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Tha planet is getting hotter and drier and swans are frozen in ice alive. God only knows what the truth is on this I feel and I hope the scientists do ask for His guidance.
26/01/10 11:34 PM
Some city folk still feel justified and winners re their green cancer policies that have been given legal priority over property rights. But it is even affecting them in their own backyard when a storm crashes a tree they are not allowed to chop down on their roof. Please remember the crowd must have felt they were winners when they crucified Jesus. But did that make them right? Many have found flaws in Peter Spencer's character. All heroes except one are flawed in the good book. Peter is human like the rest of us but the spirit of truth has enabled him to achieve a feat that should make him a modern day cult hero in the Guiness book of records. He is no more a loser than Jesus was and will die one day knowing he stood for the truth. And his soul and spirit will live on. If you still love trees more than people please continue to ignore Peter's protest but if you can see the truth get behind it and help change our unjust laws.
26/01/10 11:09 PM
SOI - El Nino, La Nina which one brings the rain? Did we not have a big El Nino over Christmas when we got all that wonderful rain. It must have defied all predictions using El Nino as a guide. Some people say Inigo Jones forecast the start of the new millenium to be dry for the first decade and then wet in 2010. Apparently he based these long range forecasts on sunspot activity not El Nino pressure cells. We now know that sunspot activity has increased again. If Inigo's predictions come to fruition we may all say: "He may not have found the Holy Grail but he was one heck of a weather forecaster." To read more on Inigo please check the national archives on, issues/sherratt-2005.aspx For what is is worth Inigo was also a member of his church synod so he may have had some divine guidance. This would appear to be something that is lacking these days in most of our scientists.
24/01/10 10:49 PM
You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. It will be interesting to see how many voters are fools if we do go to a double dissolution on the ETS tax grab hoax.
21/01/10 10:50 PM
Hey this reads like a history lesson. Did not our phosphorus problems peak during the '80s? A combination of rising avgas prices, fertiliser prices and drought plus ridiculous publicity saying phosphorus was evil in this desperately deprived country have resulted in a severe run down in our P soil banks and productive potential. I love your note about China's tariff. "China has the largest reported reserves, but in 2008, at the height of the food crisis, China's central government introduced a 135 per cent tariff on exports to protect domestic supply." Now seeing as we have some of the largest reserves of coal why don't we put a tarrif on coal so our farmer's can afford to import Phosphorus? Do we still believe in all that free trade crap?
21/01/10 10:46 PM
Wow the Liberals have learned a little from Great Southern collapse. But not enough to dump the greens it seems. Most of Australia is marginal land and many of our most successful farmers operate in the more marginal areas. Tony you had your chance at the priesthood - please don't play God with our farmer's freedom to make a living as best they can from the land entrusted to their care. Listen to the support for Peter Spencer's protest. They may be few in voting terms but they know what is best for our land, the people and our economy. Take care or they may rise up like Gideon's army to defeat the gregarious green cancer that has invaded our political system.
20/01/10 10:08 PM
Lucy, you do like to muddy the waters don't you! Most of Australia is marginal land so what is the problem with Graham Spencer's statement of fact? This is no reason to lock it up and let it go to woody weeds, roos and introduced pests that cannot be controlled until droughts and bush fire bring or burn them out. Please do not forget the problem here. Julia Gillard spoke of an education problem this morning which is apparently crippling our country. Well, as someone who had a rural education but managed to come in the top 1% of results in his HSC, I can tell Julia ignorance and the degradation of rural people by ignorant green city voters is the major problem. Where is the equal pay and reward for effort and ability for rural Australians? Come on give us a fair go Lucy and do not pick on the down and out. Remember Jesus loved those who did not fit in to the city mass mould.
18/01/10 10:55 PM
How about some money towards the rural degradation. We must halt the green cancer in this brown country. It spreads from the cities and slowly strangles the surrounding countryside. Today I see feral deer in addition to goats, pigs, wild dogs, wombats and countless roos during my trips for work and play. Heaps of blackberries, serrated tussock, woody weeds and too many noxioius ones to count as I drive past greenie conversation areas. Tony Abbot you have lost my vote. Split the coalition please Barnaby and let us get some power to match the greens or we will be killed by the green city cancer in the bush. We are very sick at the moment from this disease and it seems Peter Spencer is still a voice crying in the wilderness when it comes to the ignorance of city voter power.
18/01/10 10:35 PM
Thank God Peter is still alive to fight another day for the truth. Peter may not be perfect as Mary points out, but you must all admit he has guts and grit and those of us on the land know he has a cause to fight for. It is a cause common to city folk - it is the cause of freedom. Many people have lived and fought and died for this cause over many thousands of years. Please do not forget Peter's enduring feat and the reason for it. The fight against the green cancer that is destroying our land.
15/01/10 02:39 AM
Noble John it is worship of mother nature by the people that has got Peter in the mess he is in. Jesus loved hard-hooved animals and He loves us all including Peter. I do not know why the humble sheep has been so vilified in Australia when this animal has done so much to develop our country into the one we know and love. Peter loves them and he is not too proud to recognised as a true Christian believer in the man who was born in a stable among such animals. We saw a miracle of rain on Christmas day against all long range forecasts and predictions. Peter's spirit will live on if he has to sacrifice his life for the truth and the people who worship false gods would be wise not to make Peter another sacrifice for the truth and a matyr for property rights essential for food security and fire prevention.
10/01/10 10:10 PM


I thought these sort of CSIRO scientists were extinct. Good to hear there are some left and being supported.
14/08/08 01:23 AM
What happens to all the phosphorus in human waste?
25/06/08 11:19 PM


Stop this madness before it is too late. We do not need more trees to get out of the deepening economic recession. We do not need more paper. We have electronic communications. Let's use them and save carbon. We do not need more timber for building or fires. We need food and clothing. There are currently 40 to 60% less cattle in the US than in the 1930s depression. Our sheep numbers are similarly depressed. The livestock are not causing global warming or the economic recession. Excessive taxes and land use regulations are hurting our primary producers and adding to a global food crisis. Grazed, growing grass has been proven to lock up a lot more carbon than trees. We get meat, milk and fibre as a bonus. Our great dividing range has more trees than we will ever need and it is already a natural wildlife and fire corridor. We do not need more trees. The world does not need more trees. We need more grass and livestock to eat it so we can eat them. WOOL IS PROBABLY THE BEST CARBON SINK WE HAVE. IT WILL NOT BURN AND LASTS FOR YEARS. No more trees please.
04/12/08 10:37 PM


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We farm at Beacon we had no rain last time .Since the 1st of Jan.we have recorded 45 mm ,6mm
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