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Grain of Truth

hirsch, if you have increased the soil carbon in the top 10cm by .8%, you would have only added 6 tonnes of C which is $138. Then you have to have it audited every 10 years or so, at what cost? I've heard $$$thousands. And then you have to gaurantee that it will stay there for 100 years, and run the risk of having to buy the carbon credit back on the open market at whatever the ruling rate is if your neighbour starts a fire with his slasher, in which case its a man made fire, not a natural one. Sorry mate, I do not share your enthusiasm.
Gregor, can I interst you in the porcine aviation industry? Your comment that carbon will become the "sphere of third party carbon offset aggregators." roughly translates to -Ring ring- , "Herro, Meester Greegor are you the owner of the business? How would you like to make hundreds on moneys for Carbon?' I imagine that most of the poor b's that fall for it will be those that haven't mastered the "long and tedious process researching the ins and outs of a carbon market" And as for no till planters- we've already got them. Regional rail, forget it. Having just closed them, they'll stay shut

Canberra Comment

I remember when Simon Crean was made minister for ag everyone said 'erk poo yuk, held their noses and made chain pulling motions'
But Crean ended up as one of the best ministers we've ever had from either side of the house .
SO lets just see hey?
Hey Bluey, I was going to say that!
Keep it up kiddies, the more stupid and outrageous the better, and really piss everyone off.
Never concede a point to the Barbiworlders Colin, they are the front line freaks of La-La land

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Organic? A lot of getting sweaty and excited, feeling pretty pleased with yourself, good and self satisfied but at the end of the day not a lot of work getting done. Good sense in David's article. Some people feel better on an organic diet but its probably as much to do with cutting down on junk food, cutting down the fatty red meat and laying off the coffee and chocolate cake as eating food grown without pesticides. Driving through city traffic probably exposes you to more carcogens than eating non-vegeterrorist or non-organic food.
Even though they throw their hands in the air and say 'no no it isn't so' the fact remains that some senior Liberal party politicians were in this up to their eyeballs.


Ordinarily she could come and take a photo any time she likes. Ordinarily all the sheep would be loafing around in paddocks, eating , sleeping and sh**ing but unfortunately, as we've only had 60mm of rain since last October, there is one mob of ewes in the 'lock up' eating grain and silage whilst their paddock slowly gets away. It stinks a bit after a rain and the sheep would probably be prefer to be out of there, and I would prefer it too, and I guess if I was a fitness trainer, thats what I would take the picture of. So she will have to wait til they are out of there
since when did the greens ever give a flying duck about farmers?
John Newton says his father was a farmer. Apparently this gives him some credibility when it comes to talking about farming . Well, my mates father used to fly Bristol Beaufighters in WW2 but that doesn't mean my mate has the first idea of how to fly an aeroplane. If I was on a 747 about to land in the dark in a thunderstorm, I wouldn't kick the pilot out and put Teddy in there. But the John Newtons have no such compunctions about telling farmers how to do their jobs. Funny that.
Hmmmmmm practice anyone?
When Ludwig says that "it is disappointing that @michael is considering these options" he is making it sound like Michael has some options to consider. He doesn't . With a new crop of lambs due and no markets, the only options Michael has is to either de stock or watch his place turn into a dust bowl. September can't come soon enough for farmers so we can consign this clown to the dustbin of history.
Our four chooks have a yard of 6x10 m to roam in which works out to 15m sq per chook, and it is a dustbowl. So 1 sq m per chook will be a disaster area.
"of droughts and Flooding rains".. WE spend years too dry then years with water coming out our ears. So permaculture, cities, orchards etc in theses semi desert areas are a non starter, because they need water al the time. Along comes the big flood. What do we do with it? Let it run out to sea? Hardly makes sense. What we need are profitable mechanisable annual crops that we can grow extensively then put into mothballs when it doesn't rain. Like cotton and rice. If we didn't have these crops in Australia we would have to invent them. As for the enviroment, it is used to wet & dry anyway.
Don't you just love the way these 'investors' in agriculture are just busting their arses trying to work out a way to make money out of farming without actually doing anything that looks like farming. What they want of course is to make money out of Us, by selling us something we never knew we needed and suddenly can't live without. Like derivatives or some other such crap.
Little Creatures.... Once so special, now just another notch on the bedpost of another multinational. So sad
If you aren't paying much tax on account of droughts & floods, dodgy commodity prices, huge freight, fuel & wage bills, etc etc, then limiting our tax options isn't going to make a lot of difference is it ?


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Just please, pray tell is this 'mouldboarding'. You don't pick up your cricket bat and say 'I'm going in for a cricket' do you? So you don't mouldboard with a mouldboard plough. You plough with a mouldboard plough.
Bill Pounder, I was thinking the same thing, lady on twitter saying Canada 1month behind schedule planting, England sayin horrendous planting /spraying conditions, east coast Australia planting on 30-50mm after 8 months record dry.etc etc etc. And no harvest due anywhere til June. Is there really a glut around the corner, or is this a beat-up by multi-national grain cos to get farmers to sign up tonnages they don't have. I know what I'm betting
gives me a headache every time I use it
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Alice, Monsanto makes very little money from (glyphosate) Roundup because the patent ran out on it long ago. Where they make their profit with GMs is the seed that they own the patent rights to . Part of their sales spiel is that you should be able to use less chemicals, not more, and the experience with GM cotton bears that out. For the short term anyway. I am not proGM. I hope that the government maintains its ban on GMs here in South Australia. There may well be some real and lasting marketing advantages in being the last man standing.
We had a couple of shuttles of el-cheapo glyphosate last year and we had to use about 50% more per ha to get the same result. JimG is right on the money. The most expensive chemical you can EVER buy is the stuff that doesn't work.
We've all been selling wool and livestock for years on a commission basis, so why has it taken so long for someone to do it with grain. Good on them.
As the Great Ambassador for Australia day, Sam Kekovitch says, "You know it makes sense".
The major bulk handler has made every excuse in the book this year to downgrade your grain, but as soon as your customer wants it, it's co-mingled with everything else so your feed 3 comes out as feed 1 the other end. That and up country costs which are deducted whether there is any freight involved or not, out turn fees etc etc mean that they are making $50-$60 per tonne on your grain, so if you can by pass them and go straight to your customer thats enough to finance a few silos and a decent auger. I have never ever seen a company go to such lengths to upset clients and customers.
A lot of classifiers are finding 'faults' where there are none. Beans this year are brilliant, easily the best for years but they are being downgraded because the colour charts don't show beans with a pale greenish skin, and the kids running the classifying sites don't know any better. If we were to get an inch of rain, the beans would get a bit of brown stain from the tannin in the pods and suddenly would go from grade 2 to grade 1, because they would then look like the best ones in the photo.
It's not even a problem. If you wants a premium Non-GM product, pay us a decent premium for it and you will get it. At the moment, the traders are taking the premium, paying us peanuts and putting the profit in their pockets.
Come on Motty, stop being so parochial, makes sense to me. I have also found that the more water I use the better the job and often use around 150 l/ha especially on fungicides. Thats simple physics too, not rocket science. The heavier the droplet you push into a dense canopy, the better it penetrates.


whatever they are BB is still bloody marvellous
Best part about this whole thing has been a spontaneous explosion in the awareness of social media in the bush. Twitter & Facebook have been ridiculed by the established rural hierachy in the past. "Gees, whadda ya wanna wastyer time on that crap for?" was the typical reaction, and they've been dead in the water. The real power behing the social media revolution has been our fantastic rural women who have taken it on board and made it their own. Well done ladies.
On a road outside Bordertown in some excellent country, there are about 6 really good farms in a row with 'for sale' signs up, because the kids have gone elsewhere. Anyone could walk in tomorrow and own a really nice slab of country, some of which has been on the market for up to 3 years. So, for all those people out there like percy and bb saying that foreign companies shouldn't be allowed to buy, just who should? Or do they expect that the old people there should stay 'til they die on the job? Until Australia decides it needs farmers nothing is going to change.
The Next Big Thing on farmers horizons are herbicide resistant weeds. Coming from the region where the worlds first herbicide resistant ryegrass was documented some 30 years ago, and seen it first hand, I have an very good idea of how to fast track widespread herbicide resistance onto your farm, and in my humble opinion, the best by far would be to engineer a species of crop that was immune to your best non selective chemical. Come on guys, think about it for a few seconds. Don't get sucked in. It is agronomic suicide.
Doing very well thank you BB, by being very conservative and fine tuning stuff that I learnt 40 years ago. You would probably call it 'intellectually timid and fearful', but in my experience over-confidence and overexposure is not a good management oprtion .
good one BB, a decade of hardly real well below average rain and drought followed by 'perceived' record floods not a threat ? I guess if we'd stuck our necks out and took the risks you'd be suggesting that we should have been be a lot more cautious and conservative.
Reading between the lines it seems that the article is saying that Coles and GMs are going to be at the forefront for ag. Yeah, right The world consumes about 5.5 million tonnes of grain per day, so a 35million tonne Australian harvest would cover it for 5 and a half days. Hardly a global superpower I would have thought .
Last election Labor came to power with a lot of help from disaffected voters in rural and regional Australia who-rightly or wrongly- felt that they had been neglected by the Howard government, and Ms Gillard assured us that this would not be forgotten and that the Labor/Green alliance would invest and develop R&R Australia. But they didn't. Instead of mainstream Rural Australia the ones they chose to listen to in the bush were every trendy fringey greeny looney lefty animal libber ratbag they could find and they left the rest of us out in the cold.
Qlander, right again as usual. Absolute blatant xenophobic racism and hatred of farmers masquerading as concern for animals.
And have a look at the times they post, all during working hours, so they are either bludging on their bosses times or on the dole. Parasites the lot of them.
All the fresh water in the world would do nothing to help the Coorong, it would just push the salty stuff to the south then it would flow back again when the water level drops. If you want to change the salt level of the coorong you would need to let the old Murray mouth silt up- like it's probably done it a dozen times over the last 10,000 years- and with some large earth moving machinery, dig a new outlet to the sea down near the Kingston end.
Hey presto, salt flushed out to sea, easy as pie.


Good one gerhard, next time your kid cuts its finger, forget the bandaid and "develop a solution."
Am I being a bit cynical or is it just coincidence that anything cheap, effective and off patent is being steadily deleted from the chemical list by the APVMA : diuron, atrazine, dimethoate, diazinon, dichlorvos and dimethoate I believe are in their sights. Not that I am suspicious mind you, but could there be a bit of an ulterior motive here to force us to use the dearer stuff ?


Any idiot knows that if you go into a pig shed, the whole lot will be awake and screaming "where's me bloody breakfast" in about 7 seconds. Great footage for anyone who can do a bit of photo shopping to show to a bunch of pubescent schoolgirl clicktivists


Most tractors work miles from urban areas where there is minimal vehicular activity anyway, plus lots of grass and trees which soak up the emissions. It is absolutely idiotic that ag machinery should have to comply with the same conditions that apply to traffic jams in down town Los Angeles. Which is where most of these standards are set.


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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#blueysmegacarshowandcruise2019 10 years on Daniels Ute will be apart of another massive cause.
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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AFGRI Equipment has a limited number of new John Deere S700 Series combine harvesters available for this harvest.16 Sep 18 AFGRI Equipment has a limited number of new John Deere S700 Series combine harvesters available for this harvest.