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Totally agree. It would be good to see all of the us farmers down tools and put our hand out to continue working. Maybe starving the nation would make city folk and government realise they are backing the wrong horse and throw more investment into ag.
30/03/12 04:39 AM
We are already running our farms at maximum production, as low energy consumption as possible, least amount of water etc. etc.
There is nothing of value for us in Carbon pricing. Carbon sequestration is balony it has to be measured! Europe has just gone through the whole process and shut that side down due to rorting. How more plain can it be... let's farm trees that will fix it... what about food? I run cattle and "Green" farming cattle has been found to be more energy intensive, polluting and requires more land to do it.
Where do we win?!?!?! That's right I am expected to become a vegan!!!
09/11/11 05:48 AM


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@Travis, there is no real substitutes for eggs. Things like Citri-fi are a poor substitute as you are relying on a more intensive and costly replacement product. There are opportunities for countries like Australia who can produce eggs on a large scale using free range methods because we have relatively cheap land to do so. Our only issue is we have so much red tape to go through.
22/05/12 11:30 PM
I totally agree. As a farmer involved in beef production I must adhere to the law in place which is based on lessening the trauma to the animal. I don't care what religion anyone is but the ethicacy of alot Halal slaughter practises are inhumane and do not deserve to be used in this country. Our laws are based on common law not religious law and religion should never be exempt from our common law in any circumstances..
11/05/12 06:21 AM
In the early 2000's we as a nation thought the world was going to have an epiphany and become more environmentally minded. This didn't eventuate. We know there is a problem but we (Australia) are not the solution. Through a minefield of pros and cons and politics in debating the issue it is apparent that unless much bigger polluters than our country do something more than tokenism what we do won't make a difference other than to give ourselves a pat on the back. Our approach to handling this issue is messed up and will continue to be until we kick this government out and sort out the mess.
29/04/12 11:35 PM
This is a step in the right direction. As long as it's tested the same as abattoirs there shouldn't be a problem.
26/03/12 04:33 AM
Completely agree with other commenters also with the note that the land owner who's property is being mined should get the royalties.
There would be a hell of a lot more millionaires in Australia not wasting the money on frivoulous government spending.
15/03/12 03:00 AM
The Live export industry is supposed to help AA do something after they nearly decimated the industry. Can they guarantee that these cattle don't have things like mad cow disease? Hence a good reason not to let the cattle near Oz. I know why don't they get off their backsides and get the greenpeace ships tailing the Japanese whaling fleet to go and help. I am sure they could ferry them 1 by 1 to nevernever land. Are they asking the government to hire a suitable ship? Why don't they pay for 1 themselves? Why doesn't Brazil fix their own problem? These people smoke too much green stuff!
08/03/12 02:43 AM
Looks like we will be hit harder than first thought as last years green ads said we wouldn't. The GDP etc. figures out yesterday put a trend on recession with only the mining states in growth. What will happen when the carbon tax, MRRT etc. come online in the next year. Will these states still grow?
08/03/12 02:28 AM
Agree with Daw. We once lived in a nation that built things like the Snowy mountains scheme. Surely we can create more opportunity by building more dams and channeling the water which ultimately washes away unused. Power generation and irrigation go hand in hand always has so why not do something about it.
06/03/12 02:30 AM
Must be a slow news day this is not exactly cutting edge news. There are fish farms all over the world. The import worker maybe a new thing to Australia but has been going on since the dawn of time...
06/03/12 01:58 AM
Be careful doubting Joe Hockey, Politicians always speak with forked tongues. While saying that he welcomes a free market Coles/woolies are engaging in anti competetive tactics some of which under the law is illegal.
The issue has always been proving it. You will find that they are working behind the scenes and attacking on another angle on policy with the nats to shore up "food security" which entails protection, subsidies and the like for the farmer etc. They will announce it running into the next election.
06/03/12 01:53 AM


The best flood mitigation strategy is called a dam. We could use them for so many things, drinking water, irrigation, electricity... but we all know in this country the greenys would not let you build one so we have to put up with second best as always.
20/03/12 09:57 PM
The only thing wrong with the GM product is that it is patented. In the US and Canada if you accidentally grow GM crops the patent owner sues you whether or not it was by way of contamination from a neighbouring field. To stop this the government must simply rule that GM patent cannot be held above all through contamination. You will inevitably get contamination so as long as the contaminated field is not 100% GM then the patent owner can't whinge.
28/11/11 02:24 AM
I use glyphosate to control weeds in general and have a beef cattle farm, NO GM wheat crop. If you follow the directions carefully there is a witholding period of around 6 weeks before you can run stock in the paddock. I don't have any unusual death rate in my herd in fact it has been the best for many years around 2% compared to around 9% during the drought ( I don't use glyphosate during the drought when it is too dry). Everyone should be using glyphosate my results prove it improves fertility... If you go for that alarmist crap forget the fact my pasture is awesome at the moment.
07/09/11 01:04 AM
Greenpeace was once a proud organisation of environmentalists who like most have been overtaken by vandals who will say and do anyhting to make their case including lying, cheating and stealing.
My ONLY concern with GM wheat is the contract you sign with the patent owner and the extent of the methods the patent owner employs to any and all wheat growers in the region.
They will sue anyone who may have inadvertantly picked up GM grain who wasn't paying to use it. Your neighbour who originally kicked up the stink is worried about it... that's the problem in the U.S.
08/08/11 04:37 AM
Totally agree with Truth Seeker and Ian Mott, 99% of GM research revolves around isolating the gene in your case that gives the wheat resistance to Glyphosate.
Scientists basically do in one generation what nature does in a hundred generations. That is why your neighbour has not already taken you to court and won.
There is so much voodoo about GM it's not funny. The only issue that arises from using GM wheat is that when you want to change to barley say it will be difficult to eradicate the wheat from your paddock to plant in the barley.
Otherwise what's so bad, you get bigger and better yields, there is less work to do keeping the weeds at bay and for certain crops fungal diseases etc. are a thing of the past. Good luck for the future.
20/05/11 04:55 AM


@Stop cruel farmers/greedy ruthless exporters. Your screen name says it all... you have no idea how the industry works. It is not the farmer and it is not the exporter but a third party abbatoir in a foreign country with poorly paid under trained workers who perpetuate these problems.
We see 1 or 2 examples of bad ethics and that means that all 500,000 or so cattle exported to Indonesia each year suffer the same fate. I don't think so. Also don't forget that Brahman cattle are known throughout the industry for being notouriously hard to handle breed. Then again you wouldn't know would you.
02/03/12 02:40 AM
How have us farmers been silent??? Every other day there is a MDB outrage, yet another sector being sold out for $1 by thye big 2. And our costs have outstripped our rise in gross profit. To top it off it looks like after the last weeks big wet the crop harvests are going to go backwards if we get more rain which has been predicted. There I have had my whinge!!!
30/11/11 12:32 AM
You have hit the nail on the head. For this to work we will have to use less electricity, fuel, groceries, clothes, gadgets ... where does it end?
The $10 a week compensation to the average household only takes into account your rise in grocery bills. What about the rest???
The tax/ETS is designed to stop you doing anything, this will stop country growth, consumer spending the whole box and dice. The big question is are we ready for the downturn? I think not!
12/10/11 05:22 AM
When will people learn... it is PEOPLE themselves. Think about it most of the changes have come into play when the world had a relatively steady 3 billion people not much happened. In 40 years we have more than doubled the worlds population, we are now nearing 7 billion. If you take into consideration the carbon dioxide that is emitted and the body heat that is generated there is a strong case there that says that until you decrease world population nothing you do will make a BIG difference!
30/09/11 05:53 AM
The answer is easy. There is no substitute for fossil fuels yet. The only true leap forward in technology is Plasma based power generation (Nuclear Fusion). This technology is 20 years away at best, the fuel required needs to mined from planets like Uranus, most scientists don't think it will be viable until late this century.
If you think wind turbines and solar can replace fossil fuels in the meantime you are sadly mistaken. Until we have far better technologies countries are simply securing their energy needs for now.
26/09/11 12:09 AM
This is just taking the cake. Next there will be a sunshine tax.
30/10/10 01:31 AM


This is yet another classic case where fresh produce should not be allowed in full stop. There is something more important than free trade. Australia is virtually the only country which has stayed free of many pests and diseases because of our stringent quarantine laws and remoteness. We are renowned for our high standards and disease free status which allows us to trade with the whole world and It should stay that way!
26/10/11 02:20 AM
They should be banned. This has nothing to do with free trade but biosecurity. Australia being an island enjoys a level of freedom from a great deal of pests and diseases. We should be protecting our future by restriciting imports of food from countries which harbour these problems.
30/08/11 11:30 PM
Come on Bushie Bill if your lively hood was threatened by someone wouldn't you want to defend it?
That not withstanding the biggest issue with these types of fresh foods from countries like China are the pests and diseases that they quite often carry which can slip through the cracks.
If you start importing these foods you increase the risk 10 fold and once they are here there is generally no way of controlling or stopping them.
It has nothing to do with trade it is governments and businesses trying to squeeze every cent of profit.
17/01/11 03:49 AM


Just do it and let's get on with life. The protection system should be fitted to all new bikes and eventually we will all have one. Retrospective laws are stupid... I have a quad bike and don't intend to fit one if the law changes requiring me to but if I buy a new bike and it's already fitted then so be it.
26/10/11 02:28 AM


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