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Grain of Truth

Ian & blahblah, the difference with Non-GM is that it does not contaminate GM, or disadvantage neighbours. Where as GM does contaminate all other crops. But that is the intention, contaminate and to hell with the consequences.
GM takes away individuals choices. You have to be either totally ignorant, completely naïve or easily influenced by the deceit and corruption that permeates the patenting and registration of GM. GMOs have NEVER been independently tested as safe – NEVER.
What part of never don’t you understand? And yet there is an ever increasing plethora of damning research identifying GMOs as toxic to the environment and to consumers.
GMOs are neither safe, sustainable or required by intelligent farmers. Unfortunately there are those who are easily deceived by those with a vested interest to profit from the hard work of farmers.
Proponents of GM gave the false and misleading assurance that GM would not in any way contaminate – yeah sure, just like being a little bit pregnant! For Gregor Heard to infer that GM can co-exist is a joke and demonstrates his lack of understanding on this issue. GM co-existence is a one way street, leading to contamination and disaster.
29/05/11 06:46 AM
The solution here is very simple and would enable massive savings on research, just ban all GM field trials. End of bickering.
Nowhere has GM EVER proven to be safe, sustainable, reliable, needed, or produced by companies in whom we can place our unconditional trust. GM fails on all counts, not just some.
There has been copious quantities of research dollars already wasted on this insidious technology in Australia, and what have they got to show for their dubious work? A toxic pea! Gee whiz!
There is a strong stench of urine coming from the pockets of some politicians and those who perpetuate the GM deception.
18/11/10 06:30 AM


For your information Cgirl and others who think similarly - Yes farmers do care, they care a whole lot more than they are given credit for. To think contrary to this is to demonstrate total ignorance.
10/11/14 09:24 AM
Well Mr Luxton will have his work cut out because farm chemicals and GMOs have not, cannot and will not increase the production of safe, sustainable and nutritious food. Just look at the facts where production is declining in the USA and increasing in countries that DON'T permit GMOs and related chemicals.
23/09/13 09:06 PM
  Keen on the Cobb 9 Comments 9
Tony Abbott, please don’t subject farmers to having John Cobb as Minister for Agriculture – please.
Andrew Robb long before John Cobb.
Barnaby Joyce is a better choice, but please not John Cobb.
12/09/13 09:30 PM
I totally agree with Dusty, Fred and genazzano. Agriculture desperately needs an intelligent and vibrant minister with integrity who has positive drive and great public speaking skills - all of which Cobb seriously lacks. Tony A, please take note, Joyce & Nash are clear front runners and deservedly so - leave Cobb out.
11/09/13 11:38 PM
There is a typo in this headline.
It should read: Greens fail Farmers: Budget
20/05/13 07:23 AM
Same old BS, tell a lie often enough and hope people will believe it.
There is indisputable evidence that GM crops are dangerous, consuming GM is also equally as dangerous. Just because animals and people are not dropping over like flies doesn’t deem them as safe.
It is past time responsible people woke up to this GM spin and deceit.
16/04/13 07:30 AM
Labor (State & Federal) cannot manage money.
The waste is incredible. They govern like a kid in a lolly shop. The sooner they are ditched the better off we will all be.
31/01/13 07:06 AM
It's all about leverage and control of market share. It is not only the dairy farmers who are being screwed, it is fruit and veg and others as well.
21/01/13 01:59 AM
The safest thing to get at one of these places is a car park, from there on, you're on your own.
I totally agree with Hungry.
25/07/12 10:23 AM
It is commonly quoted that, “It is not over until the fat lady sings.”
Pinocchio and the Goose had better be better singers than they are at managing the finances of this country. They couldn’t run water down hill in a rainstorm and the sooner they sing the better off we will all be.
11/04/12 02:53 AM


Dream on boris, as it is you who has absolutely no idea that you are being deceived big time.
GMO's are dead and buried. It is only a few individuals and easily persuaded politicians who are being sucked into the lies and deceit peddled by GM proponents.
Read "Altered Genes Twisted Truth by Steven M Druker. The most meticulous compilation of facts that are extremely damning of the whole GM deception.
13/08/15 09:08 AM
Yes Jeffito, you are so right.
The lies, deceit and the stench of corruption that surrounds GM and its fabricated, unsubstantiated advantages is mind boggling. The GR is typical of the mischievous deception aided by your smokey grass and warped mirrors. Remember how we were told GM would provide advantages to farmers?
I guess these are still in the pipeline as there would appear to only be an advantage to the bottom line of those selling this failed technology. That is unless you consider chemical resistant weeds and pests, and massive increases in chemical usage is a forward step.
19/11/14 03:06 AM
MBM, beta-carotene is a precursor that the human body transforms into vitamin A.
MBM you’re obviously so blinded by the GM BS that you are prepared to ignore the facts – GM / Golden Rice is dead in the water because it does not provide realistic answers for those in need.
Mega millions has been wasted and false hope given out on this dud; yet another failed GM white elephant.
GR claims are actually "drug claims" unless golden rice is tested and approved as a drug for preventing blindness and death, it cannot be sold or marketed with such claims.
18/11/14 03:15 AM
There is not a shred of evidence that golden rice (GR) can treat, prevent or cure any medical condition, AND it’s the wrong variety altogether. There are two varieties of rice typically grown in Southeast Asia: Japonica, a dryland rice, and Indica grown in wet rice paddies. GR refuses to grow in the wet regions where children are most impacted by vitamin A deficiency. GR contains beta-carotene not vitamin A. There is no evidence that the artificially-inserted beta-carotene even survives storage or cooking.
Once again a total sham by GM proponents.
Carrots would be a far better option
17/11/14 10:41 PM
Ken Matthews, just keep on chowing down on your toxic GM products, but remember, rats get those nasty big tumours after 90 days eating GMOs!
GM is a failed technology which requires more& more toxic chemicals to enable imprudent farmers to control their chemical resistant weeds.
Mr Mathews, if anything, Governments are too easily deceived by the spin cunningly spewed forth by those with a vested interest in contaminating the seed bank with dubious GM technology.
More & more consumers & countries are closing their door to GMOs, so why should we permit the Trojan horse to run free?
04/11/14 01:08 AM
Those who still think glyphosate is safe need to take a closer look at the mounting hard evidence of health implications.
"Glyphosate disrupts cytochrome p450 enzymes. There are lots of them in the liver (where they) activate vitamin D. We have a vitamin D deficiency epidemic right now. I think a lot of it might be due to the fact that it's not getting activated in the liver because of the disruption from the glyphosate."
"Small amounts don't cause anything that dramatic, but they interfere with the red blood cells' ability to supply cholesterol sulfate to your tissues, and your heart.
21/10/14 08:07 PM
Coexistence of GM with conventional, or organic, is something similar to farming foxes (GM) and chickens (conventional) in the one paddock separated with a piece of string.
History will judge GM as a bad idea that future generations will need to come to terms with and clean up the contamination of seed supplies and herbicide tolerant weeds. With so many countries now banning GM, why are we risking the loss of markets with these insidious GM crops?
22/08/14 12:00 AM
If GMOs are safe and desirable, as is claimed, then they would be shouting from the tree tops. But we all know it's not safe, desirable or sustainable, hence the opposition to labelling in USA would see a total collapse of the GM spin and market share.
29/07/14 12:10 AM
Deregul8 has just reinforced the argument why we should avoid eating farmed fish, especially if they are being fed GM canola.

Research has found that farmed fish has less usable omega-3 fatty acids than wild-caught fish and a 20% lower protein content. A USDA review confirmed the findings. Farmed fish are fattier and have a high concentration of omega-6 fatty acids. Imbalances in the levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids create inflammation in the body.
If GM is so good, why aren't consumers asking for it?
To those proponents of GMO - if it is so good - eat up.
08/07/14 08:54 AM
On what planet does this Mr Wilson reside? He spelt zero with an "H".
If all his arguments are based on such misinformation then he is in for a torrid time.
He has obviously lost or given "both" ears to those with a vested interest in contaminating our food and the environment, and has one glass eye!
Elected representatives must represent all of the constituents, not the financial interests of a few.
Mr Wilson, "Why have cancer rates doubled in areas where GM and associated chemicals are used? "
As for the reduction in chemical use, that is a complete and utter Furphy / porky.
08/07/14 08:40 AM


If Dr Moore wishes to hang his hat on golden rice he'll find his hat in the sewer. Golden rice is a DEAD horse, a massive failure.
10/10/14 12:00 PM
Bushie Bill, Fawlty Towers was a well-oiled machine compared to the pathetic circus we have had to endure for the past 3 years with the KRudd, Juliar, KRudd merry-go-round until they got dumped diddley dee and replaced with leader with integrity, a real man called Tony. As for Cobb, he needs pack up his Cobb & Co coach and ride out of town; we don’t want his amateur aspirations interfering in agriculture.
13/09/13 05:46 AM
A simple brix reading would soon identify the sugar levels and sweetness of the grapes, or any other fruit/veg for that matter. This should be done on farm to avoid harvesting too early. Once in the supermarket the brix reading could be done again and displayed for the consumers to see. I'll be surprised to see this happen as it will show just how some of the produce really lacks quality.
08/11/09 08:25 PM
John, you completely miss the point.
GM cannot be contained within property boundaries and as such detrimentally impacts the clean uncontaminated status of neighbouring farms.
As for the zero tolerance standard, you cannot be a little bit pregnant - you are either clean or your contaminated by GM. It's time to wake up to the deceit peddled by GM proponents.
17/03/14 08:47 PM
This advertorial is full of BS & bias, it would best serve as fertiliser, although the contamination would pose serious problems.
How any thinking person can be so naïve to be deceived by this propaganda is beyond the imagination. GM is old hat & a failed technology that’s neither safe, sustainable or required. Those foolish enough to fall for the 3 card trick will eventually rue the day they ever heard of GM. GM may appear to provide a short term fix but it’ll be long term pain with serious ramifications. It’s time to invested in real, sustainable & safe soil fertility solutions, not GM.
30/05/12 09:05 AM
Bushie Bill -
1. Total incompetence
2. History of waste
3. NBN is obsolete
4. A voice that would rasp elephant toe nails away.
15/08/11 09:46 PM
Any suggestion of voting for independents is an open invitation to the same ridiculous chaos and mismanagement of the past 3 years. Labor clearly and repeatedly demonstrates it cannot manage money. Not only is it incapable of managing money, the waste demonstrates negligence.
22/08/13 12:50 AM
Anyone BUT Cobb as Agricultural Minister will be better than any of recent years. Andrew Robb or Barnaby Joyce would make far better Ag Ministers than Cobb.
22/08/13 12:40 AM


I cannot fathom your argument Bulls..t Bill.
How does denying an Australian a job help their standard of living?

Your analogy is a little like buying from your neighbour will help your own bottom line? Go figure.
This will only work if you turn around and sell to a third party at a profit.
Aside from the health and safety issues, I flatly refuse to buy imported food, I prefer to go without.
At the end of the day we must all support our fellow Australians regardless. By supporting Australian grown / produced / made / owned, keeps everyone in business and helps raise everyone's standard of living.
Well done Coles and Woollies for refusing to compromise Australian apple growers.
17/01/11 01:20 AM
To hell with the WTO, what do they care about the impact of fire blight on Australian fruit production? Who elected these buffoons, and who gave them authority / sovereignty over Australian issues?
14/04/10 07:57 AM


As an experienced quad bike rider & one who was seriously injured in a nose over tail flip, I cannot fathom why there is any objection to the fitting of CPD's. It would certainly have saved me from my debilitating injuries.
I accept that quad bikes are fantastic management tools and are exceptionally maneuverable in many farming jobs.
But they can also be very dangerous, even with the most experienced rider. Take care, don't become another statistic.
27/11/12 10:59 PM
How could anyone possibly be excited about providing the machinery that contributes to the dreadful pollution of the environment and food supply. Weeds, disease and insect pests are not invading crops because of a deficiency of some toxic chemical. If these machines and chemicals are so effective, why is there a perceived need to continually use them year after year?
23/02/10 08:26 PM


Planting houses on prime productive land is ludicrous as the fruit from these houses is most unpalatable in many ways. The owners of this productive land, on the urban fringe, must be protected from exhorbitant taxes and be able to realise the true value of their land if they choose to sell.
17/05/10 09:35 PM


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