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This is an example of the folly of expecting international traders to be there when you need them.
The bigger they are the harder they fall.
08/04/16 08:10 AM
More waffle without substance from our pretty boy, glory and power seeking PM.
A vote for Malcolm is like a vote for bringing back Kevin Rudd. More tax payer money for industries that can't survive without subsidies such as wind farms and green energy. While our competitors get their costs lowered Turnbull puts our up. And he then tries to tell us what a fairy tale time we are having!!!
14/12/15 08:23 PM
The day the Australian Wheat Board was knifed, Aussie farmers went from marketing kings to trading minnows.
11/12/15 11:48 PM
Since when has Australian Law been decided by some cobbled together group of countries who very questionably set up rules for international trade with any particular nation. In other words, we have a case where a legitimate (not for profit) Australian Trading organisation negotiates a legitimate sales contract to maximise returns to its stakeholders including conditions and payment for inland transport, being tried on the basis of some loosely and arbitrarily crafted foreign conditions which are not Law in Australia.
27/10/15 11:28 PM
It is laughable Jock that the minority deregulation voters imagined that their number 1 enemy and competitor was another Aussie grain grower and that their best friends were the international traders and the millions of overseas producers subsidized by their governments. They should have gone to spec savers, because they are now being shown what the majority knew all along.
17/07/15 02:34 AM
Read the figures traders, the report says that 65% of growers said they were either getting less or no more than under Single Desk. If 65% are worse off or no better off, then the deregulation has failed growers because on top of being no better off growers are faced with higher risk, more complications and confusion and less satisfaction from customers because of the blending down of our quality by traders and merchants who don't have any interest in improving standards of quality delivered. It is their culture to blend quality down to the lowest acceptable level in order to maximize margins.
15/07/15 02:18 AM
Well, well, well here is the independent proof, that most farmers are now worse off on grain income without the Single Desk. And most believe it is because there are too many middlemen taking a slice of the growers incomes.
Many of us knew that anyway while the handful of free traders and trade biased commentators tried to pull the wool over our eyes.
14/07/15 08:51 PM


How many Aussie growers actually do any significant % of their grain marketing through SWAPs?
09/07/16 09:25 AM
You can add to that Jock, "and minimize their own risks" meaning leaving all risk with the growers (and others).
Crops are headed for records globally so EU will dump prices as usual under their heavily subsidised system of farming.
Don't expect to see much price encouragement from the multinational traders next year.
08/07/16 07:44 AM
"Hold your grain till the price goes up" and "We do not need assistance".
The agricultural industries in Australia have been made to provide assistance to all other sectors of the community for many decades. That assistance comes via the fact that all farm input costs are loaded with the cost of many regulations all aimed at assisting the service sectors earning money from farm produce. The biggest cost comes from the highly subsidised and regulated labour market. Farm produce pays inflated input costs but is left with internationally lowest prices for commodity.
07/07/16 11:26 AM
You trader stooges are missing the point of this story. It is being spelt out loud and clear that Australian grain growers are now losing share of the global market due to the vacuum left after the removal of the AWB and Single Desk. If some nut jobs think they can take on the US administration which pours billions of subsidies into the US Wheat Associates members pockets, let them put their own money up. They will lose it like throwing packs of $100 bills into the ocean. They did not recognise what they once had due to arrogance and ignorance.
23/11/15 12:18 PM
How many grain organisations are needed to represent 4,000 WA growers? I counted 6 listed!!!
12/11/15 09:33 AM
You are right Jock of course. It is easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled in the first place.
01/02/16 08:42 PM
Yes Accountant. You make sense. All well and good for the trade or market gurus to tell farmers to hold off but none have given any reason or statistics to support their advice. They have said nothing to indicate why prices will go up to cover the lack of cash flow. Of course if prices go down, the farmers become desperate sellers sending them even lower as they all rush for the door!
At least under single desk pool provisions, at times like this growers were given funds at about 75 - 80% of grain value to reduce their loans and interest bills with and pay storage and handing fees.
19/11/15 07:02 AM
COFCO have always been buyers of Australian grains and most notably were major buyers of malting barley, wheat and a little sorghum and canola. However now the grower controlled marketing bodies have disappeared growers no longer have leverage over them. As COFCO get bigger, local growers will lose the leverage they once had in extracting good deals on freight, finance and quality, not to mention prices.
05/11/15 01:13 AM
Ok Mark, I accept what you say, but I am mystified how our once great single unified grain producer lobby organization has been reduced to such a mess and how on earth growers think they can advocate for their industry in such division and disarray?
12/09/15 04:15 AM
How can GGL be receiving $2m from GRDC and also be an official body representing the interests of growers at the same time? That is, how can it claim to be representing the very growers it is fleecing? Add this grab for growers money to the grab taken by its director reps and GGL looks like a bunch of traders helping themselves to the growers hard earned levies as well as their membership fees.
10/09/15 08:55 PM


I agree with you David on your article today.
The decision to shut down the whole NSW Greyhound Industry by Mike Baird is typical of the jack boot approach of the Greens who see themselves as the elite of our community with the right to play judge and Jury on all matters of conscience and morality. They forget however that most of their judgements have no sound basis in balanced morality. There are many examples of that elite group's policies which are actually quite disgraceful in terms of human behaviour. Mike Baird has had to enlist the Greens support on this matter, and that says it all!
11/07/16 01:57 AM
Have a look at the destruction your model has been for farming Mr Carpenter. About 30 years ago and going back 50 years from then, it only took about 1,000 - 5,000 acres to make an excellent living out of farming depending on whether your focus was broad acre cereals or livestock. Today the area needed is at least 5 times that much and the outlay in equipment is on par with that growth. Our farming industry is divided and under the control of foreigners and it is getting more and more impossible to get a start or find people who want to. So don't slam Barnaby. Your way is a failure.
15/02/16 05:25 AM
Finally Ian Macfarlane is getting back the same treatment he handed out to grain growers when he was president of the Grains Council of Australia. Hopefully he is now humiliated and one day soon understands the meaning of honesty, loyalty, and integrity.
I think the Nationals are lucky his trick failed. They are far better off without the trouble he would have brought.
14/12/15 08:28 PM
Honestly, some people live in fairyland. Surely it is obvious that any foreign entity with an Australian branch operation, and an offshore, home based head office in a lower taxation regime than Australia's, they will find any number of "ways" to make sure all Australian income is offset by a greater level of company overheads from home base so their overall profits are not made in Australia, but are still made overall via higher profits elsewhere.
There has to be another way to capture the tax income that is being avoided if Government would only wake up.
11/03/16 07:06 AM
The Liberal Party have lost their way under Turnbull. All Turnbull can point to for kudos these days is the success highlights of the policies introduced under Tony Abbott, his sucking up to the left, the Greens, the ABC, the Global warmist alarmists, cross benchers and Islamic Community, after Islamic fundamentalists murder and terrorise the most innocent members of the Australian community. Their crocodile tears for regional people on health insurance is hardly meaningful after their scant concern for rural areas in general.
13/11/15 06:29 AM
I wont be voting Nationals or Liberal if either party supports changing the marriage laws in such a way as to make it illegal to refuse to perform the marriage ceremony or in such a way as to ban people from publicly protesting against such changes.
02/09/15 05:29 AM


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