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Grain of Truth

A bunch of stay at home mothers who need some cause to talk about over lattes and danish pastries in order to make them feel busy.
It'smore a style thing for groups like MADGE.
25/05/11 12:47 AM
wasn't the marsh organic crop wheat?
So it should be easy to remove it fromt he field.
24/05/11 05:26 AM
End of an era and start of a new prosperous era for grain growers.
Cargill have a much bigger reach than AWB and apart from the storage it is just a brand that is pretty much worthless to anyone but misguided growers who are clinging onto the past.
The single desk is gone, get over it.
18/01/11 10:10 AM

Canberra Comment

Countries and cultures should be allowed to flourish without intervention from vegans.
If the indonesians want to bleed out their meat then fine - it's sold as seen.
I bought a t-shirt last week, the shop hasn't rung me up to check that I am washing it properly.
13/10/11 05:31 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Excellent piece, although I reckon David will be off Jock Munro's christmas card list.
07/06/12 06:04 AM


Well can you explain why the pool return for 2011/12 is so low compared to the cash price or any other grain pool.
Emerald were talking up their transparency last year - now they have removed their pool returns from the website and have not updated dailygrain with the pool return.
Transparency, yes its clear as mud.
08/04/13 11:50 AM
It's good to see the Emerald have managed to invest lots of money in infrastructure during two years when their pools have performed substantially below ever other marketer.
There should surely be an investigation into where the pool money went!
08/04/13 02:01 AM
Traders should have a special licence dependent on the products they are offering - if they offer pools, they should have to satisfy an independent body.
Using a pool as a way of financing the cash book, shouldn't be allowed.
02/11/12 02:47 AM
There is the argument about the service offered by CBH being lower if owned by a multinational - I argue that if growers go bust what does future performance of the handling system matter.
25/10/12 04:33 AM
Pools are an excellent thing, provided you can trust the pool provider.
03/10/12 03:43 PM
Jen & Bluey,
You both run a business, do you think every other business(non-ag) which creates a business plan knows every action and reaction over the longer term.
You adapt for any eventualities, but more likely you will just sit around and let the world wash over you and complain when you get wet.
07/09/12 12:20 AM
If quality improves, and premiums rise then its a worthwhile change to advantage growers who produce the greatest quality.
Rather than favoring the worst, its favoring the best quality.
07/09/12 12:16 AM
You use terms like 'skyrocket', can you be more objective and place an estimate on how much you think(if at all) an increase would be?
03/09/12 04:32 AM
Two Cents,
If these lines cost a huge amount to repair/maintain then the price of transport to port will go up, could still be cheaper to keep on road.
03/09/12 01:54 AM
Hungry, Farmers have too many voices, the more voices the less the message is heard.
Until there is one voice, no-one will hear your rants.
31/08/12 05:32 AM


Let's see what the other marketers have to offer
02/04/13 12:39 AM
Lets hope that emeralds pool returns are not a reflection of future trade.
05/03/13 12:42 AM
@who pays
The pool participants generally pays.
21/12/12 12:01 PM
Don't be silly Aaron, if the single desk was still around quality would not be an issue.
03/10/12 12:44 AM
What about the industry associations who represent the growers?
28/09/12 03:38 AM
Any grower regardless of size, could go out and get a wheat contract in the mid 300's.
27/09/12 12:56 AM
What about the ludicrous fees charged by consultants for their advice.
These independent advisors who all have conflict of interests.
31/08/12 07:06 AM
I concur with your train of thought observer - however there is limited demand for containers and these smaller buyers come with higher risks.
15/02/13 06:11 AM
I agree with Aaron, container packers in the metro are under utilised. There is not a huge volume.
15/02/13 12:20 AM
Just don't trust their pools or other gimmick products.
Cash contracts only.
31/01/13 01:43 AM


They want non GM for biofuel in order to trade the meal to stock feed companies after the oil has been extracted.
30/05/12 01:01 AM
No thanks Colours, I enjoy a good steak and will continue to enjoy this.
07/05/12 12:43 AM
Hat about the people living in apartments?
30/04/12 11:31 PM
I'm glad sarcasm is not lost on the single desk fraternity.
23/04/12 12:33 AM
Why don't we go further and do some soviet collectivisation and take over the farm.
19/04/12 11:51 PM
My point was the trading houses own the assets in order to trade the grain effectively.
They have invested in the market, so for them to just leave they will have to be compensated - what is the plan for compensating the grain companies who have invested in Australia?
It's not going to happen, look at the uproar caused by the recent nationalisation in South America.
19/04/12 05:19 AM
It will never happen, the general population will never be willing to pay an increase in taxes to pay for the reintroduction of the single desk.
Who is going to pay to buy out the infrastructure i.e. ports etc.
19/04/12 01:23 AM
The single desk did not remove any of these risks, it just shared them among everyone regardless of choice in a communist manner.
18/04/12 01:40 AM
If human beings are living so much longer, shouldn't children spend longer in education?
24/05/12 09:09 AM
What is wrong with having a focus on foreign students - they are the ones which bring higher revenue to the university.
The problem is that none of these students are generally able to stay in Australia after completing their degree because of the visa requirements.
14/05/12 12:49 AM


fruit and veg producers better hope that consumers don't stop wasting food otherwise prices will nose dive.
24/07/12 01:52 AM


Let them choose whether to wear them. I think a little bit of discomfort is better than death or disablement.
12/01/12 02:08 AM


Its the end of the world, all these teachers will be sitting in their classrooms feasting on our wheat whilst australians starve
30/05/12 11:37 PM
What a selfless character you are Bluey. Is it too late for Australian of the Year nominations.
10/01/12 01:18 AM
What foreign company controls Australia's wheat exports?
06/01/12 08:48 AM
If changes to foreign investment rules make it more challenging for foreign people/companies to buy land then this will get worse or even lower land value.
07/04/11 01:29 AM


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