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Grain of Truth

Capitulation to adversity is an easy option for any coward but when there is a problem that needs fixing, the best thing to do is to develop a strategy to do so and be the last one standing on the battlefield when everyone else is sick of the scrap.
The carbon tax is a popularist phenomenon designed to negate the guilt of those who over indulge in fossil fuel consumption, it’s a regressive, destructive tax that doesn’t quick fix the issues of emissions or equity, the solution is to be there in opposition when everyone else has gone sour.
30/10/11 12:12 AM
Who cares about breeding new varieties when the industry is looking at maybe two decades of stagnation post desk with profitability way off the mark compared to livestock and any margin in profitability to growers being pilfered by the corporate traders as well as the freight and handling job in the east being systematically bled to death as a result of a lack of competition in rail and storage
11/09/11 10:04 AM
Cargill is a profit oriented organisation with a ruthless legacy, they are not an egalitarian organisation and its worth looking at how they have treated famers with contempt in other countries were they are the major trader.
19/01/11 11:25 AM
The original wheat board was a product of an egalitarian spirit, inspired by a generation of returned serviceman post WW1 that has long since been bashed into history and really I don’t think the self centered modern Australian deserve an institution that has good will and consideration for the disenfranchised at heart.

What a tragedy. "Lest we forget", I think we have.
18/11/10 11:50 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Another farmer, which rock have you been hiding under, graincorp has been shutting state of the art storage facilities for years, the reason is because these facilities were designed to handle grain under a single desk structure, now that that has been shot in the head graincorps storage assets are white elephants and graincorp still has to provide a motza of a return to its shareholders so farmers are billed for the privilege of delivering to them not for providing a service
03/12/13 09:18 PM
crumbling silos, graincorp was designed to function under the single desk, in this brave new world its now a dead duck, farmers that can count are now building their own storage facilities to sell direct to buyers both foreign and domestic completely avoiding the grain trade and grain handlers pen of fat pigs
02/12/13 02:24 AM
The problem for East coast farmers began with the public listing of Graincorp, the drive for profitability that the public company has to its shareholders then meant that closing the least profitable services was a good look and making farmers truck grain as far towards centralised out loading facilities was good profitable karma, with no obligation to provide services to farmers and the naïve assumption that competition as a great white hope was going to solve all ills farmers have been left holding the baby as the trade plays monopoly with the organisation while the industry burns
12/11/13 12:32 AM
The issues here have little to do with the virtues of foreign investment (a Holy Grail great white hope for lazy people), the issues here are about the international bullies in the grain trade being given carte blanch in the Australian grain trade by people with vested interests in doing so.
The victims as always are Australian grain producers and our export reputation as the wealth and value of our export grain is transferred to these bullies, revelled in endearingly by all the free market zealots and ideological deregulation nutters.
09/09/13 12:52 AM
The east coast grain trade now belongs to the foreign and mostly American grain trade, they are and will do what they want to who they want when they want and the only card left for Oz farmers to deal is to not grow grain.
What a great brave "new paradigm" our treacherous, dumb and the stupid have provided for us.
It’s now accountability time.
03/05/13 10:21 AM


Hydatid, the wool industry pursued representation along the lines of the biggest noises running the show decades ago, the long term result was an industry plunged into cottage industry status.
A promise of things to come with grain
20/07/15 02:44 AM
the USA are shrewd operators when it comes to trade deals, under Howard Australia handed its grain marketing on a plate to the American grain trade under the pretext of "free trade" resulting in depressed export grain prices and huge profits of Australian growers money going to the American grain trade shareholders and owners.......DUMB
14/06/15 10:56 PM
the solutions simple, sell your graincorp shares and build your own storage saving a motza in freight, handling, storage and warehouse fees, the fact is corporate grain handling is a unmitigated disaster despite the ideological propaganda
28/07/14 06:32 AM
If I had a dollar every time I've heard this sort of waffle I would be a rich man.
The farm gate price for food produced tells the story of demand by the billions, at the moment grain prices are twenty years in arrears for example which says that the billions either cant afford to buy anything or they have their needs covered
12/01/14 05:38 AM
Why don't you get a job selling some other American product to Australians
04/12/13 05:46 AM
Well done Shrek, backing Australian grain growers instead the best interests of the US's huge squealing, grunting, howling fat pigs in their grain trade.
02/12/13 02:32 AM
I don't think Shrek knows just how much he and his ilk will be loathed and hated by the grass roots in the bush if he gives the treacherous "corporate communists" from the American grain trade the big tick.
09/11/13 11:53 AM
These crocodile tears are seriously weird, especially since Fiona and her executive gang at an executive council meeting on the eighteenth of May, killed off a motion (that was drawn up after taking advice from a number of Federal politicians and constitutional lawyers) from the grains committee to request that the commonwealth government treasurer use his influence to stop this sale to this American grain trader.
30/06/13 10:52 AM
EJ, I think Jock also said OZ production would eventually collapse to around ten mill tonnes, the stage is now set for this to come to pass
03/05/13 10:28 AM
With local graincorp silos effectively closed on the back of their cost (NACMA rates) I have decided to sell my graincorp shares and produce nothing which is much more viable than the last five years of deregulated grain growing profitability, with our deregulated livestock industries also destroyed my best productive option is now to sit back, relax and produce nothing.
23/12/12 04:15 AM


Zero Dill, I assume you can't count, sadly the gross margins for a well run stock enterprise is seriously out performing grain in the grain belt. Grain production in Oz is a sunset industry while the boofheads manage it.
11/08/15 12:58 AM
If I want to bet on the horses I go to the races, at least I don't have to wait half a year to find out how much money I've lost like grain punters do.
20/07/15 02:51 AM
What we can be certain of is that the "big pigs" of the grains animal farm will want to keep control, which means a voter loading that gives them an advantage or outright unrepresentation for levy payers
10/07/15 12:39 AM
J Hine, There are skilled staff backed up around the corner at Wagga, particularly the next generation from CSU (many with a rural background) who would revel in the opportunities that GRDC would present for them. Any sheltered lifers from Canberra who struggle with change get a big good bye from me
10/07/15 12:22 AM
Why can;t the NFF set up a structure that gives every active NGR cardholder one vote for elections and policy, done online which might even satisfy OMG if he really gives a dam about issues that money can't buy
20/06/15 10:20 AM
I think 1974 was a El Niño season, one of the wettest on record for SE Oz. So maybe....
15/06/15 01:13 PM
Who cares what Weidemann says, GPA is unrepresentative
14/06/15 10:58 PM
Who cares what Weidemann says, GPA is an uncomplicated, unrepresentative body designed by their executive for their own self serving interests.
The GRDC is about R and D only, not the fortunes of ambitious agro politics, moving the GRDC to Wagga where the tertiary research institutions already exist will only be complimentary and will remove the organisation from the likes of the GPA gang.
12/06/15 12:01 AM
With NSW growers paying the most expensive grain storage and handling fees in the world under the listed model an opportunity for low cost coops to take the industry by the throat is inevitable
18/01/14 03:20 AM
Dingdang8, graincorp has been closing silos and reducing its services even before the single desk ended, what's news, the process was only going to accelerate under ADM as their record shows they were never an egalitarian mob, they are gougers.
04/12/13 05:38 AM


ADM are one of the biggest fattest pigs in the grain trade, they are serial gougers with a criminal record and Howes gives them the time of day.
Howes, resign from public office you unrepresentative swill !!!!!!
02/12/13 03:06 AM


Zero, resistance is the inevitability of biology, managing it intelligently is the debate, with a mono culture of ECONOMIC knockdown herbicide options the clock ticks quickly and there is little we can do about it as farmers except to sit back and enjoy the show. “Reversing resistance" shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how biology works
06/06/12 11:52 AM
As a farmer who practices direct drill I can vouch for its virtues however without an arsenal of ECONOMIC to use knockdown herbicides that can be used in rotation the direct drill culture has a limited life as is made apparent by the proliferation of glyphosate resistant fleabane and other glopho resistant flora
01/06/12 10:07 PM
Great idea for commuters, pity about the price - they probably cost about ten Gs to manufacture.
01/04/09 08:58 AM


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