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Billy Goat,
Check out the farmomline poll-421 votes-70% are against the acquisition-you are well and truly in a minority.
As for capital-the AWB Commodities business already has a capital base of over $875 million and a high potential for growth with prudent grower focused management.
There is no doubt that the financiers will back the company especially if Government has a hand in putting in a scheme of arrangement to allow grower ownership and control.
How about putting some thought into this.
19/01/11 10:22 AM


Burke potentially crippled the wheat industry for pure political reasons when he abolished the single desk-he will do the same with water and will show no regard for the consequences nor any degree of remorse.
15/03/11 11:44 PM
Did Cargill agree to purchase AWB Commodities and 70 years of Australian intellectual property and assets prior to Agrium purchasing AWB Ltd for 1.2 billion?
15/03/11 11:37 PM
South Australia has four AWB Grainflow sites-allowing growers to purchase AWB Grains Management and run it as a co operative would provide much competition and bring middleman Viterra into line.
14/01/11 01:31 AM
It is critical that the grower's organisation for over 60 years (AWB) be brought back into Australian grower ownership and control.
This will be the only chance that growers will have in gaining some equity and influence in the short term.
This inititive has the potential to put some stability into the market place and to provide growers with a link to the market place and true honest market intelligence.
13/01/11 10:03 PM
Middle man Cargill will bring Australian wheat growers to their knees.
20/12/10 01:34 AM
Cargill will act in Cargill's interests only.
Why is it that we were streets ahead of the countries where Cargill operated prior to the treacherous abolishment of the single desk.
18/12/10 09:42 AM
Labor and Liberal abolished the legislation that allowed Australia to control its own wheat industry.( The Single Desk).
Watch them laugh and joke together as they perform their treachery in Federal Parliament. aussiegrower
17/12/10 11:36 AM
Foreign Company Agruim buys out one of Australia's icons which had been gutted by political and corporate interests-the foreign company then sells on to Cargill one of the world's largest most secretive multi national grain trading organisations-where are we Australians going -we must have become the laughing stock of the world.
16/12/10 07:29 PM
Cargill are a private family concern-thet already have Rudd and his political colleagues where they want them-no ned to put them on any such Board.
15/12/10 06:31 PM
Pork Producers and wheat growers (by losing their single desk) have been sacrificial lambs in this stupidity.
14/12/10 11:52 AM


Putting Honey and Trader Inc in control of quality is akin to putting the fox in charge of the Hen House!
What game is GRDC Government appointed Chair Keith Perrott playing by supporting this move without any discussion with growers?
08/01/11 11:36 PM


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