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Sorry Will, I used the top 15cm of soil which is enthusiastic as you put it, but still comes out to 22T according to my calcs. All depends on what specific gravity you use.
And audits? Pfft... If they apply the same rigour of audits on farms as they do on mining companies it will cost as $3.50 tops!
And Mark2, I admire your scepticism, but you really should look out at a few articles out there on google. This is our own testing results (average) from about 400ha.
23/11/11 09:44 AM
In the last few years we've increased our soil carbon from 0.2% ave. to 0.8%. If we can do the same rise again and get paid for it we'll get a payout of $600/ha (if we can keep it there). Not bad when your land is valued at roughly $1000/ha
Bring on the carbon tax!
02/11/11 02:38 AM


What is the difference between varyation (sic) and change? These reports are pretty basic statistical analysis used to predict long term weather events. And it's not just based on one part of Australia either. In fact there is a lot more of Australia apart from the Murray-Darling, and those area can get floods too... no joke!
Basically to all you backyard climatologists out there, it means if you were somewhere in Australia, you would be more likely to experience a flood in 2012 than you would in 1965. The article could have just been that sentence actually!
21/10/11 01:49 PM
Hey Len, whilst I dont consider myself an expert on global warming, from several towns throughout Australia, the 1930's were alot cooler than the 70's, 80's, 90's or since 2000. I am taking this data from BOM. I know you must be still bitter becuase your ice cream melted in the 1930s but let it go.
04/01/10 03:48 PM
In many ways I agree that a lot of universities are full of people trying to justify their salaries. However in this instance this is a world-first research project, which will provide valuable data to all researchers in the future.
04/01/10 03:36 PM


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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#blueysmegacarshowandcruise2019 10 years on Daniels Ute will be apart of another massive cause.
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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