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Interesting comment Mike
It seems that fish don't rate too highly on the newsworthy scale.
When one sees a gormless cretin reeling in a Black Marlin only to release it back to the water so some other idiot can hook it and put it through tremendous pain again with a piece of steel imbedded in its mouth.
At least we eat the farm animals killed stunned or not.
14/09/11 12:11 AM


Kimberley Toadbusters you are an abject failure!
"Administrative Co-Ordinator"," Field Co-Ordinator" & "Team Leaders". You are more interested in titles than being effective in your mission.
Surely you can convince the WA treasury & a few of your billionare residents to fund a solid toad resistant fence on the state border.
There are now less cane toads seen in Queensland than 30 years ago but Queenslanders don't know why and don't care. I suggest you ask the Qld government to conduct research, the result of which may assist you in arresting the proliferation of this obnoxious pest.
11/07/11 11:58 PM
Where were the Commandants of the D.E.C. when the natural vegetation (pepermint trees) on Dunsborough's foreshore was destroyed and replaced with low growing rubbish to improve the view of seaside residential blocks.
11/07/11 01:05 AM
If you blind duck pastoralists want a geopolitical fall out as a result of the cattle export ban just let Heatly loose.
His quote "22 million white men shut off the trade to 240 million non pork eating Muslims" indicates that his social skills lack intellegence.
He is not only a avid racist but a chauvinist as well.
Roughly half of Australia's population exhibit female characteristics thereby indicating that they are "women or girls"
Sail off into the sunset you idiot and take Gillard, Ludwig and the Greens as your crew.
01/07/11 01:26 AM
Qlander, If 98% of cattle are killed humanely why didn't the abattoirs involved allow the West Australin Minister for Agriculture Terry Redman to enter their premises?
All he got to see were the feedlots containing various types of cattle, some with no proof of origin.
01/07/11 12:54 AM
Farmer, either your animal husbandry is absolutely fantastic or your mathematical skill are wanting.
0.0089% of 11,236 ewes equals 1 ewe
Your mortality numbers sure beat any live export operation.
Sadly, I don't think you are able to count.
29/06/11 02:25 AM
Farmer, you sure have an inane doltish view of the livestock industry.
60,000 sheep in the lower south west perished due to very inclement weather and not as the result of greedy bottom feeder types deliberately putting 110,000 head at risk by way of live shipping to the Middle East with the knowledge that up to 2% will die a lingering death
22/06/11 12:33 AM
Peter Trefort, an integral part of what you do is to accept the unecessary suffering and death of 1.2% of live sheep shipments.
This represents 39,000 sheep based on your quote of the need to get rid of 3,000,000 sheep anywhere.
Sit down, have a cup of tea, I think you are a far better man "Polly" than what your stupid statements indicate
20/06/11 04:48 AM
Mr. Hames
Please advise where one can study the 2007 economic analysis of the live cattle export industry that states it is the sole factor in employing 6835 West Australians who would lose their jobs if the export of live cattle from Western Australia were to permantly cease.
20/06/11 04:21 AM


I find many articles on this site very interesting and enlightning but please do we have to tolerate constant senseless and derogatory posts from Ian Mott
07/09/11 12:24 AM
How would a tourist bus operater even begin to understand the long term consequences of closing Tier 3 lines & replacing rail with excess polluting and road damaging behemoth trucks.
Farmers, if you don't bark up & get behind Bill Cowan immediately to force the sacking of "the boy" Buswell you will leave behind a legacy the next generation will not forgive
Are the transport lot wining & dining Buswell & his ilk?
08/07/11 11:25 PM


Well done Kelly, It seems that you have a sound business due to your acceptance of your client's wishes.
Western Australia is way ahead when it comes to extracting a dollar or two out of one. I think it is the Asian/American ethos to service and sales which is very prevalent in the WA retail sector unlike so many areas in Eastern Australia where the format is "if you don't ask, you don't get".
Up in British Queensland the attitude to the cafe customer can be " u av wot wees got or nuttin".
Your Italian themed steak burgers sound great, All the best
04/07/11 01:28 AM


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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#blueysmegacarshowandcruise2019 10 years on Daniels Ute will be apart of another massive cause.
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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