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"Export rush depleted our cattle numbers", gee might be a long, large drought had a lot to do with that. Are these guys on the same planet. Mick is all about productivity before profitability, good way to go broke, as far as I am concerned.
Its about keeping the market informed plus their clawback provisions. Not about market pressures, controllable or otherwise
So a 10% move one week to the next is supply and demand give me a break. What other industry would be doing this?
You have to wonder at the MLA and Cattle Council. Are they ostriches?
Consol are you saying the AWB never achieved sales above CBOT basis? I would very much doubt that but it is not my area and I try to not go into things I have no experience in.
Ken, Good news, bad news is basically the same news they are better off, we are worse off. Actually lower rainfall maybe be an advantage to, higher protein. Pre emptive action will take how many years before it is visible in the market, lots. This stuff is on going evolution not Oh we better go and fix it tomorrow and by tomorrow night it will be OK. Its like turning the Queen Mary time and lots of inputs. trouble is GRDC have been focused on Yield, yield, yield. They can't replace the missing links because they don't know they are missing. But they are obvious, to some of us.
Sounds like a re invention of AWB but it wont work, the knowledge has gone but still a few trips here and there. Our current system has failed and will continue to fail. we did engage closely with all our markets we did now what they wanted for their end products, we did produce said wheat. We don't have marketers we have traders probably the same ones selling Ukraine wheat to Asia. This guy contradicts himself in each para.
Now they are talking about white angus where will that fit?
Actually it doesn't matter if we are awake or not, this is a parliamentary vote with no input from the population on what affects our votes. Disgraceful, talk about democracy, not likely Malcolm.
When you corporatize you loose control and then the Directors are obligated by law to do the best for shareholders not suppliers. You end up with all these non ag. directors who are about returns on capital, not service to suppliers. Happened to AWB and Graincorp will happen to CBH, plus it can be sold to whomever the Govt gives the green light to.


Jock Moronro think that is what the AWB did, but it wasn't hope as, except for years of high production of non milling wheat, it was all sold and its called marketing not trading. Trading is where you sell something and don't really care if you have more to sell when the customer wants it, marketing is making sure your customer can always get the quality they want when they want it from within a season.
LTF what else have they got to say, maybe "sell now it wont get better", but those are about the only options and deregulation allows farmers to make their own decisions about what to do.
Stan in some situations that would be correct anyway lets wait and see how much is carried over and not sold or sold at low prices.
The spruikers lauded deregulation when prices increased, what are they going to say now? Price falls nothing to do with deregulation?
Why would you fund marketing when you have no control over the product or even know what is being grown and where. Unfortunately wheat quality and its marketing is in disarray, secretive and unable to be questioned.
Well you would have to say the dairy industry isn't going so well Malcolm, but this is just another example of the farmer taking the pain whilst the processors get off scott free. Has happened for years with beef until recently and now grain.
You have to wonder what planet some of these deregulation characters are on. Its obvious that the small players will fall away and you will be left with a couple of big ones, at most, that's how business works.
To traders it may as well be pumpkin pie. We definitely sold on specs we made sure the marketers told the customer exactly what they were getting not what they might get. You make it sound like I was dismissed, nothing further from the truth.
JC both the TPP and the US FTA have or will cost Australia dearly, hardly the way to go. In fact if we had any independence we would tear up both. AWB did not cost the taxpayer anything and made money for growers (here come the shrill "we couldn't do what we wanted" mob)
Boris, the promotion of our product, responses to the market place and ability to meet those demands has never been dumber


Farmers can only use so many replacement heifers so they wont all survive anyway. GM cotton reduced chemicals GM Canola hasn't just moved the problem and required another chemical or two. Cotton isn't eaten. People have taken away the social licence of multi national chemical or any other food/health related industry as the past has very poor examples or corporate greed and unethical behaviour.
Tariff reductions that about says it all. Whereas on our side we get rid of tariffs completely. Never had anyone look at the impact of these deals over time but my feel is we get shafted. Certainly did in the with the USA FTA. 18 years and still a tariff on beef what a joke these negotiators are.
Fiona Nash was interviewed and asked about lack of funding for this after the budget. Said govt didn't have the money what a turn around on a few weeks later.
A deferral what a joke, this has been supposedly researched before you made the decision to change it, now you want more time. If there wasn't an election it would be pushed through. No idea about trickle up economics. Should have stopped at "no idea".
And they don't represent farmers just the few.
Most of these deals were started before this Govt were in power they just happened to be in the right place at the right time to sign them. And as we have found they usually don't benefit the country in fact quite the opposite.
Who signed the last few plus the TPP WTF?
The issue here is the clawback, dairy like many other Australian Agricultural industries is subject to the vagaries of the international market. Beef, wool etc have all been through low price times in many cases for a long period. Whilst I don't begrudge the dairy farmers other rural industries have struggled with consolidation of processors and poor returns, Govt no where to be seen. If you know roughly what you will be paid you budget accordingly when money has to be paid back is the issue. WCB took the lose on the balance sheet not so MG or Fonterra, they make a call their problem.
If there was any understanding of this the package should have been much quicker. People dry off cows or sell pretty quickly so like Fonterra, a responses delayed by weeks means decisions made that cannot be reversed.
So there are no transfer pricing risks with the Van Deimens land dairy acquisition???? How about other large ag enterprises beef or dairy or hort. Anyone could see that was always a distinct possibility.


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