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Grain of Truth

Your on the mark, Mark2 ! I am sick to death of hearing the wimpish attempts of Heard and others to justify their support for GM and the companies who sell it. Only a crazy farmer would sell his future to a company like Monsanto with its track record of suing their own customers. It has been said a hundred times before. NO independent scientific study has shown any benefit in GM crops despite the millions spent. Now they spend the money in convincing people like Terry Redman and gullible journos like Heard.
17/09/11 07:11 AM

Canberra Comment

For those who would support GM I suggest they Google The Showa Denko Tryptophan Disaster
Once again, why put your future in the hands of a large America Multi National Corporation? It has yet to be demonstrated that it enhances crops in any way.
Instead of Monsanto propaganda do some research of the history of GM in countries like Argentina, India and most of Europe.These decisions are too important to be left to politicians to decide.
14/10/13 10:46 PM


Any country of 22 million people who feel that they need eight sovereign governments to rule over them, need their collective heads read! We are drowning in self centred politicians whose major concern is not Australia or its people!
It is the next election and what they have to do to gain power or remain in power. The overwhelming waste of eight governments and oppositions beggars belief! Different judicial systems and laws, eight police forces. The constant squabbling and the joke that a brief view of Parliament (s) convey says it all. Start at the top. Get rid of state governments!
11/08/11 02:00 AM
PGA spokesman Leon Bradley says the economy is "so complex" and at the same time tells us how bad the carbon tax is going to be. Well it certainly is too complex for him it seems! It should be apparent even to Leon, that the carbon tax is all about developing alternate energy systems and that requires the government to give investors a nudge in that direction by penalising the big polluters. It will have little or no effect on the vast majority of Australians including farmers, so how about a cup of tea and a lie down Mr Bradley?
19/07/11 12:43 AM
Once again. Ask GM farmers when they last looked uo the Showa Denko Tryptophan Disaster on Google, and read the courts finding - after ten long years.
There was no doubt in the court's mind that the thirty odd deaths and the crippling of some fifteen hundred others was caused by the Genetically Modified plant introduced in the production of the Tryptophan.
Monsanto and it's mates fought tooth and nail to supress this information for ten years. The American equivalent of FRANZ got a severe bollocking from the court - Oh! Go and read it for yourself! One thing is for sure, Monsanto won't talk about it publicly.
Why would they? it was damning about the potential for GM to cause more of the same at any time in the future.
28/02/11 11:27 PM
The majority of Australians want to do something about climate change but nobody wants to pay for it.
Especially farmers -and industry - and the ordinary Australian. How stupid can we be! The carbon tax will affect everybody and so it should.
We are, pro rata the biggest polluters on the planet ! China, North America, and most of Europe are already taking action but not us!
We have become a greedy nation, with an obesity level second only to America. We have a clown as leader of the opposition who doesnt have a clue.
He wanted to be a priest at one time - but he wasn't sure. He hasn't been sure of anything since. Malcolm and the rest of Australia are waiting for the Liberal rank and file to throw Abbott out.
Then they will take part in the carbon tax debate. It will happen. Get used to it!
28/02/11 11:11 PM
What a crock! Feed the world! Ask Brett how many tons of GM Canola he will be sending to Africa or Ethiopia to feed the starving folks there---- without payment, of course.
Well they haven't got much in the way of money so how are they going to pay for what they need? Wake up! this is not about feeding the world, it's about making money, particularly money for Monsanto.
If we are producing more than we need for domestic consumption the excess is sold to the highest bidder not the starving masses so lets hear no more crap about feeding the world. Brett is either an idiot or he thinks the readers of Farm Weekly are.
27/02/11 10:19 PM
Well said Bob ! You have left little for a country boy to say! However let me remind folks that for nearly thirty years now Monsanto and it's acolytes have been telling us about the wonders of G M but they won't discuss the Showa Denko Tryptophan disaster. And why would they ? It reveals the truth! No one can predict precisely how a G M plant will turn out. It can be safe or cause little harm ten thousand times BUT when it does go wrong !!! Read the the courts conclusion in the matter I raised above. So now Bill is making promises as to what will happen-perhaps- six years from now? No doubt about these American salesmen! His last product was probably snake oil. If we plant more GM crops for six years it will be too late. Our farmers will have lost their independence and like farmers in the States they will be enslaved by Monsanto and it's mates, and the rest will be like the Marsh family --embroiled in legal action fighting the purveyors of GM technology, from a country which is rapidly going down the tube. Bill Wilson "Your country needs you" Go home!
20/02/11 09:38 PM
How long did it take to realise the danger of asbestos? More than seventeen years by far!
The Showa Denko Tryptophan Disaster seems to be completely ignored by those who support GM.
Because the court who investigated the disaster, after ten long years stated of the thirty one dead and fifteen hundred disabled "there was little doubt that this was caused by the inclusion of GM plants in the manufacture of this batch of the product."
Look it up for yourself if you are really interested in the truth.
Dickytiger you obviously don't read much at all do you?
07/02/11 12:36 PM
Dear Diesel
Read up on the Showa Denko Tryptophan Disaster. (I refuse to spend too much of my time trying to educate those who won't research this stuff for themselves.) Then come back and tell us that nobody has ever suffered from GM.
27/01/11 09:33 PM
The sad thing about this issue is the very real "elephant in the room".
What has happened in America and Canada shows us that once GM crops are sown in any quantity there is no going back. Farmers hands are literally tied ! For all time !
Farmers are independent by nature but it seems that many of them don't appreciate that on the journey down G M Lane there is no turning back.
Their independence is gone for good. Once the GM barons have a firm grip of their testicles they will start to squeeze, and it will be painfull -very! Your options as to where you will buy your seed-Gone!
The experiences in South America with GM hold lessons for Australian farmers, but they seem to be too busy to read it up.
Smaller farmers were eliminated. The Agri Companies took over, as they will here eventually. Control of the world's food supply is the goal and Australia is their current target.
Europe may have to wait until they deal with us. It seems as though the Europeans are a bit more stubborn than we are but if we fall then Europe may have little choice. That will be a sad day for the free world.
27/01/11 09:23 PM
Well Brad,
If profitability is what you're about, think about where you will go when Monsanto and it's mates start to jack up the price of seed and the chemicals you have to use what will you do about it? The short answer is "Nothing" because there is nothing you will be able to do! Read your contract or better still get your lawyer to read it because it seems you don't read all that well.
Best of luck Brad! You will surely need it!
27/01/11 12:49 AM


Colin Tutt must be a one off! Or he should be! "we must all work together to control the contamination!" Did it ever occur to Colin that it is the duty of the contaminator to "control the situation"
Might I suggest a flame thrower on Colin"s backside may energise his grey matter. What with Redman and Tutt who needs a disaster area! These guys are creating their own!
13/11/11 03:50 AM
Where is Minister Redman these days?
Trifling with GM was always going to lead to something like this. With the ever increasing mountain of evidence that GM was never designed to help farmers or the hungry people of the world, will he now get some reasonable advice from sources outside Monsanto?
Why farmers would trust a huge American corporation with a shonky reputation for screwing farmers, simply beggars belief!
Europe doesn't want GM Farmers who have had GM crops for a few years are bleeding now. Higher prices for seed with only one place to buy! How stupid is that ????
11/08/11 01:39 AM
When scientists of the calibre of Alan Chartres have pointed out that after twentyfive years of GM crops there is no independent scientific evidence that GM provides any better crops than non GM. No drought resistance, no bountiful crops and the promise of less pesticides is an illusion soon dispelled when one reads the history from the Americas. the record is there! Europe doesn't want our GM crops, and neither do we!!!
23/07/11 02:56 AM
One thing for sure Redman would not be the smartest kid on the block.
He tried to tell the Italians, one of the most organically inclined countries in Europe, about the benefits of GM! How insensitive is that! They were farming in Italy when Redman's ancestors were still swinging from the trees! He displays complete ignorance on the subject of genetic modification and takes his advice from guess who? Scientists who work for guess who? Monsanto and its acolytes.
18/07/11 07:00 AM
Would John Cobb care to explain why an American court condemned the use of a genetically modified plant in the production of Tryptophan which was responsible for the deaths of some 33 people and the disabling of 1500 others. It can be found on the internet under the Showa Denko Tryptophan Disaster. The problem is of course that our politicians have little or no knowledge of the subjects they pontificate on. It may take years to ascertain just how much damage is being accumulated within our systems and those of our children.
One thing is for sure, John Cobb doesn't know !
18/07/11 06:49 AM
Wow! Monsanto are singing a different song now it seems. After suing farmers around the world for the slightest sign of GM in their crops they are now talking about co-existence? The wolf and the lamb lying down together? I don't think so. Get thee behind me Satan! No way Jose! Kinda like saying "a little poison won't do you any harm" We do not want or need Monsanto and it's GM in our country.
08/05/11 11:07 PM


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