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Hey Consolidated, the strategy you are complaining about CBH using is the very same one Wesfarmers/Bunnings/Coles uses every day and that is the very structure you are screaming for. Listen to yourself will you.
19/02/16 09:33 AM
Well there you have it. It was obviously just a handful of people who were trying to make it look like everybody believed CBH had lost favor with growers. This proves they are still looking after the vast bulk of growers and not the interests of a selfish few. It has been that selfish, myopic few who can be held accountable for the massive decline in the numbers of families interested in grain production in this nation; and the sellout of our industry to greedy internationals.
16/02/16 08:33 PM
Mr Macfarlane was most disloyal to his constituents when he led the GCA and nothing much changed when he became an MP.
If he had become a more humble servant and a less arrogant person he might have achieved more value for his constituents and his nation.
16/02/16 12:15 AM
WTF, basis is just the difference buyers see in value of a parcel of grain at any port or loading point relative to Chicago price. Depending on the final delivery point it can be a premium or discount. So freight plays a big part but it also includes availability, ship load speed, wheat quality variations, and other small issues.
16/07/15 09:45 AM


I don't care what criticisms are poked at Barnaby Joyce, they pale into insignificance compared with the disaster we were given by Windsor getting into bed with the Socialists which is obviously his DNA by the way he dudded us when he was an MP. Forget it Tony, we don't want you back thanks.
15/02/16 05:31 AM


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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#blueysmegacarshowandcruise2019 10 years on Daniels Ute will be apart of another massive cause.
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
AFGRI Equipment has a limited number of new John Deere S700 Series combine harvesters available for this harvest.16 Sep 18 AFGRI Equipment has a limited number of new John Deere S700 Series combine harvesters available for this harvest.
28 Aug 18 PARENTS campaigning to save Moora Residential College (MRC) have cautiously welcomed WA Liberals’ announcement it will keep the facility open if it wins the next State election.