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This journalist has his own hidden agenda. Bettles, do you export cattle or sheep, by any chance? There have been evidence based exposes in Turkey, Israel, Indonesia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, PAKISTAN(!!), Mauririus and more, and the rest just haven't been caught. And these 'folk' didn't give a toss when 40,000 meatworkers jobs were lost as a direct result of this trade, plus the GSP, and the jobs in satellite businesses in regions where where meat processing was the only major employer. If anyne needs to get a grip it is this clown.
18/05/13 06:04 AM
If this man is the 'chief' of this woefully biased media outlet, then the standard of journalism we can expect is similarly unbalanced and unprofessional. We have seen examples of 'professional animal handling' in live exports - brutal use of electric goads agaimst OIE codes, animals stuck on trucks on full 43 degree sun for hours awaiting loading onto these ships of shame, blind and diseased animals being taken for loading, and have complained within the law - to a deafening silence.These courageous people are just doing what hundreds and thousands of us wish we had the courage to do.
17/04/12 10:01 AM
1. There is no such thing as a humane exporter.
2. If they won't take boxed meat give them nothing.
06/11/11 08:17 AM
Where does this hopelessly biased, inane journo get this rubbish from? The animal advocacy movement will never compromise.
No-one who has any connection with this brutal trade is 'blameless' including the people who breed the animals for it.
As for Maudsley, the facts of the matter are that he has no possible credibilyty at that particular forum or indeed any other.
There is nothing 'bold' about him, the fact that he was silly enough to try and justify himself speaks for itself. Try presenting a balanced report for a change. Tell the truth.
13/10/11 05:36 AM
The divide of humaneness is real. Farmed animals have no protection from the outrageous greed of farmers who care nothing about the torture of the animals they send off on old rustbuckets to be so egregiously abused.
Grazier, you have no credibility, nor does the author of this drivel. Everyone knows that in every country to which these hapless animals are sent, they will be tortured. Don't expect sympathy from us, you are despicable.
And BTW, we believe that no pet shop should be sellinng living creatures with no care about what happens to them. No-one's livelihood should depend on cruelty.
21/09/11 06:32 AM

Get Muddy

This seriously flawed, disgraceful article aside from the stunningly biizrre allusions to naziism, cites a comment made on the Save Live Exports Facebook page. He does not cite the accusations made by the contributoirs to that page that the woman is a criminal, a liar, suffers from a mental illness and a myriad of other defamatory and baseless statements. As for Landline, it never lets the facts get in the way of a good sob story, and the footage I saw showed pigs hasving electric stunning devices plasced in their ears and eyes and more. This man seriously needs to get a grip.
04/10/13 02:04 AM


Those of us genuinely concerned with animal abuse have for years had absolutely no confidence in the RSPCA at all. Its prosecution rates are abysmal as are its euthanasia rates. Given that it doesn't give a toss about farm animals, it's curious that the farmers lobby is even concerned. Let's not forget that the RSPCA gets money from animal products. Next it will be giving preferred exporters like LSS a 'pae of approval'. Coleman needs a serous wake-up call out of his complacency.
24/07/14 07:14 AM
The typical shrieking from the exporters when they are expected to pay their way. Of more interest is who has been poicking up the shortfall up until niow - the unwilling, hapless taxpayer - Ms Penfold, tell the truth, How much do you cost the taxpayer a year - say, over the past 5 years?
28/06/14 09:03 AM
I wonder if this woman knows the difference betweek anecdotal and empirical evidence? As for the 'impact' on the farming community perhaos the 'impact' upion the animals - whose torture brought the suspension avbout, is more significant to the hundreds and thousands of decent, hardworking Australians who have cine to absolutely despise these farmers. I cannot believe that any university would give such a project an academic endorsement, Vested interests, yet again
28/06/14 08:26 AM
This is a typical over-reaction from an industry that has much to hide. If you are so open to Ms Bridges, please let her see the sow stalls, farrowing crates, battery hens in space the size of an A4 piece of paper, and chicken farms with hundreds of thousands of grossly deformed birds crammed in sheds. Take her to the dairy farms as claves are removed from their mothers, and to slaughterhouses (Including the one most recently exposed abusing pigs ) Finally no-one is interested in filming your homes and that analogy fails as irrelevant. Ag gag laws only serve to perpetuate the cover-ups & abuse
04/06/14 07:34 AM
It absolutely is. As almost worthless as they were they did seek to ensure animals would be unloaded off the filthy ships regardless of their 'health status'. Is Joyce now going to claim that ;Bahrain is a 'new' market despite a MoU being in place just to get the unfortunate animals back in there? This government is more disgusting every day. As for the 'affront' - most Australians find the torture of our animals by the savages in these foreign hellholes an affront as well. Joyce is openly and flagrantly sacrificing all known standards of decency.
07/03/14 06:56 AM
Who would believe a word that Wellards said? How many extra sheep did they load to hide the mortalities? Enough is enough, Shut them and LSS down now, we are sick of this 'collateral damage'
15/02/14 08:37 AM
Given that the livestock export sector s such a small component of Australian agriculture (0.3%) the fact that they have not got specific representation is just fine. They just whine the loudest. And in getting rid of red ape, does this self-indulgent and self-interested political parasite mean dismantling ESCAS? As bad as it is, it's better than nothing.
30/01/14 01:48 AM
NEVER, EVER AGAIN should a single Australian animal be sent to Egypt to their particular savage cruelty. Never forget gentle, innocent 'Jacob', with his broken leg, having his legs slashed and his eyes stabbed. No more chances - ever again.
28/08/13 08:51 AM
This would be the Indonesia where they winch their cattle off ships by their necks ... and have issued a fatwa banning stunning? Try putting a spin on that, Penfold.
22/06/13 09:34 AM
Yes, we've seen so many times over the past decade what a priority 'animal welfare' is in these hellholes. We're talking about countries who practice female circumcision and stoning and flogging people to death. Moreover, the ESCAS does not in reality provide a single safeguard for a single animal, it was only ever about shutting down the grief and outrage of the Australian community and it is untransparent and wholly compromised by its self-regulation and the conflict of interest in everything DAFF does
28/08/12 08:55 AM


My goodness. Sheep won't have to be fed,,transported or shorn any more and all those people will have to find other jobs? Who knew? As for referring to animals as 'wastage', and 'commodities' that tells u everything we need to know about this writer. And let's not forget, it wasn't that long ago that he was breaking his neck to get as many sheep as he could onto the AWASSI EXPRESS. That's a measure of how concern for welfare. Just the sort of commentary I'd expect from him, greedy parasite, making his living out of animal torture,
13/07/18 01:00 PM
The RSPCA (NSW) should use some of the reported $50 millkion it has in investment accounts to do the ib that the people who gave it that noney gave it for. And a CEO who actually cares about animnals more than his $200+ salary, and pandering to the farmers would be a step in the right direction. A national clean up of the RSPCA would be a good start. As for mulesing, farming 101. Crutch the animals as often as needed - and what do you do about flystrike in other parts of the sheep? Hack that flesh away too?
01/09/14 07:59 AM
Seriously. Animal advocates (not activists) are unlikely to ever feel any good will at all, ever, towards farmers involved in live exports, intensive pig and chicken 'factories', and battery cages. We cannot begin to sympathise with such practices, where animals + money always - always - involves horrendous misery and suffering for the animals involved and money is manifestly the cause doe this entrenched, systemic and unassailable cruelty.
02/06/14 06:10 AM
Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. We have the right to know the conditions the animals raised for food are treated. Especially battery farms, chicken farms and intensive pig farms. If it's so great what are you afraid of? And for the record we have NO interest in your families or how YOU live.
27/05/14 09:45 AM
Here's the thing, Jason. If Australia stops sending cattle, that sends a pretty strong message. Pity you don't get that. We all know that ESCAS hasn't worked anywhere. So there is no way of protecting Australian animals and no other country can supply the volumes that Australia does. Just end it. If they want the meat they can have it chilled/frozen or not at all.
19/07/16 10:11 AM
Curious response, Paul Cox. I am familiar with the submission referred to by Sue Head and you have described unique characteristics of it such as a typo and some content. That submission is UNPUBLISHED. So we all want to know how you got hold of it. The submission was by Stop Tasmanian Animal Cruelty. So how did you get access to it before it is published? A direct answer please.
20/03/15 04:52 AM
Theorforce, like you lot aren't thinking only of yourselves? Shipping tens of thousands of jobs and livelihoods off with the animals. But you probably think that what we've seen in expose after expose is all perfectly acceptable.
29/06/16 12:39 PM
What is it that we see that he and his cohorts from both sides don't see? That the farmers don't see? How much worse does the video evidence have to get? How many millions of animals have to be tortured to death after hideous sea voyages? Where is the common decency?
27/06/16 10:44 AM
No matter how this biased journalist likes to paint these things, Joyce will be looked upon by history as someone who has actively promoted the animal genocide that is the wreteched live export trade. It is as shameful, horrific and abhorrent as the slave trade and the holocaust. Never mind, we can vote these greedy parasites out in a couple of years. Just Google Barnaby Joyce Travel Rorts
07/09/14 08:57 AM
And here we get to the truth. Australia is suspected of exporting breeding and dairy cattle who are really destined for slaughter because they fall outside ESCAS. And really - after what we saw the Indoneisams, Vietnamese, Egyptians and others torturing our cattle so egregiously, and with such savagery, who cares if they don't eat?
06/09/13 01:20 PM


If there is any prosecution at all, it will be swept under the carpet for years until they think we've all forgotten and gone away. Then there might be a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket.
12/06/18 01:27 PM
Cry us a river, Wellard. May you go out backwards, and soon. Let's put all the exports, suppliers and politicians who support this atrocity on these filthy ships, crammed in like the animals, and have them treated on arrival like the animals are.
29/06/16 12:50 PM
So Back is mightily miffed because his conflict of interest has been highlighted? Including his brother being an exporters' vet? He was never able to prove his allegations against Lyn White, that's why he hid behind Parliamentary Privilege. he hid behind Parliamentary Privilege. He's not having much luck with only about 2% of submissions supporting him. Cattle Advocate, get it right. NZ does not export any animal for slaughter.
09/05/15 08:21 AM
Bushfire Blonde. NO compensation should be paid. Is that simple enough for you? Nobody compensated the slave traders, nor the whalers, and this trade that shames every decent Australian will go down in history as the disgraceful business it is. It is no different from the horror those horrific chapters in history were. As for improvements, we know because the exporter employed and paid auditors say so? Seriously? The government only knows what they tell it. World's worst practice.
27/01/15 07:02 AM
Do we see an actual penalty ever being imposed on a delinquent exporter, or just the same old, same old, slap on the wrist with a wet lettuce leaf? The community will never trust this trade and it will never have a 'social licence', and all the fluff in the world will not change that.
21/01/15 05:51 AM
It's quite extraordinary to see a lawyer coming so close to outright defamation, and this journalist and journal reporting it. No animal advocate, so far as I know has been even approached, much less questioned by the police. Perhaps Wellards, with its own track record in mind, should be looking far closer to home for the culprits in all these allegations. I'll back our social licence any day against these people.
08/12/14 08:24 AM
Where did anyone say shut dow farming, and we are all heartily sick of the chest beating abioyt feeding the wrld when you do it subsidised with endless andouts from the hapless taxpayer. Olsson is right, nothing to hide,nothing to fear, and the fact that no-one shown in the video appears disturbed by the punching, kicking and cutting of these animals says it all.You cannot treat a dog or cat the way you treat farm animals, and cruetty is what is against the law. Suck it up, you've been caught out and you don't like it.
01/09/14 08:11 AM
We've seen time and time again how well Australia's 'influence' in overseas markets, but it's so good to see the likes of Bloomfield putting forward a flawed economic argument which shows beyond any doubt that it doesn't matter how obscene and hideous the animal torture is so long as she and those like her make a buck. Andrew Wilkie is enormously admired in Denison, Tasmania and across the country for continuing to stand up for defenceless victims of this wretched trade in animal misery and suffering. In time this trade will be viewed with the same abhorrence as the slave trade is now.
19/08/14 11:26 PM
Indeed, had a gustful. It means that hundreds of thousands of decent, hardworking Australians have been fotting the bill for the profit of greedy farmers and exporters. And unwillingly - if we only knew the truth of how much we HAVE paid. This is a filthy, evil trade, that most Australians abhor. It is long past time that the taxpayer contributed NOTHING towards a cruel, vicious, torturous industry, Not surprised by the typical ALEC shrieking though.
28/06/14 08:56 AM


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