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Grain of Truth

If Cargill win the day because of grower apathy and ill informed people who make statements which are from a fairyland book I bet you will all run and hide and be the first to start winging about how good it could have been if growers still had a place in the supply chain and marketing of their grain and not just working class serfs to foreign owned companies where all the profits go back to their country and they don't invest in our infrucstructure.
Gregor needs to get out of the office and travel around the states a bit more and talk to a few more farmers outside his close freinds.
Where in all of this did NSWFarmer mention the Single Desk? It was clearly stated that it wanted a grower owned and controled entity marketing all grains and said clearly the Political will is not their to go back to a Single Desk. It was about a grower Coop.
Learn to read you lot before you make stupid statments that belittle your own argument.
19/01/11 07:30 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

David you certainly show that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and you have nothing to lose if the deal had gone through. Stick to what you know and what will affect your wallet and keep your nose out of what we will suffer under your armchair expertise!!!!!!!!
10/03/14 07:43 AM
If Graincorp had of been set up as a Sister Co-op to CBH with the EAST and West Coast Assets ring-fenced and handling and selling grain for the benefit of the Grower members and not that of institutional investors we would not be having this discussion. It is not to late to think outside the square and make a success of this decision through good thought a strong leadership. The will of the East Coast grower is to get back into the Supply chain and markets. It's a success story in the West and can be done in the East. Bring on the new world of Grower control. Anything is possible!!
03/12/13 12:28 AM
Thats right David white ant the last thing Australian farmers have left in their name. People like you will only be happy when you have sold us all out to the foreign owned and controled greedy companies who will use us as a last stop back paddock to supply grain to build their own quality.
You lot would try and sell your wife given enough money. Is nothing sacred in Australia. My Grandfather warned me we would all become White collies slaving for a foreign master sold into slavery by those lining their pockets with Gold and your trying to get on the band wagon.
01/08/12 07:28 AM


Boris you are wrong! ADM already has a supply chain presence in Australia, where have you been? Graincorp lost touch with it's grower support base a long time ago and if the Boards had been doing the right thing for us it would have a lot more support but it was blinded by high flying Board members and poor CEO's and started to dig it's own grave against massive competition when they got their way Deregulating the Wheat market. Now they can not compete. If they were acting for the growers seeking out new markets for all grains and passing on better prices they would do better.
17/12/15 09:39 PM
Surplus fund to put on FMD?
Best drop interest rates and drop the dollar if you want this to happen!
Fuel has doubled in the last few years along with most other cost and the price of grain has been manipulated down by the trade. Keep the grower in their place and don't let them get their head above water for a change. I don't know who is going to feed the world's future population but I doubt whether the Family Farmer will be. Token rubbish like this does not fix the problem!
Not many farmers have the ability to get off farm income and still run their farm efficiently.
01/07/14 10:36 PM
All savings will not be seen by most as the additional distances and time at sites unloading will soon eat up the token $5 .
On farm storage will see grain lost from Graincorp and off farm sales take over. Total inefficiency of the Graincorp system should have been dealt with first such as losing buyer support from difficulties extracting grain out of the Graincorp system. Not to mention being forced to go to other sites to obtain grain bought from another site. Many of the best staff they had have left or have been sacked and many of them are now working as competitors to Graincorp.
13/06/14 12:44 AM
Growers will not see any financial benefit or return! Especially those that will have to put it on a truck further down the council roads to the next nearest site. Rates will rise , Cost of freight to get to the next site or direct to end user in most cases and the cost of on farm storage to avoid waiting for the truck to come back from the further sites. Those still delivering to their local site will be slowed down due to the increased tonnage coming in from closed sites as the announcement does not mention upgrades in speeding up receival. The list goes on. Not all as good as it seems hey?
09/06/14 12:32 AM
Not a real Farmer amongst them.
Surely Agriculture should have a real Farmer not a career person out of touch with reality?
30/05/14 08:59 AM
We don't need a free trade agreement then if we have to sell out to China on this one.
In a little over a week it will be ANZAC day and I for one who has served this country in the Defence force trying to protect our once great country would be terribly pi**ed off if Abbot gave in on this terrible agreement. I guess I would not be alone. Tony if you agree then it will be a one term Coalition Government!!!!
15/04/14 08:24 AM
If you believe what ADM were saying but refused to write it down then you believe in Fairies! You have as much chance of getting guarantees from ADM as Bill Shorten has of becoming the next PM. ADM was only interested in what was going to get US wheat into Australia's markets. Top line used Car salesmen is all they were and some of you got sucked in.
ADM's promises were as rubbery as Julia Gillard's and KRudds were. Fair dinkum some people are gullible!
25/03/14 05:33 AM
Common you lot NSW Grain Farmers are not going to touch any of your assets or threaten you in any way. We grow grain that will compliment both our markets and we will all benefit from an East Coast Co-op being set up. There are no Business plan on the table so you are jumping the gun condemning a proposal that may actually be extremely mutually beneficial to both East and western Growers. The way some of you are carrying on I would think you were major Graincorp Shareholders?
10/03/14 07:40 AM
When he GNC Board finally get to the figure they want and cave in to one or another buyer that buyer will put up all the fees and charges to th Graincorp customers (Us the Farmers) to pay the debt. If Graincorp is such a great company then shareholders should be hanging on to it for themselves not some dodgy US company whose track record is less than impressive and not that of what I want in charge of providing a supply chain service. As a shareholder given the chance I will vote against any takeover bid. We have sold off most of Australia already we may as well become the 51st state of the US
20/12/12 08:53 PM
Questions need to be asked about this ADM company?
Reports I have seen paint them as being dodgy to say the least and certainly not a fit and proper Foreign entity that will control the East coast grain domestic and export grain trade. The fox being given the keys to the hen house.
17/12/12 08:51 PM


It won't be long and Australia will be importing Long life Milk from overseas because what has been done to Dairy. We won't have any Australian Dairy Farmers left. The fall out from the Taking away of the wheat Single Desk has yet to Peak. Sad days ahead with poor leadership decisions destroying whole Industry's and families.
09/09/16 07:20 AM
Anyone that hides behind a made up name and pushes for CBH to be sold off has no argument or place in the debate. For all we know you are Graincorp employees!
15/03/16 12:03 AM
Dazz how did CBH become a Billion dollar company with so many traders wanting to take it over? With Farmer Directors!!! Your argument to allow it to be sold off so you have to pay more for your storage and handling is pretty poor if insults is all you can dredge up. How about some facts not fiction.
14/03/16 11:58 PM
Don't worry about the erosion issue in Australia as most of us who work the Land are addressing that issue, Worry about how many farmers stop or reduce the amount of grain they grow due to the increasing cost and the dwindling returns from the market manipulated by Traders. With Stock returns becoming more attractive many of us are turning from growing crops to Stock. Most of us are sick of working for the Banks and Machinery companies and fighting mother nature. We can still put food on our table what about everyone else. Until we get a decent return on our investment change is inevitable.
08/12/15 10:52 PM
You have to be joking? When has ABARE ever got it right. The only thing this does is allows the Trade to continue to talk the prices down. Whilst others with a firm grasp on reality are telling it how it is and reducing this years crop due to hot dry conditions then a wet harvest event reducing quality and volume. The North has had far less rain than it needs to plant a summer crop with any confidence and with the BOM still shouting ELNINO warnings at us then who are we or the world trade to believe. ABARE are over paid to look out there window and make a guess on what next year will deliver
01/12/15 11:58 PM
I am really surprised about how quiet the reports on just how much damage the week of hot weather in Oct has done to what would have been terrific crops throughout the Riverina and Frost damage towards Wagga. Perhaps it is better to keep it quiet so it is easier to drop prices on offer? Most crops around here have lost well over half to two thirds there original expectations of yield and Screenings going 10%, 25% and up to 35% or more well above yet not a word in the media? Don't figure? I am sure there are areas not far West of Peak Hill that would kill for 3t crops.
19/11/15 08:49 AM
For those who really care about the future of GGL and did show up for the day would have heard all the positive things GGL is doing. It appears only the negative against GGL is printed. As Chair of NSWFarmers Grains committee Dan Cooper has to work within GPA with GGL and by voicing his opinion in this way he is making it hard for himself to be taken seriously. If GGL was throwing rocks at NSWFarmers and GPA then we would never hear the end of it. Or is it because GGL has more members in NSW than NSWFarmers and GGL is a threat to continued falling membership?
02/10/15 10:58 PM
GFA GPA has been receiving Levy payers money for years yet not one of them was elected by a levy payer vote. They were also paid by GRDC to conduct and investigation into GRDC. The work GGL did for GGL was all above board with all the checks and Balances required to do such work by Government guidelines. This is just a beat up from the GPA lobbyist because the SFO's are rapidly loosing membership and GGL is getting a better structure to achieve a strong national voice as intended.
10/09/15 11:28 PM
Muck I don't normally reply to those who hide behind an Alias to throw rubbish around but I'll make an exception, EPR are annual charge from the breeder to grow what they claim to be the latest and best variety. Go to the list of varieties and try and find a Non EPR. The Point you miss is we a forced to pay the GRDC levy no matter what variety to pay for the R&D for which I can see little to no return on my Levy money. No matter what Gloss Richard Clarke puts on it. They need to be more accountable for the expenditure of someone else's hard earned. Phillip I don't know the answer.
08/12/15 10:43 PM
I am sitting in the office paying bills and one particuly upsets me the EPR bill and I read this about GRDC.GRDC have been taking our Levy money and making plenty of noise on how they are spending it on all this R&D yet at the end of the day I fail to see much benefit coming from all this expenditure. We still have varieties that fall over when it gets a dry finish or Frost knocks it and yields are no better than 20 years ago. All the glossy mail outs and meetings held all over the country are doing little to my bottom line. About time we start receiving more bang for our hard earned buck.
07/12/15 10:09 PM


More promises.
By the time fast Internet reaches me I will no longer need it.
The service I have now continues to get slower and slower due to the increase of those trying to use it. School holidays forget using it as it stop working altogether. All the lobbying in the world has failed to date and those of us in the Northern Riverina may have to return to Australia Post for a faster service. We deserve at least a basic service!
15/07/15 11:14 PM
Well pointed out Julian and anyone who grows Malt Barley would know that their is little difference in price being offered from Graincorp between feed and Malt. Sad times if a monopoly controlled company with its own Malt houses can not even offer a decent price for good malt but would rather it be bought at feed price and call it WML (Will Malt Later)
Even though there is a shortage of Protein wheat no one is prepared to buy it at reasonable price.
We need a East Coast Grower Co-op ASAP to get growers back in their Business through the supply chain and finding new markets.
03/12/13 12:09 AM
David since the Labor and Liberal federal members climbed into bed with each other to have an orgy of fun deregulating the Australian wheat market Australian East coast Growers are now selling the cheapest Wheat into the world market. With all the added profit from blending, freight, Monopoly Port facilities all now going to the big corporates. The labor mantra of more choice in who to sell to is collapsing every day with the big foreign corperates taking over the small exporters. We will be left with a foreign controled monopoly with all profits going off shore. Growers are suffering.
27/03/12 09:38 PM


Bushie Bill, your admitted hatred for farmers and your continued attacks on us would lead me to think that the administrators of this site should consider pulling you from commenting before some of us are forced to come down to your level of gutter comment to defend ourselves from your dribble.
13/06/10 11:16 PM


The only thing is you have to have a tax problem to make use of the scheme. Not many farmers have that problem especially with Labor policy on wheat marketing stripping away billions of dollars from our grain growers in lost returns. The only Government more against their farmers than for them.
02/03/10 08:15 PM
Bring it on as fast as you can? If they can make a 450 hp tractor it would be great.
My fuel bill is driving me to the wall. I suppose the big fuel companies will buy the idea and stop it like they have stopped all the other alternate fuel systems.
08/01/09 08:45 PM


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