Alpine Angus Spring Bull Sale
Stud stock
Suzy Martin
 0418 577 627

For many years now the Alpine Angus
program has been consistently investing in
genetics we believe puts extra dollars into
our client’s pockets. This is in recognition of
the fact that it is the number of live calves
and the KG of Beef produced per HA that
are the 2 key profit drivers for beef
producers in Southern Australia.

Alpine use Breedplan as a selection tool but also put as great an emphasis on phenotype, good
temperament and structure. The aim is to
breed calving ease together with length,
capacity and growth into our cow herd –
from this program the right Bulls will
naturally flow.

The Alpine Spring Bull Sale line up
reflects the Alpine breeding philosophy
so well with sons of AI Star Sire Baldridge
Beast Mode B074 with stellar EBVs and
Indexes alongside the outstanding
phenotype expressed by Sons of Sires
Karoo Knockout K176, Coonamble Leader
L325, Alpine Muzza M245.

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