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Rather than yet another "study" why don't NPW just get on with more diligence in ridding our parks of ferals - foxes, cats & pigs. Then our native species could survive.
07/07/10 10:35 PM
Constitutionally correct but the "spin" of the election campaign Kevin 07 was quite the opposite.
06/07/10 02:14 AM
Why not use existing legislation and laws on pollution and get really heavy with fines for the offenders. Up the mandatory levels so that we can get serious about actually reducing the dreadful stuff which is mucking up the air we breathe and the climate change which is happening because of some of it. I'm inclined to believe hundreds of scientists rather than a few who cast doubts (and at the same time make an absolute motsa out of their public speeches and such) We don't need an ETS or more tax - just a bit of guts to actually do something.
16/06/10 12:22 AM
The only Trouble with a capital T is the extreme views of Tony Abbott. Let's not forget there was only one vote in the leadership battle last year - and one fence sitter who didn't turn up to vote. Climate change is real and we should not be sitting on our hands as both parties are now. And to think Rudd thought the ETS might cause some electoral angst - now he's up against the mining giants!
15/06/10 04:54 AM
The Wentworth Group has been around for quite a while and are more likely to come up with a wholistic approach than individual communities. They deserve more respect than quite a lot of these comments offer. I'm left to wonder who the real "ratbags" are!!!
03/06/10 11:15 PM
Roll on the days when every farmer will manage his place like this. Well done.
01/06/10 12:46 AM
I'm surprised Tim Flannery hadn't woken up to this before. It was easy to see from a visit to Newcastle CSIRO Open Day a few years back that there were too many answers to be found and that it would be hugely expensive to "capture". Always reckoned it was just more political spin by successive governments because of our dependence on coal for current economic prosperity... but to hell with the future of the world. Coal should not be our future even though it will bring us some pain economically. We've already "missed the boat" with solar technology while we hung onto carbon capture.
28/05/10 01:34 AM
Good on you Professor. Climate change should not be about whether you BELIEVE in it or not. The facts are there and too many people have buried their heads and just don't keep up to date on this. Go to your BOM website and look at the last 100 years of temps. The media does need to be called to acccount. Scientists are by far more qualified about climate change - the evidence is there. by a huge majority. Journalists on the other hand just need to sell newspapers.
25/05/10 09:37 PM
Sounds like a good concept. Too much of our good farming land has gone into small lifestyle allotments. Good luck with getting "hobby farmers" to think commercial. They have enough difficulty in even sharing farming equipment. I've been one so am talking from experience!
24/05/10 02:12 AM
Let's hope that this all means cheaper prices for us long-suffering consumers instead of lining the pockets of shareholders of Woolworths and Coles. We've been ripped off for far too long. Roll out some more Aldis please.
15/04/10 11:42 PM


Not keen to have this stuff in the atmosphere & travelling such distance. Why are we so far behind other countries in banning it?
14/06/10 01:00 AM
Here we go again - is this like another cigarette cover up? The "market" is not everything - people's health is much more important.
17/12/09 08:42 AM


That's just the kind of news I like to read - to each his own! Great story.
27/08/09 02:36 AM


Hope the Federal Government buys back all the water that has been held back from those downstream of those monstrous dams - NSW and South Australia should be cheering. There are also jobs downstream that have been lost because of Cubbie. Good riddens.
31/10/09 11:02 PM


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The view of the PGA on this issue suggests that they also believe that the earth is flat. At
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And Rural Realist WAFF are even worse. Look at their call on single desk, GM, wool floor price
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