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Grain of Truth

This article speaks the truth however the current water act prevents such common sense from prevailing. It allows for so called environmental outcomes to take precedence over the wellbeing of communities. This Lack of foresight may win green and city preferences however does little to ensure the security of rural and regional communities and vital renewable primary production.
23/01/11 08:08 PM


NBN for rural and regional? It only goes to the suburbs of capital cities like Toowoomba.
Meanwhile we can't even make a mobile phonecall on a major highway when an accident occured on the weekend.
08/05/12 09:40 PM
Would hardly call Peter Corish inexperienced. Watch out for PAG next year with water and cotton price.
15/08/11 12:47 AM
Would hardly call Peter Corish inexperienced. Watch out for PAG next year.
12/08/11 11:55 PM
Ban the floods and journalists trying to make cheap mileage out of rural Australias decay. Don't drive through floodwaters?! how do we operate our business if we heed this advice? Joyriding whats it cost (and what do they change)to get the pollies to joyride per hr aren't those planes upwards of $10,000 an hr would you prefer barnaby was in one of those?
16/02/11 09:16 PM
The rebalance you speak of Mike has happened when we were WAMPed by our state governments taking critical water from irrigators and communities for nothing and given no time at all to work.
If they want water let us keep the production by investing in infastructure and get the money flowing quickly to the communities.
What is proposed now is a bullying overreach to placate green votes and undermines confidence in our regional communities allround sustainability.
21/10/10 02:33 AM
Its a spinothon. Financial markets after reading it on the weekend arent going to react on monday?
21/09/10 08:05 PM
I agree with Cronus. Demonstrate it works and farm business managers will pay the greatest compliment, they will copy.
27/07/10 12:09 AM
The end user hardly pays for the farm-made section of the produce in finished goods and demands things such as mulesed sheep, but the test comes when it is sitting on a supermarket shelf. Tax the finished product I say.
11/12/09 04:58 AM
What's the difference between Cubbie's dams and Hume and Dartmouth - they were both legally built under encouragement, with licenses from the government? If the people want the water back, they should pay for it.
We shouldn't undermine tenure any further.
27/08/09 09:15 PM
But what about the footprint (area) to grow organic? We need more of the amazon to grow it! Organic on average requires more acres to grow the same yield making it more expensive to grow per unit of production. This is not the way to feed Africa or our pensioners.
09/09/08 09:15 PM


I would say the drought is making the land unsaleable, not removing the water licence. Given the licences have a broad range of purchasers, these are easier to sell. If there was water in a dam for temporary transfer then the land would be snapped up primarily for rotational purposes.
18/08/09 08:45 PM


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