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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

David, thank you for your support you are the only politician in Canberra interested in our rights and in our democratic future; every word you say is true, unfortunately Joyce and NP will not support the majority view and our rights that we requested during the Senate inquiries they simply acquiesced to the industry bodies and the levy spenders – the same groups that instigated the levy structure in 1997 – we were not consulted then and nothing has changed.
We want a Plebiscite to determine that there is majority support for the Levy structure in the first instance!!
27/10/15 10:48 PM
Agrarian socialism is well and truly alive in the cattle industry as well David; we are forced to contribute through a Tax on cattle to prop up meatworks and their foreign owners and paid the lowest cattle prices in the world to boot.
The processors have a superior status over the live exporters and MLA is spending the tax derived from the producers of Live ex cattle to market and promote beef over Australian cattle in Asia, to our financial detriment.
What is your party proposing to do to help us rid ourselves of this bureaucratic structure?
07/07/14 11:55 AM
and... the first job is to repeal the AMLI Act and disband the MLA/RMAC structure.
Currently, meat and cattle are in short supply world wide we need nothing else than what we currently have to sell, and sell at about 300% better return than our closed industry; deregulate repeal and remove ESCAS the rest will come.
28/04/14 02:02 AM
Dean; Your attempt to give a history lesson is wrong; the Queen is not of England anymore, not since 1973 within the Royal Styles and Titles Act but of Australia and she has no Land in that capacity; the land as drifted to the Parliament(s).
The Great Seal in the 1901 Constitution was superseded in that Act without Referendum or Her Majesty's Assent (or the Governor General)
The Australia Act is now our Republican Constitution, without the Common Law where Parliamentary Supremacy reins supreme.
Thats where our property rights went...
24/10/13 05:42 AM
Good article David; there needs to be a lot more radical thinking on behalf of landowners to protect their property rights, extreme measures like the withholding of primary products to disrupt the food supply chain to change the simpering gutless whining of farm bodies; CCA comes to mind; also selection of candidates for federal parliament and a new Boston Tea Party outlook; if we do not then we will really be the subjugated serfs that fought for their property rights prior to Blackstone.
Some further research David is the "The Tenures Abolition Act 1660 (12 Car 2 c 24)". Please write more
19/06/12 09:38 PM

A matter of opinion

Matthew, the matter we look at is not who eats what and how, much its the price we receive.
non western markets are currently paying far more for cattle than the mafia processors and they aren't interested in all the bells and whistles that you are talking about.
the 2 things you have not discussed is farm-gate cattle prices and the spiralling cost of production which includes Taxation and incompetence and and corruption in RMAC/MLA/CCA.
Opening more meat markets at our cost will not save the cattle sector; farm gate prices must rise or herd liquidation will continue; its pure economics
18/07/14 09:35 PM
"A starting point is for the industry to shift its focus from things outside the boundary fence, that are outside its control, to things within the boundary fence that are a function of management and have a significant effect on business performance. The perception that beef producers are a homogenous group similarly affected by, and at the mercy of, external influences is a fallacy and prevents the self-assessment necessary to address the problem." -p67 The Northern beef report: 2013 situation analysis
Brad, this is the problem, clearly identified!!
28/04/14 01:55 AM
Simply diversify your cattle marketing away from domestic meat production into exporting the live cattle nationally.
Develop a strategy that disconnects supply away from Australian abattoirs and develop a policy that says if the Australian consumer is not prepared to pay inflated meat prices to match their inflated incomes then we will sell to someone overseas. The world is starving for meat, look at China!!
RMAC would have to be repealed, its the cause of why we must accept these less than 3rd world prices domestically; because the Processors control RMAC and we finance that control!!
26/03/14 09:39 PM
Dickytiger; Abares disagrees with you and is 1% - 4% really profit? Not in my book it isn't. If you add in a 15% -20% profit there is almost no rural business qualifying.
Spot on Chick, politicians are elected to "represent their constituents"; SFOs and peak councils came about when communications were poor and the roads were non-existent; that time has passed and its time Parliament stepped up to the plate.
13/03/14 03:16 AM
Andrew; the main problem is not advocacy primarily its Profitability. If farmers were profitable and enjoyed the affluence that mainstream Australians people enjoy things would be different, they would react differently.
Also in addition to Profitability federal politicians probably Senators whose job it is to represent the States should annually travel the nation and hold official hearings where Farmers can come under Parliamentary privilege and discuss their issues, direct.
Parliament must engage with rural Australia directly; the peak council way does not work; look at the mess we're in.
12/03/14 10:51 PM
Matthew; how would you like to pay a compulsory tax to a group that you do not want, cannot control their habits; within the Media network in Australia that governed what you say and write in your daily work; that is appointed by the Minister for Communications, who constantly told you and your fellow journos and the rest of the world that is was "your" "industry'.
08/11/13 02:55 AM

Burrs under my saddle

"I did not hear one person talk about their vision for the country or the implication of the spill motion in the national interest."
Pete I think this indicates the government system itself is broken - you will never get stability when the people vote for a leader only to have him deposed by those pollies wanting to save their skins.
This is a false democracy in every sense - it is a socialist system - there is no protection of property - and the State owns mostly everything, at least 90% of the land.
Change will be very difficult - the ones without property wish to control everything.
20/03/15 10:42 PM

Bush Matters

"To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" - Voltaire.
The good Senator may have read the submissions but he has not taken heed or for that matter understood the oppression that he desires to enforce through Federal control through the Peak Council system which is a government agency; its over Senator, 17 years of economic disaster and incompetence and it was never going to work.
29/06/14 10:00 PM
The problem is extremely low farm incomes!!!! COP has risen by 300% in the last 15 - 20 years and grass-fed cattle prices are stagnant, which means a $600 animal today is equivalent to $200 in 1996, and that is now less than the COP itself.
As cattle prices have failed the price of land that runs the cattle has dramaticly increased when in fact it should have dramaticly declined.
Gov. policy is on Productivity not Profit; development must come from Profit not a bank loan; thse are the real issues.
16/05/14 09:53 PM

Out of the shadow

Joel, in light of your words in this article will you give an assurance that the Labor Party will support Senator David Leyonhjelm's Dissallowence motion in the Senate regarding Compulsory Levies, and implement a Policy that guarantees Democracy and consultation with Levi Payers through a Plebiscite for the continuation, increase, decrease, or abolishment of Agricultural Levies?
24/08/14 09:24 PM


newbroom; "Kidman the Forgotten King" was first published in 1987, close to 30 years is a long time ago. What worked then is not working now.
Fact and reality is that Sir Sidney was profitable and its not now - there can be no investment without profit.
The land the Kidman operates on is prominently Leased Land that they do not own, and the infrastructure is part of the land and therefore State owned - now that Crown Tenure is State owned.
Any potential investor needs to be aware of the reality that land here cannot be owned only rented and States do not pay Compensation.
28/05/15 10:46 AM
Oscar; there can be no change within the SFO structure, they are the ones the nationalized us in the first instance; the 10%ers of which i suppose you are one.
You have a queer way of interpreting Democracy, its very much like the Chinese style!!!
the SFO's are the problem as well as being the 10%ers they are also National Party stalwarts and the last 18 years have proved that your brand of politics are no good in rural business.
Besides your idea about the "free loaders" is a wrong, you have not achieved any economic benefit for the 90% but they are subsidizing your 10%ers regardless!!
22/05/15 09:19 AM
The best income increase that any R&D can achieve is 3% - 4% maximum - what we need is an increase of 100% on what we are getting for grass-fed cattle; another waste of money to be administered by MLA.
Profit will not come from R&D it will need a change of style and policy and radical changes to allow a dramatic lowering of our cost of production, none of which the National/Liberal/Labor can deliver - free trade must extend to de-regulation in fuel, labor, the cattle industry, lower taxation and smaller government.
Joyce will not even adopt and the Senate Levy recs; he’s not serious!!

27/04/15 10:29 PM
Jim Cleary shouldn't get too comfortable - when the "Stockyard and Packers Act" is enacted here, probably after Joyce leaves the ag portfolio, and JBS and Teys are forced to de-merge their feedlot interests and their processing capacity back to a non-monopoly percentage then Mr Cleary may have to work for a new boss or go home.
31/03/15 11:05 PM
i agree there is no real economic benefit from the cattle levy at all, productivity gains of 1% -2% can never replace the erosion of profit below sustainable profitable levels.
The document I have seen certainly looks like it has been drafted from within the department's "Agriculture Policy Taskforce" - "Agricultural Policy Division" - the structure is designed to be the direct opposite of the Senate Recommendations - exculcive, none of the other 6 recommendations will ever see the light of day if this is implemented; only a senate dis-allowance motion will secure our future!
20/02/15 02:15 AM
The cattle industry under MLA/RMAC Federal Government control is very similar to the Government of Hong Kong in the media at present - The central government controls MLA through legislation and controls the membership of the Directors by only allowing the individuals they desire to stand for election onto the Board of MLA through the selection committee.
That is straight out of China, a communist doctrine, its here alive and well in Australia's cattle grass-fed sector.
It must change if we are to progress to the the 21st century...
02/10/14 01:50 AM
"The National Farmers Federation and 17 other agricultural groups in the AAG have accused Senator Leyonhjelm of being driven by ideological opposition to levies."
Well the NFF got that one right, Senator Leyonhjelm is in good company with his dislike for Agrarian Socialism.
The issue is that with all the billions spent in the grass-fed cattle sector in the payment of levies the Tax has contributed nothing to our bottom line.
The discontent will not just disappear if there is no change; we need an increase in income and the levy and CCA will never achieve that!!!
02/09/14 10:41 AM
I am amazed that comments above have accepted that SFO's are to be taken seriously!! they are not supported in the grass-fed cattle sector by anything like even a majority; they represent less than 10%, and they represent an unpopular political movement not a business organisation.
David you are on the right track in the cattle industry which in any case should be recognised as at least 2 separate competing industries - Live ex and domestic meat production - currently live ex is being discriminated in favour of processors by RMAC/MLA/CCA. No more levies!!
23/07/14 10:13 PM
The good Senator also believes in the right to own Land in Real Property or in Allodial Title a Property Right that cannot be realized in Australia and with the demise of the Crown since the Royal Style and Title Act 1973.
We should all support David In declaring a Federal Land Title Act that over-rides the States and gives us land rights and ownership of our land.
10/07/14 11:25 AM
we dont believe you Mr Norton, you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
This MLA that you speak so glamorously about, unlike any other organization you have been involved with has compulsory membership, there is no choice; there is no accountability because its first and foremost a Political organization; and politics and business do not mix.
The $1.8 billion already spent is wasted dead money; you will not change MLA because its a public service entity controlled be a Minister and an integral part of Government.
we need an increase in income by at least 100%, and you cant deliver
04/07/14 10:01 PM


Poor old Joel has misinterpreted what he has viewed from the highway in the Hunter; the high visibility uniforms he saw were actually mining industry employees!!!
If corporate ownership is the way to go how come PrimeAg failed, RM Williams Pastoral failed?
The Asian Food Idea will never eventuate for Australian farmers; food will be produced here for Asia but on their terms exactly like the Chinese Gov. Kununurra development; where the irrigation area is just another little piece of China.
06/12/13 01:20 AM
Savills should be focusing on the security of their investment in the land. Savills needs to understand that Fee Simple here is not the same standard accepted worldwide; the State governments control and regulate all land and they can apply any law to an existing title and deprive all beneficial economic interest with no compensation. No such thing as a Taking here.
You should look hard at the taxation/labor/marketing structures and conduct a costs benefits analysis re profitability before committing to investment. Profit currently is very low if at all, and you don't own the land...
29/01/13 11:42 PM
So your definition of “independently funded” is by a compulsory tax!!!! The other aspect you haven’t explained is the fact that if your GPA becomes a reality it will have to be “prescribed” which means legally it becomes a Department of the Commonwealth; MLA is your preferred model so you say and it's attached to the DAFF; the Public Service Union even represents the MLA employees and directors, that’s a matter of record; your obsession (and that of Agforce) regarding “free riders” does not fit well with your MLA model because at the 2010 AGM out of total 200,000 cattle owners eligible to vote in MLA only 5082 actually did vote in Darwin either by proxy or in person!!!That represents a voluntary membership of around 2.6%; in your terms 97.4% are “free riders” who pay a compulsory tax to keep a $200,000 million fund going to benefit of the elite 2.6%. That’s what flows from continual compromise and the desire of the few to dominate the many by another tier of Government; that’s what MLA does. Democracy is where there is more than one view and no one group is master; yes we must evaluate the concept and understand that there is no opportunity accept for those who wish to be masters.
29/04/10 10:56 PM
I too have received Pete Mailler’s email and done some research on him; he is not a farmer like he claims but really a consultant/politician involved with AgForce, and obviously a compatriot of Lyndon Pfeffer’s. There can only be 2 reasons why anyone would propose such a group as GPA ... either for economic benefit to the proposed membership ... or for political control of the proposed membership. With AgForce at the forefront of this push it is just another political mafia style money grab, after all look at their track record in QLD; the Delbessie Agreement and its multi million dollar income package to enforce a Labor Government’s draconian policy on AgForce's own members. Who gave these 3 people the right to form a steering committee to form GPA in the first instance? Usually in this country nothing like this is occurs unless a directive emanates from Canberra. If Canberra wants a MLA-style peak grains council then it should initiate a referendum of all registered grain producers; and I would vote no.
27/04/10 10:38 PM


so federal politicians were so naive do not realize that foreign investors in Australia's ag sector transfer their profit/produce offshore?? The Chinese are the same they just grow the products here and transfer the product to where they want to sell it - Transfer pricing and transfer commodities is happening and we are the losers - it is happening in the meat processing sector JBS and Cargil are not profitable either, in Australia, profits are being channeled through tax havens - if you want to extract some tax from their Australian production then impose an export tariff on them.
10/03/16 12:16 AM
David Hill; the very presumption you have in your comment shows we can never achieve democracy and regain our liberty; Peak Industry councils are an arm of government and that is exactly what we thought you people would do - enforce membership of CCA! We all want CCA unfunded and detached from the 90% who do not support you - CCA have always supported Government and a selected few. We have only got the "industry" to this point because we are outside - the cattle industry can only be represented by private funded, non government groups who lobby politicians, and that is not CCA.
08/03/16 06:42 AM
Has anybody had a look at what "Commission for International Agricultural Research" actually does?
Well its a Foreign Aid facility under the Foreign Affairs Dept. transferring our R&D that we (Farmers) paid for out of compulsory levies to our exporting destination countries!!!
That is why Heatley and the rest of the MLA/RMAC staff are in this group.
Its a complete disgrace; here we are paying Tax to do R&D supposedly for our benefit to give us an edge; all the while the Government agency's involved are transferring this knowledge to our export destination countries, to our detriment.
12/08/14 10:44 PM
I think debate on this issue should focus on an overhaul of land titles nationally. If the Senator and his colleague Senator Canavan are interested in the future development of the north then the complete lack private land ownership needs to be addressed - its currently all community owned land in the north with a myriad of interest groups, of which this article is just one example.
You need to decide on the land use and provide Title based on that, it must be done federally through a "Real Property Act" with the states compliant - banning State leasehold land completely.
23/02/16 11:39 PM
What Senator Lazarus is proposing will simply destroy the cattle market Australia wide because once you remove the live export competition prices will halve at least. Maybe we should be looking at who will benefit mostly from this proposal - the foreign owned meat processors profit will sky rocket with minimal tax as they use "transfer pricing" and run at a book loss in Australia all paid for by the cattle producer, the return of the processor driven slavery. Why does Lazarus want us to subsidize the unions, the processors and the urban consumer- what makes then special?
23/02/16 11:22 PM
The longer Barnaby stalls the Senate recommendations and implements his peculiar version of justice, which is a type of modern day slavery, the closer we are to all the socialist Government intervention into Agriculture being repealed. Its only the rusted on Nationals that have that burning desire to control the Funding that flows from the levy tax and are fearful of the actual farmers being in control. We must be the only country worldwide that Taxes its farmers compulsory and uses a share of it for Political purposes. Keep up the fight Senator, for democracy!!
13/02/16 04:17 AM
Jock; isn't the reason GRDC, MLA, RMAC, SFO etc are undemocratic is the fact that they are socialist agencies funded by Tax!! They are not supported by people because they are compulsory entities. The National Party implemented this communist structure; Joyce will not change it and deregulate so don't vote for them, support the Liberal Democrats, they are the only Party that supports us. So you have met a bloke that you think is Joyce that is not arrogant, not belligerent and rude; well mate that a different Joyce then the one we know.
12/01/16 04:52 AM
Yep, thats just what we need more Government control and an even more socialistic policy than the National Party; Agrarian solialism at its very best.
The trouble is the system we have is neither one or the other; if you're going to have what Mailler says then you have to go the whole hog and have Government set the Quotas and buy the crop and market it; then pay the grower after the sale.
Capitalistic communism will not work!!!
26/08/13 01:11 PM
I'm with Peter; in fact the extremely high standard of living is causing the farm sector into bankruptcy, because as Peter says we need to export our surplus when available.
That surplus in most cases cannot be exported at a profit because of our high cost of production.
If we are to follow the directions of the uninformed consumer in this article then that will ultimately mean a massive shrinking of all rural production just to cater for domestic consumption and will be most likely be controlled vertical integration by Coles and Woolworths; then you will see food costs skyrocket
07/01/14 11:18 PM
Lets put this into perspective;Its ESCAS that's the issue; here we have Government and a Minister who has extended the arm of the Australian Government to “Prescribed” Licensed Live Export Companies to apply, enforce and administer a set of Australian Government Regulations, on behalf of the Australian Government under the Export Control Act, an Australian statute, to extend that Regulation so that it controls business and the internal affairs of a foreign country(s), inside that foreign country(s), way outside of the territorial limits of Australia.
That's why the export to Indo ceased!!
11/03/13 04:27 AM


What we all should be voting on by ballot and plebiscite is "do you wish to continue to pay the levy" and the answer is "no".
What is remarkable is the Minister has deliberately rejected the Levy's Senate Inquiry recommendations because they failed to comply with the ruling party's policy approach - and they say they represent democracy!!!!
18/10/15 11:20 AM


And these prices may well prove, in the scheme of things, to be still too high; for too long the value of rural land has not reflected the profitability or even earning capacity of that land; in the cattle industry it has lost about 50pc of its terms of trade in the past 20 years but land values have gone through the roof, this has to change and we are now seeing reality in the making.
08/01/13 04:42 AM
In Argentina and Brazil land ownership includes mineral rights and you actually own the land, you dont here. The cost of production is also about 25% of the Australian costs; land ownership is also immured from planning and other environmental laws unless they are registered on the Deed; such laws are called “takings” and are subject to compensation, no such consideration exists in Australia.
80% of the rural land in Australia is owned by the “State” and the remaining 20% is in Freehold of Fee Simple but its property rights are far less than the accepted around the world. Investors Beware...
07/04/11 11:45 PM
Jock its called "Security of Tenure"; since the enactment of the Australia Act 1986 there is No tenure and No security, its just becoming evident now that’s all; the only tenure is Freehold of the Crown; there is none in Freehold of the State; 80% of the country is leasehold of the State which is worse still.
Jock can you explain (or anybody for that matter) how does a Mortgage work when you do not own the land??? When you only lease it either in pure leasehold or in State Freehold??? If you don’t own the land what are you Mortgaging??? Is it just the Instrument of Title which is only a License to occupy the land??? How do you value that??? Thats surely not ownership, is it??? There are Billions currently on loan from banks both national and international with zero security when examined on a world perspective. There has been no legal determination since 1986 regarding the changed status of Security or Tenure but it's coming....
19/11/10 04:32 AM


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