dogs are a major and evolving issue, it would appear that the PGA perceive that Govt support is desired to resolve.
On the other hand given recent comment by PGA Grains it would seem they do not support Govt underpinning Multi Crop Insurance?
Hypocrisy ??
13/10/16 12:09 PM
So it would appear that we'd have an ex AG bureaucrat ?( no disrespect ) leading AG in WA
Let's hope we have a quick and industry acceptable solution to the DAFWA / Grains saga, research station future etc
Unfortunately given recent events he probably will only have a job until March ( election) so let's hope he deals with outstanding issues swiftly!!
22/09/16 09:29 AM
As a CBH shareholder I'm confused in relation to CBH, s strategic direction. In a very globally competitive environment a business focus on one state , WA , will not deliver the best future outcome
04/05/16 01:32 AM
Ai hope the Nat,s are also looking at the ramifications re Western Power sale ( another monopoly) on rural areas in SW WA ?
06/04/16 11:16 PM
The world is changing and the CBH Board have been caught short. The genie is out of the bottle and there is no retuning to the status quo. Does the current Board have the capability to deliver the best outcome to WA growers, given past performance , probably not. A total Board spill and an open perspective may be the best way forward
14/03/16 05:46 PM
Impasse or EGM?
28/02/16 02:11 PM
The best outcome probably is in the middle. The CBH Board need to look at a new generation trading structure to allow some free up of capital and a fairer representation model.It would appear that growers do not have the appetite to corprortise but are not happy with the strategic direction and leadership from the current Board
Hopefully the AGC offer will wake the CBH Board up!
24/02/16 04:03 AM
I doubt that growers will support the AGC proposal, however the current Board are inept and reactive, not proactive in the face of current and future competition. CBH are a minnow on the world stage
17/02/16 11:31 PM


I am a grower and do not have access to stock information on any inputs,( fertiliser , chemical, machinery, vecihles etc) WHY then would I want to tell the market what I have to sell. I suspect this is primarilly driven by the trading fraternity. We live in a deregulated market and a formal stock reporting mechanism has no place within unless there is total transparency from all sides!!
The GPA does not represent the bulk of growers views and has a real credibility issue.
13/06/16 12:10 PM
The current CBH representation model ( Zones , based on grower numbers ) belongs in the dark ages. CBH has a significant number of growers delivering the minimum tonnage required to retain a CBH share. Reflecting on zone tonnage the Esperance zone has grown more tons on average than Geralton over the past 5 years- Geralton has two directors, Esperance one.
Moving forward CBH needs a more equitable representation model
11/06/16 10:18 AM
GRDC levy funds should be for RD and E only, especially in the context of a severe decline in State based Ag funding. If it is proposed that funds are to be used for marketing etc either let the traders pay or put it to a grower vote for an extra levy
25/05/16 04:22 AM
15/05/16 10:29 AM
Great to finally see some action regarding network rationalisation, just 10 years too late!!
24/03/16 12:18 PM
Time for Minister Baston to show some leadership
28/02/16 02:12 PM
Great to see a home grown success story ( no Chinese investment needed!)
19/04/16 10:05 AM
If the Borad don't put it ( AGC ) directly to growers then I would predict that we will end up with an EGM
06/03/16 10:39 PM
The AGC proposal is very unlikely to get up . so where to from here for CHH ? The current model is not suited to this millennium. As a WA grower we need all options on the table , Board structure and operation , alternative business models. etc. When is the Board going to show some real leadership instead of pandering to those in their back yard??
05/03/16 08:16 AM
CBH's Board should have taken some initiative and seriously explored the Eastern States options, too late now. Whilst the AGC proposal will not get up it should serve as a major wake up call for the current CBH Directors who appear to think they can dig a trench, put their head in the sand and forget about global grain dynamics
22/02/16 01:08 AM


The days of DAFWA having the bulk of GRDC
funding in WA are long gone, they can't even guarantee a long term funding framework.
We have significant GRDC investment in this State ( AHRI, CCDM etc - non DAFWA) which benefits all GRDC levy payers.
When DAFWA shows some true leadership and investment in capacity they then may be deemed to be a suitable investment partner.
24/06/17 11:40 AM
Corporate style farming . Sustainability ??
12/03/16 10:23 AM
DFES is evolving into a bureaucracy which is cumbersome, takes little notice of local knowledge / experience and risks alienating BFB volunteers. A balanced bottom up / top down approach is needed in fire management and post fire access considerations for primary producers especially in relation to animal welfare considerations.
13/01/16 11:17 PM
It's pretty simple, horses are for sport, leisure and recreation etc (a want) and food is a need. When funds are short prioritisation must occur.
28/12/15 02:35 PM
And ColesWorth keep on pursuing a model of minimum rewards to producers
14/12/15 04:56 AM
Very disappointing to see Rob leaving the sinking ship prior to resolution of issues such as possible transition into Grains West. When will this some leadership?
02/03/16 11:37 AM
No place for live Greens in the Agricultural economy !!
06/01/16 03:35 AM
One of the fundamental issues is ( Gov/ Crown ) responsibility for fires and fully funded management plans in the context of fire break management and fuel reduction in UCL etc adjoining private property ( Lake Tay fire, Fitzgerald National Park , The Esperance fire was not without precedence , it is just so sad that an unavoidable event resulted in four deaths
26/11/15 06:30 AM
family commitments, who's kidding who ??
13/02/16 11:52 PM
I broadly support voluntary evacuation but if Authorities do not allow timely access for the farming community to care for livestock then many will choose not to move therefore putting themselves at risk
DFES need an access mechanism for those who need it , a blanket no access policy for an extended period results in serious animal welfare issues.
12/01/16 12:33 AM


What happens when they fly onto Mr Marsh,s property??
25/11/15 08:46 AM
Austrailia "The Food bowl for Asia" WHOSE KIDDING WHO !!!
01/05/13 01:16 AM


Onerous reforms that impact on Australian producers whilst our markets are stolen by those with minimal standards have no place, good to see some common sense being exhibited by the new Federal leadership
11/11/13 08:06 AM
Perhaps the RSPCA " job ' should be be put out to tender with specific roles being determined by Gov
01/11/13 10:48 AM


Prices up 30% in WA -WHO,s KIDDING WHO ??
23/03/14 10:44 PM
Australian super funds?
07/01/13 03:07 AM


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