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Grain of Truth

Have you blokes all forgotten that GM canola was a banned substance in WA till just recently and is still banned in many parts of the world? It's only the government that changed in WA. Just lifting the ban without addressing the causes for the ban has done nothing to convince us we should want to eat the stuff. GM canola - an engineered cocktail of spliced bacteria genes from chemical sludge, promoter viruses and antibiotic resistant markers. And you try to tell me that's not contamination? It's designed in! I don't want 0.9pc. I don't want 0.5pc. I want none of it. So just keep your GM crap out of my food completely.
25/05/11 04:25 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Watch the movie "Promised Land".
14/06/13 06:29 AM


DAFWA's wheat & barley plant-breeding R,D&E was public-owned. Now it's InterGrain owned by WA Government 48.7%, GRDC 25.3% & Monsanto 26% with the door left ajar for a greater control by Monsanto. Like selling our souls to the devil.
26/07/13 06:07 AM
Don't drag down the reputation of food technology by associating it with GMOs. GM food has been thrust onto the market with inadequate labelling, inadequate health safety testing and disputed science. Food technologists focus on requirements of consumers while GMO biotechs focus on requirements of the chemical corporation drivers. Consumers don't like being duped and when it comes to sacrificing the health of their kids, they have long memories.
14/06/13 06:25 AM
Indeed, the PGA and WAFF together are not the view of the majority. This was stated by WAFF in an interview on ABC WA Country Hour 15/2/13. So at Tuesday's meeting, who was the voice for the majority? Where was Muntadgin Farming Alliance for example?
24/04/13 04:09 PM
Terry Redman fighting for his poltical life - an unintended consequence of GM canola and cotton. If there's one thing about genetically modified crops you can be sure of, it's their unintended consequences.
10/03/13 02:42 PM
Colin, you can do better than that. With the WA state election only 2 months away, you fail to mention that WA north and south is being sold to the Chinese, GM contamination is rife throughout the wheatbelt with a world first farmer-to-farmer Supreme court action pending, and Roundup-Ready canola is proving a flawed strategy with little or no market while adding to selection pressure for glyphosate-resistant weeds, most commonly ryegrass.
29/12/12 02:42 AM
The report for the ANZ has a number of gross omissions. The pro-GM statements are unsubstantiated, and there is no mention of the need to protect the pollinators from pesticides.
The USDA estimates that about one mouthful out of every three that we eat is owed (either directly or indirectly) to honeybee pollination. Globally, it’s estimated that 9.5 percent of the total economic value of agricultural products for human consumption comes from insect pollination. /docs.htm?docid=15572
20/10/12 09:38 AM
Not only but also:

Doug Rathbone, CSIRO Director 2007-2010 while Nufarm CEO.
John Stocker, CSIRO Chairman 2007-2010 while Nufarm Director.
Nufarm is the exclusive distributor in Australia for Monsanto's Roundup (for GM crops). Nufarm’s wholly-owned subsidiary Nuseed has the global exclusive commercial license for Omega-3 GM canola after R&D funded by CSIRO & GRDC. Nufarm is to payout $43.5 million to settle a class action by shareholders for the period Sep 2009 to Aug 2010. u/2010/10/29/expert-slams-wa-gove rnments-deal-with-monsanto/
18/09/12 03:23 PM
While you're at it, let's have a public register of properties growing GM crops so that buyers are fully informed. There are ongoing contractual obligations for years beyond the growing season with strict compliance to Resistance Management Plans. Already we are seeing growing problems of pesticide-resistance and herbicide-resistance trending back to a future of hand-weeding GM crops:
http://theland.farmonl ral/no-more-miracles-so-look-afte r-bollgard/2620636.aspx
25/08/12 10:23 AM
Do due diligence on the property. Be sure you find out the planting history of GM crops on the farm and how far away to your nearest GM growing neighbours. GM contracts have legal liability beyond the growing season.
11/06/12 03:34 AM
Take note that it's the "Year of the Farmer [and his/her Family and her/his Community]" NOT the "Year of Farm Chemicals" or "Year of Corporate Takeover of Farms" which the Genetically-Modified Liberal-National-InterGrain-Monsa nto-Nufarm party is promoting.
03/01/12 11:10 AM


AP level is zero. Period. The world has rejected GM wheat when the US tried it 1998-2005. Mid-2013, Japan & South Korea rejected US wheat shipments when there was just a sniff of GM in a wheat field in Oregon. Jed is right. This is the US pushing a dead duck onto Australia, locking up our public-owned best-of-breed in private IP contracts (Monsanto, Syngenta) and using federal (GRDC) and state (WA) money to do it and take out their competition. You know the deal is that if you want to grow non-GM wheat & barley, you'll only have access to the old varieties! What fool signed us up for this?
20/08/14 11:43 PM
If the canola price into Europe is $x/t for non-GM, the canola price into China is $x minus $60/t for a GM mix. A boost or a loss?
01/08/13 04:30 AM
Oliver - what's the details of the GM drought-tolerant wheat? Taking the best of breed of conventional wheat and ramming in a patented gene for commercial control?
11/07/13 04:17 PM
And what caused the bacterial septicaemia? Stress response from spray drift?
14/06/13 02:54 PM
Hyola404RR was advertised as a high performance new variety for 2013 season for better control of weeds and profits. Looks like a truth issue. .au/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/20 13-Roundup-Ready-canola-product-g uide.pdf
07/06/13 09:24 AM
GM wheat is such a bad idea for Australia. There's no credible justification for the government to use public money from taxpayers & grower levies (including non-GM & organic growers) to fund GM wheat trials which threaten their own livelihoods.
06/06/13 05:18 AM
The correct title is "GM canola's growing pains". Why is it that when things go well, it's a GM canola success story, but when they fail it's never a GM issue but always some other excuse? For a new technology, this ducking for cover looks dodgy. It's been said many times before that "GM growers are being sold a pig in a poke".
06/06/13 04:24 AM
  Monsanto win 13 Comments 13
Bowman was a GM farmer licenced for RR soybean. What does that tell you about doing business with Monsanto when it does not even protect its own flock?
04/06/13 08:43 AM
  Monsanto win 13 Comments 13
Bravo! Monsanto keeps up its run rate of suing a farmer a month. views/Pages/why-does-monsanto-sue -farmers-who-save-seeds.aspx
31/05/13 02:21 PM
Farmer levies should not be used for GM crops that are designed to feed the coffers of the agrichemical companies and threaten the livelihood of the non-adopting farmers.
04/07/13 09:20 AM


Listen to this young bloke on Natural Sequence Farming: om/watch?feature=player_detailpag e&v=aiFfWrVzJWU
WA could be doing so much but Ag and Food Minister Terry Redman is running it down, keeping his head in the sand about climate change and peak oil, shunning the wealth of knowledge in our multi-generational family farmers, and preferring to squeeze them off the land with his push for chemical addicted farms and GM crops.
If Redman would step aside, we could pull WA ag Back from the brink.
29/12/12 05:49 AM
See the website of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. It tells a story more in keeping with Scott's than David's. An impressive 800+ member organisations from 120 countries. Multiply by the organisational memberships and you have a big number right there. With Australia at the helm, the IFOAM World Board comprises members from India, Peru, Canada, Ghana, Namibia,Switzerland, Spain, Costa Rica, and Netherlands. If I were a betting man, I know in which sector I'd place my bet for future growth and food security.
20/07/12 11:06 AM


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