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Blab blah,Karen and Billy Goat(appropriately named),
You ought to find out a little more about Cargill before you belittle the NSW farmers proposal-for a start there is no mention of a single desk-this all about growers having a rightful presence in the marketing oif their crop and to keep the benefits acrued in the organisation over 60 years.
Cargill are a ruthless unaccountable organisation which will have no regard for the profitability of Australian wheat growers.
You can rest assured that if Cargill gain control of AWB Commodities,the brand will disapear,the handling sites will become cargill only and the grade spreads will disappear.
Talk to people who have seen them in action in other countries.Discover how they have been able to bully Governments-be realistic -is this what you really want?
18/01/11 11:50 PM
Not so fast Gregor.
Cargill have not succeeded in buying AWB commodity management and the sleeping dragon has been roused-do you really think that Australians are going to continue to allow their iconic and important assets to fall into foreign hands?
And another thing-please do not continue to put a positive spin on where the industry now finds itself-we have gone from the best in the business to the also rans in a very short time.Our political masters have been cajoled into dumping a system on grain growers that has not worked anywhere else in the world without Government subsidies as in the US and EU.
18/01/11 08:15 AM
You are dreaming Gregor! Admit that Australia's leaders have sold our wheat industry down the drain. We owned and managed our industry for over sixty years. We were the best.
10/09/10 10:01 AM


SA Grower,
Bob Iffla would be doing what he thought was best for the industry.
SAFF Grains have been nothing but a destructive force.
29/03/11 07:34 AM
How much more can we farmers put up with?
Firstly we are flooded with cheap and subsidised imports under Free trade> then we come under attack because we cannot supply due to the fact that many producers have gone out of business.
We are heading for a disaster and almost total dependence on imports.
What will this mean for the local consumer and our balance of payments in a Nation that has a natural advantage in the production of food?
13/03/11 01:13 AM
The only way to break the power of the duopoly will be to reintroduce some legislation to deal with the market failure.
The problem is how far will we go downhill until this happens.
I suggest that it will be when the consumer begins to hurt because production has dropped to a level that pushes prices through the roof.
11/03/11 09:59 PM
What planet is this woman on?
10/03/11 09:26 AM
Bushie Bill,
A very well known and highly respected ex farm leader firmly believed that Tony Burke deregulated the wheat industry with a view to remove wheat growers and potential National party supporters-in other words he was carrying out a form of population cleansing.
Google Tony Burke and Nationals and read what he has said about the Nationals.He has an obscession with them and knows that the Liberals would struggle with out them.
05/03/11 09:06 AM
Where are these so called you beaut Nuffield Scholars and Rural Leader Foundation types?
WE do not see them at SFO policy making forums.
They appear to be a protected species who bask in their own self importance.
03/03/11 07:34 PM
Australia's decision makers do not give a toss about food security-they are only interested in cheap food-hence the free trade agenda that is allowing super market shelves to fill with imported foods, the buy up of our land by foreign state entities(promoted by Costello and Hawke),and the collapse of transport infrastructure.
Just for good measure we are cutting back on Reasearch and extension and less people are studying Agriculture at University.
03/03/11 07:27 PM
Spot on Bill Williams and mark 2.
We are ruled by aloof and callously indifferent politicians.
The two major political organisations hold farmers in absolute contempt.
Watch the you tube video Liberal wheat teachery and see them laugh as they abolish the wheat single desk.
28/02/11 08:17 AM
You are standing in it!
28/02/11 05:05 AM
Fine idea but the major political organisations are more interested in cheap food for the people.
They do not even view Agriculture as a significant provider of foreign exchange.
They are prepared to destroy the domestic demand base and the potential to build exports upon that basis.
25/02/11 10:20 AM


The ARGA Group are appointees by the Board of Grain Growers LTD and as such cannot claim to be representatives.The membership of Grain Growers were not given a choice.
21/06/11 11:19 PM
Chair of Graincorp Don taylor played a key role in having wheat exports deregulated.
He now seeks to lay blame for the resultant and predictable logistics dysfunction at the feet of various Governments.
We have now achieved third world status in wheat marketing and supply chain dynamics.
Well done Mr Taylor.
09/03/11 06:46 PM
The only solution will be based around growers regaining some order and equity.
It is obvious that you have little understanding of the single desk marketing arrangement and why it gave Australia the best wheat industry in the world.
How about some original thought.
01/03/11 08:32 AM
You ARE a clever chap John-the industry is well on the way to becoming dysfunctional and your only response is to say that the single desk is dead.
So what we might we do when the crows come home to roost and we have stacks of unsold wheat?
28/02/11 05:03 AM
Losing the single desk and having multiple sellers trying to get wheat out would be making a problem with weather damage even worse.
Ginns and co will put it all down to flood damage of course.
No prizes for guessing who will be paying for the ships that lie in waiting at the ports-the poor disenfranchised grower.
Our damaged reputation with our customers will be taking a further hit.
Where are the treacherous politicians from Liberal and Labor who deregulated the industry?
27/02/11 01:16 AM
The Chinese will get our wheat for less dollars because we Aussie growers will compete against each other for a sale.
That is what you call competition!
Would Bill Heffernan and his Liberal colleagues try and explain that one away.
25/02/11 10:16 AM
Professor Zumbo could do the industry a real favour by putting a submission to the ACCC that calls for the blocking of the Cargill takeover of AWB commodities management because it is anti competitive.
19/01/11 08:30 AM
Congratulations to Tony Windsor for recognising the anxiety in the wheat gowing community following the treacherous removal of the single desk by Liberal and Labor. His comments in regards to the free marketers now seeing the benefits of old system are particularly pertinent. The Windsor Poll which was conducted prior to deregulation showed beyond all doubt that the single desk was supported by the great majority of growers across all states.
03/09/10 09:49 AM
So is the price going to fall by harvest time? With our single desk our pool manager AWB Ltd would have been locking in at these high prices. Another thing - how much dysfunction at the ports do we face as exporters scramble over one another to get wheat onto ships? The Labor Government and Liberal Opposition ignored growers wishes with an unequaled contempt and now we have a mess on our hands.
08/08/10 07:23 PM
Growers are now being fully confronted with the unmanageable risk that the removal of the single desk receiver of last resort provision has put them under. Do they sell forward and risk not being able to supply or do they wait until harvest and risk a market collapse and having to store and combat insect infestation? Welcome to the brave new world! No skin off the noses of the politicians who treacherously removed our arrangements. Watch them share a joke on You Tube-
22/07/10 08:54 PM


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