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"If you have experience you're in a better position to hold management to account and make a clear decision,"
What a load of rubbish Vern, the directors fee's are too good not to have is the truth. The board has made some real silly decisions while you have been on the board.
Growers would like cheaper handling fee's in the first place not rebates.
Agree outcome was known before survey had been completed. Changes are needed in the boardroom, growers please vote in new grower board members next year who do not act in order to stay on the board. Otherwise it is the same old again, 3 terms on a board should be the maximum or you can be seen as on there for the gravy train.
Plus poor decisions are made as we are seeing with the current board.
Tired of the same old rubbish.
Totally agree "Wheat grower" , growers need to step up and elect a professional board who are forward thinkers.
Not a flat earth thinking board.
Time to give what equity growers will have in CBH now, in 30 years the family farm will be in the minority and the corporate and overseas growers will control CBH.
X you have not nailed but dyna bolted it.
There is always self interest when directors are elected by popularity and can subsidise their own operations with their directors fee's.
Today's modern grower wants value out of CBH in $, not by paying more and getting $2 at the end when you exit the industry.
With the 2016 elections coming up we need some young blood on as directors.
My farm cannot afford to subsidise fellow grain growers, the current CBH cooperative model ain't working anymore.
Does not surprise me too much, CBH has always been too top heavy in the spin department and trying put their footprint everywhere in the world.
Next step is to rationalise the storage network, too much cross subsidisation going on with the storage and handling.
This would also go for the freight of grain, time for growers to put a decent board in.


Gerry Atric, the current generation like myself have retired 2 generations to Perth through farm purchase, house purchase and extra financial help. That is respect for the past generation, like in good succession planning you need to know when to pull the trigger on leaving the farm to the next generation. CBH needs to look at who is still farming and return their true equity back to them.It needs to happen before the overseas farmers are growing the majority of grain in WA. People like you Gerry is why CBH politically is in a mess and in which i have little respect for.
A good con job by the CBH board, as good as the con job by the AGC proposal. Document written with end result made up by the board. Lacks detail of each option's worth to the growers bottom line.
If I could vote on the AGC proposal today I would vote in favour as I know what value I would be getting.
Ah Trevor you must be hearing the foot steps of the growers wanting equity out of CBH. You can't dress a Coop into a corporate entity, good coop's member base increases CBH is dwindling.
I think you have been a sleep at the wheel for the last 9 years, time for change.
Maybe nothing has changed Jock, the AWB would do exactly the same.
Give you a nice EPR at harvest and then pull the rug under your feet post harvest.
Still I would rather be a price maker in the current system we have, then being taken for a ride in the Single Desk days.
Toughen up princess "CBH" its time to realise you are also a big commercial player. Brookfield is a big commercial player, put a bid in CBH to increase your stake in the supply chain.
Back to the rail situation, you buy train sets after you had signed off on the SGNR report "CBH". If I was Brookfield I would negotiate pretty hard for access payment.
Time to start playing ball "CBH" being a Coop should not give you any more exemptions than a multi national.
Time to corporatise give the remaining value back to WA growers before competition destroys the company.
Would have to agree with Brad, CBH will fluff its way through their structural review.
Management will be ready , directors will be still working out how to hang onto their boardroom seats.
Though with the AGC deal growers need more skin on the table from Graincorp for the cash and shares.
We need control of their assets as well.
You never get the deal done in one easy move, come back with more premium for WA growers AGC.


Time will judge if they can implement what growers are asking for.
Not what a director influenced survey last year came up with.
Hopefully it will be their last terms on the board and a better director election platform can be achieved with the network strategy being implemented.
We can only hope.


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