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Grain of Truth

The real reason for a carbon tax is the guilt of the socialists who keep demanding wage rises to cover energy cost increases, then blaming the business’s that supply the products they buy.
01/11/11 06:43 AM
why do we need a carbon tax?
every regulated pay rise is a message to increase carbon consumption. try buying something with no carbon footprint?
a carbon tax with compensation, what planet are they from?
Someone tell me how that works?
Blame business, they only exist because you, me and others buy there carbon laden product.
Turn of the main electric switch and the bad coal business will stop producing carbon.
01/11/11 06:42 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

totally agree Invey. at the moment the gap between the world market price and what us farmers in Australia have to pay for the same thing, personal and business, is a direct subsidy to the urban sector from agriculture.
10/12/14 03:12 AM
as a urbann person now, I can tell you, hidden here is socialism left right and center. the labour market, housing market with their hand outs from govt and I could go on. why don't you, david get rid of the real socialism in this country and that's in urban Australia. all this urban socialism cost farmers, talk about a "unfair" go!
16/09/14 11:32 PM
What about all the urban socialism this country has, the cost of which is passed onto a world market income farmer. Happy for the free market when I sell, as long as I buy on the same free market, NO GOVT restrictions that only benefit the urban sector. He seems to have forgotten that the regulated labour market is a urban subsidy, paid for by farmers, just for a start!
07/07/14 12:36 AM
if we plan to sell into the world market, surely any plan will have farmers being able to access the world market for costs of production that match the price received. if the community through the govt wants to intervene, then that should be at the cost of govt, not the world market income food producer?
27/04/14 11:57 PM
agree, it’s a bit like govt paying people the dole when there is work available. Actually better than paying dole for no return, at least this has a return!
22/09/13 10:39 PM
free trade? surly its a two way thing, yet its only farmers income that is free. try bring in labour and you will find how free it is, yet you can bring in food items produced with this labour, at much lower "bio" standards, yet is deemed to be at the same standard as the local stuff. I think David needs to be a bit more up front and study "real free trade", not our bastardised version.
29/08/13 09:40 AM
agree with David on the free market in agriculture, but only after the free market has been imposed on the rest of the economy, including the labour market. then there will not be a need to rebate farmers as the subsidies flowing to secondary and tertiary, including the labour market will reduce cost of production so that “food” production is viable again.
12/06/13 10:39 PM
well said dave, and thats just the tip of the ice berg, what about the car industry? just to name one of many business that get $'s just buy asking.
01/05/13 11:46 PM
totally agree, no free advice for farmer, ditto for the rest of the economy, like no free anything, no regulations that we have to abide by, like labour market ones. when can we start, means your job is free market David, have to find a buyer for your rants. can’t wait.
08/04/13 10:48 PM
how about remembering this;
"Fairly obviously, the cost of ******* should be borne by those who will benefit from it"
replace ******* with any word you choose, like public transport, car industry, unemployment benifets, football stadiums. add what you like to this list, and almost all the time the big money items will be urban benifets!
16/03/13 10:06 PM

Get Muddy

rather see the sad truth, then hide it, good news stories just mask what is happening sadly, steady but slow destruction of the agriculture sector
13/05/14 12:16 AM
When were the last good times? Easy to say, but reality is different
14/07/13 02:16 AM


Oddly, a GsT on food combined with changing it to exclusive will actually make heathy food cheaper!! Stop doing economics that are failing and think out the square?
12/01/15 04:07 PM
Remove the GST from the CPI and it will stop the wage rise compensation from occurring that has made the GST a useless tax for govt, but a massive impost on farmers at the flow on effect flows down to farmers. If was excluded from the CPI, inflation would have drop with the introduction of the GST, meaning the tax burden would have stayed where it should, in the urban areas.
08/01/15 12:51 AM
the talk about "agrian socialism" always come up. lets talk about "urban socialism" the tarriffs and regulated labour market to name a few, the cost of which is passed onto farmers. if its not then why the objection to free trade for a farmers cost structure?
08/12/14 07:21 AM
the farmer I know, and that's me included don't need capital investment. what we need a "cost of doing business" that reflects our world market income. the car industry, and others, can move off shore for lower costs. we can’t. Unless Australia realises this before it’s too late, we will have sold all our farms to investors, many of them overseas govt's for 5% to 10% of the real value of 40 years ago. How does a govt collect the wealth from an industry that is not selling commodities in Australia, hence never will make a profit? How does govt collect wealth from a company that imports
07/12/14 10:16 PM
our debt comes from "urban socialism" where all the costs of the urban protection is passed on to agriculture. we are going to have to be focused and strong to change it and not get distracted as we have done for my 40 years in agriculture.
16/09/14 11:34 PM
this explains the truth, coles and wooly's are not to blame?, why? the words "highly competitive" and how difficult it is for the small person to compete against their low costs due to volume.
08/09/14 11:48 PM
Farmers do not need protection from the world market or subsidies from our govt. what we need is free trade when we buy, the same free trade when we sell. We/I am not asking for anyone to pay, all we are asking for a free and fair trade when we buy as well as when we sell. If there are losers in farmers getting free trade when we buy, that is not our problem if they were getting handouts from us free trade income earners. If you think these people/business need to keep the “extra cash flow” they get by regulation, then that is a govt problem, not the 5% of the economy (farmers).
04/09/14 05:14 AM
govt has to stop expecting agriculture to sell on a world market income, yet buy on a regulated income. the rules for buy and sell for a farmer have to be the same. until we do that, things will just get worse as I have seen them for over 40 years now on this present policy of discriminating against agriculture in favour of urban consumption.
01/09/14 07:44 AM
how about bringing fairness back to agriculture and globalise the costs of farmers as well already had and have a globalised income. This would change to debt crises as with much lower costs, farm budgets would be a lot better. Keeping the policy of “highly regulated artificial cost of production” policy on farmers is the biggest fraud ever put on any community in Australia. A blight on our history it will be looked at in the future.
31/08/14 11:18 PM
Ok, then when are we going to have free trade on the domestic market , hence our suppliers? this is why we have debt, not because we "over borrowed" If “leyonhjelm” is true to his word, he will stop tax payers money flowing to support the domestic labour market and domestic business. He will also should be strongly focused on getting farmers cost to “world market costs”. At the moment they are several times that , so we are borrowing money to fund the “wealth transfer”, Someone tell me it’s not a wealth transfer when the gap between world market price and domestic cost of product
17/08/14 11:34 PM


As long as we have the present economic policy of "inclusive taxation" and an over regulated labour market, this trend will not only continue but get worse! History tells us this.
18/03/15 12:05 AM
WA has some of the most efficient farm to port movement of grain in the world, and considering Australia's very high cost of doing business, very cost effective as well. over the last 40 years, cost increases has been well below the inflation rate. a few years ago, had some eastern states friends come over for a visit, and they were stunned!
26/06/14 10:41 PM
how about fixing the cause, our high cost of production instead of wasting time on the result of the high cost of production.?
24/11/13 10:05 PM
the equity belongs to ALL farmers that have delivered grain since it was formed, not just those that delivered in the last 10 years. you wish is as good as stealing from the people who supported and believed in the Co-operative ideal. it seems you do not, so go use a private grain handler and have your investment with them, win, win for all.
06/05/13 11:06 PM
cost of production is well above world cost levels, income is below. work it out for your self
11/04/13 01:06 AM
well take it up with the free trade supporters
27/03/13 10:33 PM

where are the canola crushing plants?
Unprofitable, so not being built, result of our high cost economy.
16/03/13 12:46 PM
But we have a growing food shortage according to the "experts"
So why is the industry on the verge of disaster.
07/01/13 12:11 AM
We can change that Ted, all we need is a will to try, it that seems to be sadly lacking.
07/01/13 12:04 AM
Untill the discrimination against agriculture is removed, we will continue to work off farm to farm.
19/03/13 12:19 PM


As long as we have free world market income, but “regulated domestic market cost of doing business” the industry will continue to decline as terms of trade decline to support the urban sector.
24/06/14 12:22 AM
how about free trade on our cost of production, to go with our free trade on our income, that's how the numbers should be done. we/they are profitable then.
27/02/14 10:07 AM
totally agree with you bushie bill. no govt support for any business or person at all is what we need. this mean govt removing itself from labour market support, manufacturing industry support, health industry support, education support and I could go on. Notice how all these are city based industries? So who has the “socialist cancer?”
02/02/14 11:12 PM
The only way to attract young people is make the reward for effort better than other lifestyle and jobs. That means a change to how our economy is structured. Words are not change.
11/11/13 01:16 PM
so they love free trade? it works both ways, so what free trade we have on our income, should be the same on our cost of production.
22/09/13 09:17 AM
i will support the removal of the fuel rebate on diesel, (not on petrol) as long as a equal general revenue tax is imposed on all energy sources, with no rebate or compensation for the increased costs. if the latter does not happen, can not support the former
21/05/14 02:25 AM
Missed the piont. You can grow GM, just keep It your side of the fence, just like your animals have to be so we don't get black wool cantamination etc.
18/03/14 02:34 AM
Truth is the first victim in politics
03/12/12 12:32 AM
Well said Tiger but what about all the other regulations the city people and business say thay need to be protected from the "market".
No business subsidies, tariffs etc as well, let's do it as the present system discriminates against the farmer and goes against the "fair go" priniciple I am told we have in Australia.
Fair go equals "same go".
16/04/12 11:38 PM
wrong tigerdicky, we,they already are.
thats why we are selling to overseas interests
20/03/12 12:08 AM


So why all the regulated protection policies for the urban sector, people and industry?
Very happy to stand without help from govt, as long as the same is applied to everyone, and I do mean everyone and every industry.
07/01/13 12:14 AM
We have free trade BBB, what a lie, the labour market is totally regulated, we are told how much we, and all the rest of the employers WILL pay for labour. Free trade should mean just that, NO govt interference in the market place at all.
Stop twisting the truth BBB, urban areas could not survive if real free trade was the norm for the WHOLE economy.
30/12/12 09:44 PM
Until we can compete in the market, things will continue to shrink. We need to lower our cost of production, and only govt, mainly federal has the power to do that.
05/12/12 01:13 AM
This seems like massive discrimination against the agriculture sector, where they are required to compete against any product in the world, regardless of production standards, yet pay massive costs to support a domestic market that is so far removed from free trade competition, that they may as well be on another planet. I say let’s have real and fair free trade, then I will have to be as competitively efficient as the agriculture sector is. Sounds hard, but fair to me, and you. If we as a country don’t, then the only out come for the agriculture sector will be termination. Staying employed in the urban area then will become a real challenge without the rural subsidy!
14/04/10 11:23 PM
For once I will agree with bushie bill with his comments, particularly about the farmers in overseas market that our agriculture sector sells into, or we import from. Now where we will have different attitudes. How should the local market think about produce being imported from suppliers that don’t have the same standards of production, and the same degree of regulation in their labour market. If bushie bill is true to his word, he would argue for the same production standards, and allow the importation of the cheaper labour that also make s a huge difference to the terms of trade of the local agriculture sector. It would seem bushie bill wants our farmers to compete on a unfair playing field, ie having to pay for the massive cost of the regulations of our labour market, while not receiving the same benefit on your income.
14/04/10 11:23 PM


made some very good points mark, personal responsibility is the best cure.
06/05/13 10:55 PM


why cant we have the same competition in the labour market that cubbie station has when selling, ie no regulations at all.
what will BBB say when local labour loses out to a lower bidder from overseas?
07/09/12 02:47 AM
For foreign investors, it is not about profit as I have said for many years now. It is about owning the rights to the land, and hence its production. This means they can ship food out of the country - they own it after all - while we have to go without. They will also have the added advantage of shipping in inputs direct from the own country, where it is much cheaper. Get the drift as we start down the road of being at the mercy of the world, something the govt has tried to regulate out of the domestic economy, but destroyed the agriculture sector instead, and created a nightmare for the economy.
22/06/10 12:15 AM
How about poor terms of trade?
02/03/10 11:27 AM


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