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They are going to dig up the land and ship it overseas.
Whether foreigners or locals own the land doesn't matter as the governments are the real controllers of the land and produce from the land. That should be obvious.
28/03/11 03:36 AM
Sea-changer "Seems like we maybe re-cycling urine to re-capture phosphorus"
We should be now. Waiting until phosphorus prices go through the roof is sheer stupidity. 5 kg of urine = 1kg of DAP (phosphate content).
22/03/11 05:15 AM
Insurance is a mine field. The devil is in the small print and exclusions.
Warren Buffet is one of the richest people in the world and his main investment, Berkshire Hathaway is an insurance company.
Like usual the horse (flood) has bolted and then the changes are made.
17/01/11 04:26 AM
EJ is not an economist for sure. Sweden has high taxes (2009 USD 44k per head) but they are richer per head that Saudi Arabians (2009 USd 14k per head). GPD is related to economic productivity not the level of taxes. Taxes redistribute wealth. Part of which is funding public services. A tax on carbon does not reduce the overall GDP of a country. A carbon tax redirects economic resources. eg. paying a higher fossil fuel tax is offset by lower income taxes. Therefore you are financially incentivised to travel less such as living near your work. A higher carbon tax may mean less LCD TVs but more employment and more expenditure on services close to home.
29/09/10 02:58 AM
Loc Hey, Your comment makes no sense. Read my email again. Show me any real evidence that proves that human induced climate change is not happening. I would be glad to see and read the reference. So far every time there appears to be some case it is show to be misrepresented. Only a fool would do nothing in the face of life impacting risks.
29/09/10 02:47 AM
I have searched the internet for scientific evidence showing that the skeptics are right. I have found none. Mostly just diatribe and distorted 'facts'. I wish they were right but it really doesn't look like it. The smart thing to do with an uncertain future is to take out insurance. As climate change moves like a super tanker we effectively don't get a second chance if we take no real action to minimise it. Sorry folks, that may not be what you want to hear but that is reality.
27/09/10 12:09 PM
The independents' power is in the balance of power. They can do what ever they want but should work together as one to be effective. They call the shots and they need to call them. If that means doing a deal with Labor to get the mining tax through then they should do that.
02/09/10 06:57 AM
Townsville is the only metropolitan area I can see that can be expanded by 3m or so people. It has low value farm land around it and the Burdekin Dam can be doubled in size to provide the water. Grafton is also a prospect as there are low value cattle lands to the north and plenty of water in the Clarence River which is wasted. Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth are all water starved which will limit their sensible growth. Desalination is not sensible.
13/08/10 04:46 AM
If it was a China project the Chinese government they would ensure the whole lot were made in China. Australia should do likewise. ie Made in OZ
13/08/10 04:38 AM
Building more suburbs is a dead end as people living there will have increasing real transportation costs. The suburbs are terribly inefficient and costs in regards to transport, water and electricity infrastructure and fuel consumption. The answer is to go high rise and have more parks. Tee suburban private quarter acre grass yards are a terrible waste of land and water.
12/08/10 10:44 AM


Just buy fert from Ravensdown co-op.
01/04/10 07:54 AM
If the $A doesnt go back to below US80c, you are going to see serious losses in the farming sector.
Most material costs (fertiliser, diesel and chemicals) are double what they were a few years ago.
Labour costs increase. Water and government charges automatically increase by the CPI (so no need for them to become more efficient, unlike the rest of us).
14/08/08 04:08 AM


3 bottles of decent wine for GBP 9. Sounds pretty good to me.
07/04/09 04:14 AM
Not food or fuel - it is FOOD OR TREES!
09/12/08 04:28 AM


I have eaten many apples from China. Not too impressed. Look good on the outside but go brown quickly from the core. I always choose Australian, US and NZ apples. Even then you have to be careful as there is no date stamp on an apple, but there should be.
10/03/10 07:30 AM


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