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So a poll of less than 500 people is a fair indoication of the views of 40000 grain growers. You turkeys are the ones who need to check your facts. Before you even begin your "sustainable and essential" business, you seem to be relying on government intervention in normal commercial processes to stop the competition. Next you will want a bit more government assistance to make the business work, the most important will be leverage to ensure you can accumulate enough tonnes. I have been selling grain to Cargill for many years and I continue to do it because they are reasonable to deal with, honour their contracts as long as I do and always pay on time. I am more comfortable dealing with a professional marketer than a company hobbled by trying to serve an overpolitical mob of farmers who do not appear to understand commerce.
20/01/11 09:19 AM
The "sleeping dragon" is a really good name for the flat earth society that truly does live in fairy land. Perhaps though the sleeping dragon's name is puff and NSWFA proposal was dreamed up over a few joints.
Cargill is a far better option for growers than the backward looking grains committee of NSWFA.
The reality is that AWB has been lacking enough capital to sustain the business and provide a stable marketing and risk management platform to service growers needs.
If NSWFA can present a compelling business case that actually has some commercial basis rather than the ideological rantings we are used to from them, growers may be interested in supporting a grower owned national marketer. However, I can guarantee growers will not forego competitive market forces now. As a result AWB now or in the future will not be guaranteed supply of grain at any level. On this basis, AWB will struggle to survive without significant capital injections. To make AWB a grower owned company again means growers will have to pay that money.
NSWFA would be better served working with Cargill, to get the best deal for growers, rather than poking them in the eye with childish rantings.
18/01/11 11:02 PM


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