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Alex - obviously you don't need to eat.
Mark - the level playing field eh? Haven't you realized yet there's no such thing as a level playing field anywhere in this world.
Hydatid - which of the businesses you mention is subject to the forces of nature, and which produces food?
16/01/14 06:35 AM
I have just sold cattle which are in good condition given the awful drought in the New England.
For the second week running the Armidale saleyards are at capacity, with some graziers selling breeding stock due to lack of feed and water.
Meat will be in good supply for a while, because these cattle will go to slaughter, since no one has any feed to re-stock on to.
That's farming..
But it's way past time that food production (ie, growing food, not processing it) received the recognition and support it deserves.
15/01/14 11:57 PM
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Farmer Joe's comments are absolutely correct. The entire cabinet is composed of similarly self-interested, irrelevant oxygen thieves.
25/02/13 11:07 PM
1. Both professors are IPCC man-made climate change proponents. 2. Where does Dave get the "survivable" 350 ppm from. Most published information indicates the current global average CO2 levels are around 315 ppm. The CO2 level is highly sensitive to local influences including urbanization, industry, vegetation and so forth 3. The Z-Facts data Poppy refers to is collected from on the top of the massive MaunaLoa volcano, one of the most active volcanos on the planet. Give that some thought in terms of the sensitivity issue I mention above.
05/07/10 12:55 AM
Good to see them roll out one of their has-beens in time for the election. Hopefully they'll roll out Paul Keating and maybe even Mark Latham - they both speak so wonderfully plainly as well.
05/07/10 12:21 AM
Minister for Social Inclusion ??? (Simon Crean) - is that code for a new lunchalot ???
28/06/10 10:47 PM
Aaahhh - Michelle... You've waited a long time for this. Julia can win the next election for Labor because she will attract all the votes of the "woman-worshippers" - those who will vote for her purely because she's our first woman prime minister and regardless of the competency of her or her team to run this country.
24/06/10 11:30 PM
...and the AWU sends the ball to the boundary for six - just like we knew 31 months ago they would !
23/06/10 11:41 PM
Well - what did you think they would do?? - it was always (from day one of this government) going to be that Julia would be promoted to leader, and what a great strategy - Rudd's on the nose, Julia steps in and then guess what - an election while she's in her "honeymoon" phase, putting this lot back in for at least three more years, but with Labor's left at the helm. O.M.G. - the Opposition really needs some help now.
22/06/10 11:45 PM
Fascinating statistic that - "reduce carbon emissions by 111%" over gasoline". Could a competent scientist/matematician please explain the logic behind the statistic to this obviously-incompetent scientist and engineer.
22/06/10 11:22 PM


Sure - if I can't taste unprocessed, unpackaged and unbranded products like fruit or nuts before I put them in the trolley, I'll reject them after they have been scanned at the checkout and I taste them and find them unacceptable, or I'll taste them when I've paid for them and if they're unacceptable I'll return them for a full refund before leaving the store. Really - what stupid nonsense suggesting that tasting a grape or two or a couple of cashews is a crime when you're there spending probably a hundred or more dollars on groceries. Same thing goes for cold meats from the delicatessen, the scrappy bits they put in the bag quickly from the back of the tray and not the good product on display at the front of the tray. Just tell the checkout operator you don't want them because what the deli assistant put in the bag was not what you saw on display.
08/11/09 10:47 PM


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Rusty...A shearing shed on a small place, might be used a week to five each year. 50 years down
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No varieties of barley left in WA suitable for Craft Beer production and little research. Craft
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We farm at Beacon we had no rain last time .Since the 1st of Jan.we have recorded 45 mm ,6mm
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