Millah Murrah Angus Bull Sale
Stud stock
Ross Thompson
 0439 179 269

There will be a 50% year on year increase in the number of bulls offered, with 120 presented for sale.

The headline group are the 1st sons from the $160,000 Australian record priced Angus bull Paratrooper P15. Other feature sire groups will come from the $54,000 all breeds record priced yearling bull, Nugget N266, the $40,000 contracted AI sires Marlon Brando M304, Nectar N334. They will be joined by the 1st sons of MM Milestone M308, Landfall Nobleman N106 as well as sons from the Spickler Ranch (USA) sires Chisum, Powerpoint and the perennial Millah Murrah favourites Klooney, Kruse Time & Loch Up.

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