Torque Talk - New ProTrakker for John Deere

Torque Talk - New ProTrakker for John Deere

Protrakker has introduced a new model Protrakker WS9000T specific for John Deere 9oooT and 9000RT tractors (pictured). Photo: John Deere Australia.

Protrakker has introduced a new model Protrakker WS9000T specific for John Deere 9oooT and 9000RT tractors (pictured). Photo: John Deere Australia.


New ProTrakker for John Deere IOWA-based implement guidance manufacturer ProTrakker has introduced a new model ProTrakker, WS9000T, specific to John Deere 9000T and 9000RT tractor models.


New ProTrakker for John Deere

IOWA-based implement guidance manufacturer ProTrakker has introduced a new model ProTrakker, WS9000T, specific to John Deere 9000T and 9000RT tractor models.

"These tractors have a wide swing mechanism and just like our other hydraulic hitch models, this hitch can be controlled in multiple ways to achieve the implement correction farmers are seeking," company president Cory Miller said.

"Similar to the other hydraulic hitch models in the ProTrakker product line-up, the WS9000T provides sub-centimetre accuracy when connected with GPS providers such as John Deere Active Implement Guidance or Trimble TrueTracker.

The WS9000T also can be controlled by SonicTrakk, an ISO VT-compatible ultrasonic control option that can sense any consistent 50 millimetre (2in) deviation, or by ProTrakker's Side-Hill Sensor which detects the degree of slope and adjusts accordingly to keep implements on track.

WA distributor Burando Hill has fast-tracked a few of these units for this season.

So, if you're reading this with a cold tinnie in your hand, put the tinnie down and grab your mobile and speak with company director Simon Hill on 0428 285 049.

New tractors unveiled

ENGLAND's annual LAMMA Show, scheduled for January 18 and 19, will showcase new gear for 2017 including two new top-of-the range six-cylinder tractor models from John Deere.

Rated at 172 kiloWatt (230hp) and 187kW (250hp) respectively, the 6230R and 6250R will complete the line-up of John Deere 6R Series tractors from northern hemisphere summer 2017.

According to Deere, the tractors set new standards for transport, operator comfort and acceleration on the road, thanks to an engine boost of 37kW (50hp) with intelligent power management (IPM).

The flagship 6250R tractor provides up to 224kW (300hp) when required.

With a very light vehicle weight of 9.3 tonnes, the 6250R delivers more power than any other tractor in this weight class.

The high maximum permissible weight of 15t also allows a 5.7t payload, which means the tractor is able to transport heavier loads.

Both tractors are powered by a 6.8-litre PowerTech PSS engine with dual turbochargers and advanced DPF and SCR technology, which responds very quickly to changing loads while consuming less fuel and meeting demanding Stage IV emission standards.

The upgraded "AutoPowr" transmission delivers maximum efficiency, with 100 per cent mechanical power available at 3.5 kilometres/hour for heavy draft operations, 11km/h for light draft work, 22.5km/h for heavy transport and 47.2km/h for light transport duties.

Once running at maximum road speed, rpm automatically drops and 50km/h is maintained at 1630rpm and 40km/h at 1300rpm, which results in lower fuel consumption on the road.

The tractors also feature a new CommandPRO joystick, which introduces a new dimension in ergonomics and versatility to John Deere tractors.

Top speed can be reached with just one push, and 11 programmable buttons are available for the hitch, PTO, SCVs, AutoTrac controls etc.

The functionality of CommandPRO allows the tractor to be controlled from top speed to zero with a simple push or pull of the joystick, and lower speeds from 0 to 2km/h can be achieved with the creeper control function.

The joystick and pedals can be operated at the same time, and there is no need for an external ISOBUS joystick as the driver can also operate the tractor and ISOBUS functions simultaneously.

Equipped with a pressure and flow compensated hydraulic system, the new 6R Series tractors deliver a powerful maximum flow of 160 litres/minute at 1500rpm.

This also saves fuel, even in the most demanding hydraulic applications.

Up to six SCVs with individual pressure-relief levers have been grouped together for easier access and new lift capacities are 10.4t on the rear hitch and 5t at the front.

Options include a new connectivity package featuring MyJobsConnect and MyJobsManager apps, which enable drivers to view and carry out tasks in real time via mobile phone or IPad.

John Deere is also the first full-line agricultural manufacturer to introduce a navigation and logistics optimisation system specially designed for farm use.

The Intelligent Ag Navigation and Fleet Logistics system features all farm roads plus a fleet overview and shows drivers the fastest and safest way to a field entrance.

It can also navigate operators between an unloading point and a lead machine that moves from field to field, such as a header.

Both models feature 750 hour engine oil filter, fuel filter and engine oil intervals.

JCB also is unveiling two new higher horsepower Fastracs complete with a new cab and a fully hydrostatic steering system - a first for a high-speed tractor.

According to JCB, the models, Fastrac 8290 and 8330, represent a significant step up in performance with heavy draft equipment, PTO-driven implements and heavy trailers, tankers and spreaders.

The new-look machines share their styling and some features with the highly successful 131kW-175kW (175-235hp) Fastrac 4000 Series tractors but are clearly in a different performance league.

The Fastrac 8290 is powered by an 8.4-litre six-cylinder engine developing peak output of 228kW (306hp), while the Fastrac 8330's twin turbo engine is tuned for 260kW (348hp).

A multi-mode CVT transmission with bespoke JCB control software provides the operator with different powertrain control strategies for maximum performance, economy or consistent ground or PTO speeds.

There is even a choice of seamless speed adjustment or the powershift mode that adjusts ground speed in steps.

* LAMMA is the United Kingdom's leading farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services show. It attracts more than 40,000 visitors from the UK and overseas who come to visit around 900 exhibitors.

The 2017 event marks LAMMA's 36th anniversary, and is the fourth year it has been staged at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.

Trimble makes vertical point

ELECTRONICS manufacturer Trimble has announced the launch of a world-first, patent-pending VerticalPoint RTK system for grade control in agriculture.

The system provides enhanced vertical accuracy and stability of standard single-baseline RTK systems.

VerticalPoint RTK is currently available in North America and Australia as an unlock on the Trimble FmX integrated and TMX-2050 displays and works in combination with the Trimble FieldLevel II system, which streamlines the surveying, designing and leveling steps required for land levelling projects.

The system also includes two stationary supplemental rovers for live, dynamic data collection.


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