Stepping into any modern day spray rig, tractor, or header is like walking into a real life computer game. It’s no Wii, Playstation or Xbox, but one can’t help thinking how related these game consoles are to the latest touch screen GreenStar, Trimble or Outback systems.

We are beyond basic autosteer, these days a header can be fully automated with the only need for a driver being to turn on a headland. And it won’t be long until a unit is gearing down at the end of a run, lifting an implement out of the ground, turning a little to the left, hard right and re-engaging itself on the next pass.

It’s a trend that is long overdue and most welcome in our industry and it isn’t just restricted to farming. Feedlot systems are becoming more automated by the day and the pastoral industry is embracing remote water monitoring systems and electronic identification.

This monumental shift in agricultural practices over the last ten years is nothing but a blessing to our industry. The benefits are often fully measurable, but one of the biggest is the opportunity to showcase this modern and high tech industry and use it as a tool in enticing new young faces to our industry.

The use of technology in schools these days, and the misunderstandings of modern day agriculture, is a perfect opportunity for our industry to attract new young people to agriculture.

Education is key. The youth of today need to understand that agriculture is not about flannel shirts, pitchforks and dust, but about technology, innovation, and big business. It’s not just about understanding farming and food production, our focus needs to be on the image of agriculture as a diverse and thriving modern industry.


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